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I've been randomly tagged by :iconhybridrex: :O

1.) What do you think the future of humans will be like in 10-20 million years(morphology, psychologically, culturally, etc,)?

2. )What's your preferred media to use in art(pencil, paint, digital, etc,)? What kind of media do you want to use?

3. )If you been asked to go to the moon, would you do it?

4. )What's your opinion on genetic engineering?

5. )What's your preferred pet of choice?

6. )Strigops habroptilus or Apteryx?

7. )What is one of your favourite monster in Greek mythology?

8. )What is your opinion on cryptozoology? 

9. )What is your favourite recent palaeontological discovery(lythronax, The body of Deinocheirus, the "flightless" Pterosaur, feathered Neornithischian, etc,)?

10. )What is your favourite species of Tyrannosaurid?

1. In 10 Ma from now, we would've gone interstellar, meet alien life forms. We would be a psychologically more mature species, and would've changed all our energy source into renewable ones... Our morphology would look different in the reducing of digits IV and V, a slightly less complex gut, etc.
This is assuming that we will still be a sapient species in the meantime...

2. Traditional pencil art! It suits me most... Also am trying to study a little bit more on digital arts.. (Photoshop).

3. Well, I'd since it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience... The journey upwards won't be comfortable for me, though...

4. It's useful to solve our problems.(esp food shortage)... Not so keen on it's applications on humans, though...

5. Something other than the usual dog, cat, rabbit,etc.. Preferably a reptile..

6. Kakapo or kiwi... I'd have to choose the kiwi, since it's more ancient and abberant

7. Possibly argus, chimaera, or Ladon...

8. Can be considered healthy science when cryptozoologists actually use the scientific methods of deduction... Which is not what most do... (Basically, they jump to conclusions too much)

9. I'd have to say the "Kundurodromaeus" (that feathered Siberian ornithopod) caught my attention the most... Might be the proof of the feathered ancestral condition for dinosaurs...

10. Alioramus, simply because it's the weirdest   It might not even be a proper tyrannosaurid


Stefanus S
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
"Christians need to understand the first chapter of Genesis for what it is: an 'accurate' rendering of the physical universe by ancient standards that God used as the vehicle to deliver timeless theological truth to His people. We shouldn’t try to make Genesis into something that it’s not by dragging it through 3,500 years of scientific progress. When reading Genesis, Christians today need to transport themselves back to Mt. Sinai and leave our modern minds in the 21st century. If you only remember one thing from this chapter make it this: Genesis is not giving us creation science. It is giving us something much more profound and practical than that. Genesis is giving us a Biblical Theology of Creation."
Gordon J Glover, Beyond the Firmament: Understanding Science and the Theology of Creation
A Roman Catholic which "believes" in theist evolution as a way of God creating the Universe
May God bless you always, wherever, whomever, you are...

Current Residence: Modernland, Tangerang, Indonesia
Favourite genre of music: Classical, 80s Indonesian music
Favourite style of art: Paleoart
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Vortex wallpaper of Windows XP
Personal Quote: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"


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