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Magical Bubble World - World Of Darkness

I have finally created my world of darkness! :D

As I was taking photos of the bubbles my son was blowing, I imagined a world full of bubbles. It's a magical place, with tiny creatures living in each bubble, and each bubble its own world. I imagined that the creatures can travel to the other bubble worlds with floating bubbles. When the floating bubble floats over another world, they just drop themselves right into it, and as they do it their floating bubble pops. Creatures create travel groups depending on where they want to travel, since the bubble pops when they leave it. That way everyone gets to go where they want to.

The bubble in this photo depicts a world of darkness.
 As I said in the description for my "World of Color", the area around each bubble world also reflects the bubble's contents. The area around this world is black, and the only way this bubble can be found is by its ghostly aura. This world releases a ghostly mist, but only to the area directly around it. When creatures want to travel to this world, they have to float through the darkness until they see the bright, ghostly mist. Where the world of color is one of the most popular bubble-worlds, world of darkness is the least popular. Mostly only creatures who are dark themselves want to visit or live in this world. Other creatures who visit are only curious as to how dark this world really is, but never come back the same again.

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Magical Bubble World - World Of Color by EveVictus

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Imaginative and good work...
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This is amazing!
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Undoubtedly, you have a great imagination, that's a great gift of nature, take care of it :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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amazing shot - looks soooo magical :)
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Beautiful picture 🌹 😊
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That is a very cool picture! Nice idea! I like the contrast, the differences in forms... nice!
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Great photo, and very cool description of what was on your mind. I have to say I'd like very much to visit this world. So you have a son! Me too.
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I love the atmosphere of this shot :clap:
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