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In fullview, it's slightly animated. I haven't done animation in Photoshop before, so I wanted to give it a try. I think there is something very fun in animated illustrations and comics. I like it when they work without the animation too, but animation gives them just enough some spicing up <:

Picture is originally drawing I made with pencils on A3 paper.
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TTuTT luveeeeeedddd it!
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Nice! I get a good "hero vs the world" feeling from it! The animation is pretty awesome, like you said, some spicing up. :3
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Thanks! It's kind of fun to see traditional drawings get some extra life from tiny animation <:
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I really like it! I also love adding little animated bits to illustrations, I'd like to do some of that when I get some time ;__;

I use photoshop to animate all the time at work :D
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Really? Whaaat I think it's so weird/difficult, I especially can't figure how on earth would one animate anything more complex with it, since you can't even rotate or transform the components. I suppose if I were to do character animation, I could just draw multiple layers and use them as frames, but the lack of transformation tools bugs me, since I sort of prefer collage-like animations. I like how Flash and After Effects operate, especially the latter feels very simple to me, since all I need are the illustrations & pieces to compose the animation. It also seems Photoshop CS5 has the same timeline animation bar as AE, but somehow it works bit differently :'D if you know any good tutorials you've used yourself, I'd love to read or watch some.
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Oh you're very right. I don't animate "finished" products, that's why it's useful for me. I just draw the frames and look how they would move and if they work as a sequence, but I just generate frames or spritesheets to be used by the programmers afterwards. So... yes, it would be a pain to create a "movie" out of photoshop, of course. I just like how simple is the animation bar, cause it has like.. 2-3 rules to follow xD

I think something like toonboom would be better to create a movie :D
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I love it. It's just so mysterious.
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