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The Prophecy



Next up on my list of submissions is the first piece I finished for senior studio this year. My senior project is a set of book illustrations, a map, and a cover design for my in progress novel Quiet Courage.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise for Quiet Courage here it is:

Cienn lun’Orater thought nothing would ever change in his life. He felt he was doomed to sit on the sidelines watching everyone around him thrive in the swirl of colors and backhanded compliments that was court life. He thought he would never see magic return to Sundast like his father had always dreamed. But after one dark night his life is left in shambles. He finds himself in a far different whirlwind than the one of satin and lace he left behind. Now thrust into the secret, underground world of the magical resistance, he is told that he is the key to an ancient prophecy said to bring about the return of magic and the Gods to their rightful thrones. While dealing with his newfound magical gifts he escapes the city that’s always been his home and races across the countryside with two of the most powerful mages of the day—the handsome and quick-witted leader of the rebellion himself, Kourokain Admontan, and the spunky sorceress Charna of Idaine. By way of an ancient and powerful book, Cienn must master his gifts and decide if he really is the catalyst for victory everyone keeps telling him he is. And of course, find out if the fluttering that erupts in his stomach whenever Kain looks at him is more than just a bellyache. Get ready for an adventure you thought you’d heard of before, but with an unexpected twist that will leave you speechless.

This is the heart wrenching climactic scene where Cienn and Kain race through the desolate catacombs while war wages outside in order to find the secret prophecy. It still has a few final tweaks needed before its ready for the show (Most notably Kain's shoulder) but it's still ready enough to start talking about it. :)

The Prophecy
for the novel Quiet Courage
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Photoshop CS5 (Digital)

Both the Image and the concept for Quiet Courage are copyright 2012 to Patrick Harrison. Please refrain from use.

To learn more about Sundast, Cienn, Kain and lots more check out these links:

[link] <-- The official compendium of all knowledge pertaining to Sundast. Check it out to learn more about characters, locations, lore and so much more. is being constantly updated with new material so be sure to check back frequently.

All images and material is copyright to Patrick Harrison and Patrick Harrison Illustration, 2012. Please do not use without permission. Thanks!
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