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Floala and Ryso by Evelyn-Cross Floala and Ryso :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 4 6 merry and gay by Evelyn-Cross merry and gay :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 0 No Rest for the Wicked (Halloween Exchange) by Evelyn-Cross No Rest for the Wicked (Halloween Exchange) :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 2
Xotiathon Round Three - Part Six
It was night-time when the host finally came to collect Gal for their talk. Slica insisted that this conversation required privacy and gestured for the sraigsar to follow.
After wandering for a few minutes down the halls to a sequestered spot, Slica led them into a dark room with a pungent musty odor. The host’s teeth, claws and frills flared blue for a moment, filling the room with an ominous glow before the lights flickered on.    
It was an assigned room like the one Gal had been given, but whereas hers hadn’t looked lived in... this one was filled with remnants of life. Or presumably had been once. Personal belongings laid messily on the floor and tables, but it appeared like they had been left untouched for years. Layers of dust coated every visible surface.
The sight unnerved her slightly. 
“Alright,” the sraigsar asked. “Why meet here?”
She turned her head in time to see the host give her a dubious once-over. “Really?
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 2
Xotiathon Round Three - Part Five
“And that concludes our first pairing! Next up is…Gallus vs Ryso! Please take the next five minutes to prepare before entering the dome!”
Gal stood by herself in a corner and fussed over the placement of Yve’s flag that draped across her back. While she competed in the anti-gravity field she knew it should be tied down. As a preventative measure, she started to use her tail claw to wrap the edges around her neck instead. It was an agonizing task with her limited dexterity.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the mimic shifter watching her. 
“Can I help you?” Gal snapped in her frustration, a little more aggressively than she’d intended.
Ryso blinked, cautiously taking a step closer. “No but, I was actually going to ask if you needed any help with that.”
Gal craned her neck to squint down at the mimic shifter. “You...mean it?”
“Why not?” Ryso shrugged, nervously fiddling with the thick strands of
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
Xotiathon Round Three - Part Four
After the interview Gal had hidden herself underneath the table of a corner booth in one of Xotiathon’s many lounges.  It was the best place she could think of for privacy besides going back to her room. 
The sraigsar waited in anticipation for a call from her sponsor to rebuke her.
‘To abjure adorning,’ she could hear the disgusted tone of his voice now. ‘Those are the actions of a revisionist, you ungrateful whelp. To lay siege against such a sacred tradition? It’s unforgivable. You simply must be punished accordingly for such insolence.’
And how would they punish her exactly?
In order to regain control of the situation, they'd have to make an example out of her. Every worst case scenario imaginable started to play out in the back of her mind in vivid detail. 
She'd been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn’t heard Suls approach.
“So," he said. "This is where you’ve been
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 0
Xotiathon Round Three - Part Three
In a windowless room draped with media equipment of every variety, the sraigsar waited nervously for the interview Slica had arranged for her. 
The seconds seemed to stretch on for hours in her worried state. For a moment Gal wondered if agreeing to this had all been a huge mistake on her part. It wasn’t as though her explanation would change what had happened. 
A small figure approached then. They had a cat-like appearance with particularly long ears and a bushy tail. 
“Gallus, hello! I’m Tyrn from Tabby Star TV,” the reporter greeted with a toothy smile. “Thank you for coming.”
In an effort to be polite, the sraigsar dipped her head in acknowledgement. “Thanks for having me.”
“Of course! When Slica asked me to handle your exclusive interview this morning, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.”
“Why is that exactly?”
“Oh, right to the point! I like that,” the reporter cupped her hands to
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Xotiathon Round Three - Part Two
The moment Ryso returned to his room he heaved a deep sigh and flopped onto his bed.  
“Sunny?” he called.
When it didn’t respond, he recalled the damages his ICH robot had sustained the other night and slumped his shoulders slightly. The alien at the repair shop had told him that his ICH robot had been fixed.  
Something cold grazed his shoulder and he nearly fell of the bed. He heard the whir of a machine nearby and sighed a breath of relief.
“Oh, sorry,” he apologized to the ICH robot. “I guess I’m a little shaken up, huh?”
The mimic shifter plucked Sunny from the air and cradled it close to his chest. “You had me worried though. I need to call home again.
Just in case... it wouldn’t hurt to check in a second time.
He let go of Sunny so it could hover above him. It made a series of ringing noises to indicate it was trying to connect with one of his partners.
While he waited, Almi’s words repeated a
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 0 1
Xotiathon Round Three - Part One
“I’ll kill him.”
Gal watched her ICH’s holographic screen with bloodshot eyes - her mate paced back and forth - spewing out any number of insults at her father. It’d been emotionally draining to retell the events that led to the previous round to Al Na’ir, but it also helped to have someone to talk about the grief that ate up her insides. She hadn’t known how devastating it was to be put in the position where one could potentially lose a child. It was much harder than she could’ve ever imagined.
“I’ll kill him,” Al Na’ir said again, the fur that lined her spine bristling.
“You keep saying that,” Gal pointed out numbly.  
“And I mean every word of it! He put our children at risk!”
Gal thought back to the conversation she had with her sponsor and wrinkled her nose. “You know he doesn’t consider them yours.”
Al Na’ir peeled her lips back menacingly.
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 1 2
Xotiathon Round Two - Epilogue
Gal panted, her sides heaving for air. When she noticed the two sraigsar stationed by the medical staff, she stiffened. They were the ones from her PR team. The ones who had greeted her on her first day there: Dione, the lithe blue female and Ara the stout yellow male.
“Why are you here?” she asked suspiciously.
“Slica asked for us to come,” she told Gal. “Ara and I.”
The male sraigsar’s eyes had not left the tiny one’s limp form since she walked in.
He took a step closer. “Let me take a look at them.”
Bruised and battered, and not in the mood to be around this prick she bit at the air in front of him.
“Do you want your kid to die?” Ara hissed. “We’re here to help you, you ungrateful-”
“Ara! Enough!”
He went quiet, and Dione continued. “We’re also here because of Al Na’ir. You can trust us with the child. No one knows sraigsars like sraigsars. We’re the best sho
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 4 4
Xotiathon Round Two - Part Four
The first thing she heard was a cry. Then she felt flesh and fur being torn away.
She staggered forward, feeling the sting of an open wound where one of her children had once been. There was a proper method of detaching them, and forcefully removing one had caused tearing. Blood dripped down her neck.
When it hit her what had happened, she whirled around to confront the taloh.
“…” Gal said, barely able to breathe. Her heart hammered fearfully in her chest. “Give me back my baby.”
Fred went rigid, looking at the convulsing mass in his hand with newfound shock.
“This is...your...?”
The weight of this brought them to their knees. From the dimly lit walls, Gal thought they looked remorseful of their actions. Though it did little to persuade her to hold anything back.  
“Yes.” Gal inched closer, muscles bunched tight. She was itching to fill the gap between the two of them. But the taloh still held onto her baby so she ne
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 0
Xotiathon Round Two - Part Three
Gal was lined up in the arena next to the other Round One competitors. The host and her colleagues had yet to announce what they’d be doing.
The suspense kept her on edge.
And it only got worse when the lights shut off.
“How are we supposed to compete like this?” Gal sneered. Her sight was entirely motion-based, and the lack of movement outside the occasional ICH was disorienting for her eyes to adjust to.
She paced back and forth, unable to remain still in her state of anxiety.
LED lights lining the floor and walls flickered on. It offered a source of illumination, but not enough to help navigate the area well. The animated lights proved to be a distraction for Gal, and she squinted her eyes in an attempt to search for the host.
How was this supposed to be exciting for the audience to watch? It was just flashing lights from their perspective. Everything would be obscure and -
Suddenly she felt someone collide with her leg.
“Excuse you!” the sraigsa
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 3
Xotiathon Round Two - Part Two
“Here you are, Gal.”
The sraigsar was surprised to find none other than Suls presenting her with her food. The last few times she’d come to the cafeteria it’d been members of Slica’s kitchen staff.
“To what do I owe this honor?” Gal asked, eyeing the unusual looking food before her. If it was from Yve, it’d been pulled from the deepest crevice imaginable. And left there to fester for years. It hardly looked edible.
“I’m here on Slica’s orders. Though she wouldn’t tell me why she wanted me to deliver you your food personally.”
Gal’s dropped her gaze, feeling his eyes burn into her. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”
“Nothing? I’ve a lot to prepare for the next Round. This is far out of my way for nothing.” Suls said with a toothy smile, though it was clear he was stressed. Gal couldn’t help but sympathize with his situation, but she didn’t feel comfortable talk
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 2 0
Xotiathon Round Two - Part One
“Ahh, you know, for once I don’t mind this,” Gal said, wincing as the last of her children latched onto her upper neck. She let out a pleased hum as the numbing agent started to kick in. “Feels nice.”
Her friend, who was helping her adorn, stopped what he was doing to look at her. “ I’m really concerned.”
“Don’t be,” she assured him. “This is a one time thing.”
Though he humored her with a laugh, the kolbi looked skeptical. “How’s your head?”
“Much better now.”
Her voice sounded rough. But it wasn’t too surprising. She’d been resting up as Slica had suggested and hadn’t been talking much.
Better yet, I’m not hearing voices.
That in itself was enough to put her in a better mood, though she was still apprehensive for what was to come. What would this next round entail? And more importantly, would she get the answers she desperately sought? S
:iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 5
Xotiathon Round One - Cover by Evelyn-Cross Xotiathon Round One - Cover :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 3 0 Sunset Surprise (Secret Santa) by Evelyn-Cross Sunset Surprise (Secret Santa) :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 4 4
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Probably time to get rid of my last journal, so here we go. 

Was tagged by :iconchimericmachinations: 

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

So I was between using Gal from XotiathonOCT and Andy from my side project for this. And I decided to be difficult and do this on a character who's still under wraps and who's story is still not up. Because I want an excuse to talk about it. There won't be any big spoilers here, only general information really. 

By the Sea by Evelyn-Cross 
Proud by Evelyn-Cross

1. Her full name is Andrea Dalir.

2. She was raised by her mother and later additionally by a step-dad and an uncle. 

3. She has a tattoo of a nautical star on her inner wrist. 

4. She enlisted and was part of the military for five years - and
 is the handler to a service drake (which is a small dragon heavily inspired by ribbon eels) named Eel-face Alvarez. Andy often calls him "sweet boy", despite his tendency to viciously attack anyone who dares touch her unless specifically commanded not to. 

5. Pre-enlistment she often participated in dangerous 
griffon races and unsanctioned underground boxing matches to make additional money. Not because she needed the money, more from the thrill of it and personal satisfaction. 

She has a lot of minor scarring on her neck and shoulders due to her preference for short-sleeved shirts and also her drake's claws as he likes to perch on her shoulders.
She doesn't usually get along with most people. Besides her brother, her uncle, her drake and her ex. Everyone else is fair game.

8. She's kinda an asshole. 

The last one totally counts...the highest quality of facts! 

Also I originally was going to tag people but I don't want to pressure anyone into doing this and I don't play by the rules. So if you read this and wanted to give it a shot - consider yourself tagged. 

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