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So I have decided to talk about why I haven't been around much, after all, it is Rare Disease Day and I would like people to understand. I have been diagnosed with atlantoaxial, cranio-cervical and sub-axial instability .In other words my neck is very unstable due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and I am having trouble holding up my head :D (all those brains ha!)

In order to be diagnosed I had to travel to London to have an upright MRI, then to Barcelona to speak to a neurosurgeon, and I had to pay for all of that out of my savings. The Spanish neurosurgeons do not acknowledge that what I have exists, the last one told me that all my symptoms were caused by the fact that I am too skinny ha! Well perhaps we should examine that premise?

When I look down or to the right or left I feel a disconnect in my spinal cord. I can't feel my legs, I can't control my knees. I have constant shooting pains and numbness in my arms and I can't control my hands properly. My upper and lower back feel weak and wobbly. My head hurts constantly, I have tinnitus that is so loud I can no longer hear anything on the phone. I walk with a stick (when I am not pushing Jim, my husband, in his wheelchair) because I am so unsteady on my feet and I can't afford to fall, as I have to take care of Jim. The nerve pain is the worst though, my legs burn, my arms burn and well the pain in my neck is indescribable. I could go on and on, there are many more symptoms.

And do I 'look' normal, well apart from when I am wearing my neck collar to ride on public transport (I can't drive anymore obviously as I can't turn my head with my neck collar on), yes I do (well normal for me :D). I am so sick of Doctors that treat me with disdain, contempt, indifference...................why are we so strong, because we have to be, to get the care we need. It took 43 years for me to get my Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis.

My wish today on Rare Disease Day is that Doctors remember their hippocratic oath, that they drop their complacency and pick up a book or do some research on the Internet to learn more and show a willingness to treat us, because I need a total neck fusion and I don't have the 71,000 euros it will cost.

#EDSWarrior #EDSStrong #Zebrastrong #RareDiseaseDay

Please share this journal, one of my fellow EDSers is in a serious condition and needs donations via JustGiving to have life-saving surgery, I understand that times are hard and that donations are impossible for most people, but by sharing you might reach someone that can help.

Tonia Payne-Cheney

Update on her condition today:…

JustGiving page:…
Just stopping by and found to my surprise that Monica :iconmocris: has awarded me a Daily Deviation - thank you so much :heart: a very bitter sweet moment for me, as today is Maria's birthday :iconmagicsart:, Maria passed away last year, my fellow Ehlers-Danlos warrior who lost her fight. She would have been very pleased for me I know and I would like to celebrate with a small feature for both Monica, to say thank you, and for Maria, at peace at last :love:


RIP My sweet friend :iconmagicsart:

Hold On Time by magicsart  Nevermore the raven by magicsart  goth  me by magicsart  Wings Of Steel by magicsart  Winter Solstice by magicsart  Iced by magicsart
Thank you all for the beautiful art :heart:
She by Can-Cat Portrait of The Ice Queen by Can-Cat  incident by AlexanderKorolev  Fauna by EligoDesign  Franciscus by Wimmeke63  first date by beyzayildirim77  What Is It Good For by nitchwarmer  About Ice and Fire by Aramisdream  It's Snowing by apelaths  Whacky Animal Road by Splat-Shot  Manipulacion - Zeus by joha-nna  The guerrilla squirrel by erikRamon  Over the clouds by MoAChuuuttt  M_Butterfly by EligoDesign  An Oasis From The Storm by gustiidiaz  The Ice Cave by ShawneeDawn <da:thumb id="658526897"/>  Spirit of Deep Winter by FrostAlexis  Last Stand by GemmyArtsTB <da:thumb id="655602219"/>  New Dream 10 by caddman  Naiad by annewipf  Dangerous Journey by wahidubaidillah  Elevation by jiajenn  I Am The King of this World by outbackgang  Ruin With A View.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  New Dream 12 by caddman  Introducing The Windigo, Page 9 by Can-Cat  Oz ~ Meeting The Wizard by aaTmaHira  dorthy and  land of  emeraALD CITY by rocheleheart10  A Journey to the Beginning of Time by BaronGraphics  Reward by Black-B-o-x  Princesses on parade by MelaClara  Gonna Catch Them Toes by BrankaArts  Alice by ChiaraLily9 <da:thumb id="660934567"/>  Beloved Night by amethystmoonsong  In Search of the Wizard of Oz-En Busca del Mago de by Mvicen <da:thumb id="660608374"/>  Le Corsare by AugustoDigitalArt  Bon Voyage by Fairling  Lost in Thought by TSWright  Machine Shop by HalTenny  Dragonflies by ColdwaterCustoms <da:thumb id="663385218"/>  Happy Valentines Day by AnnMLoveArt  Paysage Seigneur des Anneaux by Fairling  Polar Bears by ChiaraLily9  Palace Thief Entry by ShadowWings-Forever  Perseo e Andromeda by doclicio  carry me home by littlewillow-art  Telluric Contamination by kimsol  Lost Lands.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Scenery sketch - Mountain by yuhime  Tortoise Surreal 2017 by 35-Elissandro  Lady On The Sea by kaka-pararean83  Elephants by ChiaraLily9  Guardians by Amanda-Kulp  Tomb Raider Civilta' Perdute by DraakeT by DraakeT  Combat Dragons by Fairling  The End of the World by BrankaArts  On a Perfect Day.......... by petronellavanree  We're gonna need a bigger swatter by Birdsatalcatraz  Moonlight shadows by aidana2010  Innocence 3 by BBstar7  The  Palace by princessbarb21  The Jewel of Barcelona by lisamarimer  Demon (Ki Reboot) by IvanVladik  Moonlight Lover by SummerDreams-Art  Laura by DigitalButterflyy  . . . Vanquish . . . by ChIandra4U  Eagle Girl by onurado  Perspective by Can-Cat  Jadis by Can-Cat  [COMM]Asaria by Charlie--X  Madame Juliet by dreamswoman  World        we love by anushhk-13  The Landing by SlichoArt  dancer by MiraSbaiti  2 Corinthians 6 by SerenAletheia  Steampunk by Energiaelca1  Mask n Dream 06 by caddman  Fallen Angel  by Fraginizeee  Patio by Lotta-Lotos  sweet as honey by littlewillow-art 

For those of you that use Pixabay photos in your manipulations please be careful - I just found this on their website:…

My original and copyrighted photograph is here: La Pieta - Stone Statue PNG by EveLivesey

It was also posted on another free stock image website, but I imagine that they copied it from Pixabay, thinking it was in the Public Domain. Thank you to very kind person that alerted me :hug:
I am having serious problems with my Ehlers-Danlos at the moment, my spinal cord is being pinched/compromised by various vertebrae and as a result I have vertigo, nausea and can't feel my legs.  When I look down the vertigo worsens and I feel like I am going to pass out, hence typing is not very pleasurable at the moment. I am also really unsteady on my feet.

Add to that taking care of my husband who has myeloma (cancer of the blood) I have to admit I am struggling a bit.

I have been trying to keep up with notes but I think that for a while I will have to take a rest from competitions, supplying stock prizes etc. I will try and post stock as usual, but commenting and replying is not an option at the moment.

I always like to spread the word about Ehlers-Danlos because I don't believe that it is such a rare condition, just that people are frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Couple of links for you, the first is a television program (for those of you that speak Spanish) that I participated in a couple of weeks ago and the second is a report on the BBC of a very brave young lady.……
Copied from Lena :D

Hello Friends & Watchers!

This time it was too hard and difficult for me to choose the best and creative contest entries!

I really needed a help from outside, so I picked some of the points donors, who closed the loop.

I thought, someone outside the situation will be able to be more objective, so I decided to make a poll voting also.

Thank you to all entrants for their enthusiastic response and submitting such fantastic artwork!

And now I am glad to announce the Winners.

The Awards goes to :iconmr-ripley: :iconsecretadmires: :iconannewipf:


Forbidden Kingdom by Mr-Ripley


Evolution by Secretadmires


Waterfalls  Door by annewipf

And finally my personal favourite artwork with a funny idea and story behind.

The Canadian Corps of Engineers by Can-Cat

It's a rainbow! *O* by IngloriousBunny It's a rainbow! *O* by IngloriousBunny It's a rainbow! *O* by IngloriousBunny

Participate and you can win some really cool stuff!

Hello Friends & Watchers!
This time it was too hard and difficult for me to choose the best and creative contest entries!

I really needed a help from outside, so I picked some of the points donors, who closed the loop.

I thought, someone outside the situation will be able to be more objective, so I decided to make a poll voting also.

Thank you to all entrants for their enthusiastic response and submitting such fantastic artwork!

And now I am glad to announce the Winners.

The Awards goes to :iconmr-ripley: :iconsecretadmires: :iconannewipf:





Duality Of The World. The contest is closed.Hello everyone!Hi! 
We would like to give a few words of appreciation to our new members. With all due thanks to them who put their trust in us during our difficult time and for their massive support and understanding, we are here once again amongst you to announce the first contest in our new group. :iconArt-Revival:. Thank you all for being with us, we look forward to great entries from you all.❤

“ divinity opposites are always reconciled.” 
― Walter M. Miller Jr., Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

“In the end there is only light and dark. And the two are not so far apart.” 
― Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Waking Up at Rembrandt's

“Absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld
Monthly challenge #February17We had fun making the caricatures and hope you will enjoy this challenge too! This months theme is "A steampunk Valentines"
A steampunk Valentines
From this day for forward, we will hold monthly theme based challenges and a contest every three months. The reason being that we rather give big prices four times a year then smaller once every month.
For the challenges you will always win 100 points as first price winner, 50 points as second price winner and 25 as third price winner.
We will continue with our member features on a weekly basis and welcome any photomanipulating artist to be in  our group.
Don't forget to check out our monthly Around the Web too! (based on this monthly theme)
Our February Challenge: Create a photomanipulation or mixed media manipulation in a steampunk setting that you would love to receive for Valentines! Don't forget to check out the Around the web for tips and tricks.
Use only legitimate st

Brave New World Contest - CLOSEDUpdates
The Contest is now CLOSED
WINNERS have been announced here:

Theme: Brave New World
Picture the world 1000 years from now.
Will mankind have vanished? Have we managed to eradicate ourselves? If so how? Was it a bomb, a virus, something out of our reach (a natural catastrophe for example)? Are there still people on earth? How do they live? Or have we moved on to the stars? Maybe everything went splendidly, maybe there is no more hunger and everyone has everything they could wish for. Including your personal android to help with your every wish.
Maybe it's a mix of both, neither completely bad nor completely good.
What do you think? Show us!

(nothing else, sorry)
Photomanipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new.
You ca
The tandem contest!Yes, yes, you heard it, it's contest time!
And this time, we will ask you to collaborate with someone! :eager:

 So how does it work?

The point of this contest will be to be paired with an artist of another art style (either poems, macro or stock). You'll have to work together to merge your different art styles into one cohesive creation.
In other words, you will have to:
- Either merge a poem with either a stock image or a macro photograph (or vice versa) so the poem will be part of the macro photograph or stock image (like here or here) or include it in the description section of your deviation (like here). 
- Or merge a macro photogra
  Red Riding Hood Manip Contest (CLOSED)
This contest is for photomanipulation only.

For drawing, painting and 3D, please go to Drawing Contest : Red Riding Hood (new)


I held Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2011 and KING KONG AND I contest in 2015
with 40,000+ :poi
Springbreak Contest, closed and votingEntry folder       
"SPRINGBREAK" Contest will run from March first till March 31st.
Spring is around the corner!
Only a few more days untill our first big contest of this year starts. So lets get rid of those winter blues and start thinking about all that is bright, colourful, flowery, partylike, funny and beautiful! Why springbreak as a theme you say? Well why not! It stands for having fun, the start of a new season, holiday, free time (and yes, partying, swimming, drinking and lots more ;) )
For this contest we have some wonderful prices donated to us for the winners. We will have one contest folder but do mention your skill level when you submit your work. 

You can submit your entries to the contest folder. You have to be a member to participate. We will
Nothing Extra. The contest is closed.Welcome Folks to the next big challenge.
This contest will last the entire month of March.
 We will be announce the winners by April 3rd

We are going to try something different this Month. We will use the stock of only one provider,
nothing extra.
Rachel has been on da for over 10 years now and has over 8000 stock pictures.
So it should be no problem to find stock to work with on this contest.
So again create a picture using only Rachel's stock, NOTHING EXTRA
when you are finished submit your masterpiece to the folder of your skill level.
Please use all the filters and brushes you like....
Inspiring Works for Nothing Extra Contest

Join us for Contest-Events & keep an eye on our page


Stay tuned for our future events!

Winners by CD-STOCK

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest
and to all of our donors for helping making this contest a success!

The task was:

Create a snowy, icy, blissful, contemplative winterscene with one of our angels.
Put us in the right mood for a calm and merry winterday or night.

The 4 Lucky Winners of our WINTER ANGELS CONTEST are


Chosen by :iconthe3-contestevents:

In our opinion this artwork best reflects the theme
Snow angel by Lotta-Lotos


Chosen by Group Members

winter call by naradjou14


Winter Angel by Energiaelca1


Last stop before Heaven by ED-Creations


Cold waters by RenatoSs

Winter's Monument by adrianoampb

Reverie of Angels by MonochromaticART

About Ice and Fire by Aramisdream

Thanks all for your beautiful and creative entries!

A big congratulations to the Winners & all participants!

Gracias por participar!

Merci de participer!

Dziękujemy za udział!

Kiitos Osallistumisestasi!

Dankie vir jou deelname!

Děkuji za účast!

Дякуємо Вам за участь!

Tack för din medverkan!
Obrigado por participar!

Hvala na sudjelovanju!

Katılımınız için teşekkür ederiz!

THE3-ContestEvents by The3-Donations



Thank you all so much for the beautiful Art :heart:

in the dark of Night by poisen2014

Christmas Nightmare by Black-B-o-x

COMM: Happy Accidents by CaballineCreations

COMM: Sun Queen by CaballineCreations

Temptation by Gejda

art for Lily by moonrosy

Final Polar Bear by lizmckuhen

Warm polar rays by laura2lyn4

Waiting Santa by Energiaelca1

Poseidon - new version by MariaLoikkii

Winter is Coming by amethystmoonsong

One Last Dance by i-mi

The Viking by 4LadyLilian

the light between worlds. by devils-horizon

Mythologies - Hera by MariaLoikkii

Flamenco by sirkeht

Fate whispers to the warrior by Ladyperfume

Curiosity by 4LadyLilian

What in Tarnation? by Arthur-Ramsey

LostCity by VertigoEBC

The Heart 2017 by nudagimo

Wonders of the Deep by cazcastalla

The 100 - HEE by FulllStop

The Snow Queen by Can-Cat

Rescue Mission by BrotherGuy

HiddenPlace by VertigoEBC

Longing by JassysART

Alien Dreams by KarmaRae

Good Vibes Only!! by gustiidiaz

. . . Final Goodbye . . . by ChIandra4U

Sunset dream by jiajenn

Nothing More Important Then Family by Daelynnn

Moon spell-Hechizo de luna by Mvicen

Snow Angel Ashley Worhol by zenx007

Blitskrieg Run ~ Avi Art Contest by KeonahN

Griffon by Fairling

113 New Begin by jiajenn

String up the lights by Briallu

Earth and Sky by amethystmstock

Te Amo Rosita by amethystmstock

it never ends by Andaelentari

following the leader by littlewillow-art

London Nights by amethystmstock

The Visitor by Fotomonta

Lobo vs Coelho - Estrela Invernal by BarbaraTP

Tree Walkers by aldona21

Madonna Of The Sea by SerenAletheia

Baby Ariel by hannabananapm

Witch - Cordelia by artmatrix

Witch - Cordelia by artmatrix

Winter Fairy by EligoDesign

Dystopia by charmedy

Mercenary by Alena-48

Winter Witch by KarmaRae

Angel of Roses by BrankaArts

Fallen by cosmicdean

Reflections by BrankaArts

Daily Sketch #23 - Zebra Portrait by Wundrian

snow  queen by rocheleheart10

Winter Angels Contest by CD-STOCK
"In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
snow had fallen, snow on snow...
Angels and archangels may have gathered there
 Cherubim and seraphim thronged the air
But his mother only, in her maiden bliss
 Worshiped the beloved with a kiss..."
- C. G. Rossetti

Animated Snowflake Icon (For Light Backgrounds) by Gasara Animated Snowflake Icon (For Light Backgrounds) by Gasara Animated Snowflake Icon (For Light Backgrounds) by Gasara

Create a snowy, icy, blissful, contemplative winterscene with one of our angels.

Put us in the right mood for a calm and merry winterday or night.

angel wing left by rnorals Let your creativity and imagination run free and create a snowy winter scene angel wing right by rnorals

angel wing left by rnorals Must be at least one of our angel included in your photomanipulation angel wing right by rnorals
angel wing left by rnorals You may create a snowy day or snowy night scene angel wing right by rnorals

angel wing left by rnorals You may create a snowy winter outdoor or indoor scene angel wing right by rnorals

This contest is open to our Group Members only.

Join us :iconthe3-contestevents: if you'd like to participate.

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudiosREAD THESE CONTEST RULES CAREFULLY BEFORE ENTERING OUR CONTEST stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle



You are given 24 stocks below, each of us give 8 stock images.

Your work has to include at least ONE of :iconybsilon-stock: and ONE of :iconevelivesey: and ONE of :iconcd-stock:

From stockpacks you are allowed to take only one.

You are free to use more than one stock from each of us.

The size must be so, that we can see it without a loupe


we reserve the right to decline your entry,

if we can´t see our stock images or which does not fit the theme of our contest.

If you use our required contest-stock-photos, please keep in mind, if there is a building-stock or an animal-stock to see,
it would be great if we can find and see them in your artwork too.

angel wing left by rnoralsExample angel wing right by rnorals
If you use one angel of :iconybsilon-stock: then you have to use one stock image or more of :iconevelivesey: (maybe a further angel or an other stock) and one stock image or more of :iconcd-stock: (maybe a further angel or an other stock).


Your artwork (photomanipulation or mixed media)

must be NEW and created for this contest only.


Your artist-comment has to include a statement,

that this is a entry for the

"Winter Angels" Contest hold  by  :iconthe3-contestevents: and a link to this journal.


Credit  all  stocks  you  used  with  a  direct  link.

Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock.

Credit  &  notify  the  stock  providers.

Purchased stock images must be credited with a direct link to the original source.

We actively support our Stock Providers-Friends on DA & DA-Stock Community.

Please use their DA stock images too.

New NEW RULE New DO NOT USE STOCK IMAGES from PIXABAY Let's talk about Pixabay. My experience


Improvement / repairs / remedy of defects (to improve the quality)

are not allowed after the contest deadline and during the poll-voting.


All creative works submitted to deviantART which uses third party resources must follow the license set by the stock provider.
DeviantArt urge all artists who rely upon stock or other resources to provide a link to the source in their description.

If you've been using images without approval from the Internet,
know that you are probably violating copyright and could be sued for it.

I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow Google Is Not Stock Stamp by Aazari-Resources I :+fav: what I use by rinoatimber

Stop using Google image search. Using those images is often illegal and they are not the best images anyway.


We reserve the right to decline any artwork that does not fit to the theme of our contest.


NewLimit for submissions: Entries are limited to 2 per personNew

(your artwork must be new and created for this contest ONLY)

- Angel - by kinky-angelTIME - Angel - by kinky-angel

START DATE:  18 December 2016

END DATE: 20 January 2017 (Central European Time)

  Submit to the Contest-Folder  WINTER ANGELS CONTEST

stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudiosREQUIRED CONTEST STOCK stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios

Wintertree on Gravestone by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Torch with flame by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
 Girl by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Sleeping Angel-Boy by YBsilon-Stock Praying Angel by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock
Miss You - Angel by YBsilon-Stock Stars by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock White Woman by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock

  Winter Rainy Bridge by EveLivesey Pale White Bokeh Texture by EveLivesey
Liquidity Triptych by EveLivesey
Peace Statue PNG by EveLivesey Window by EveLivesey Fallen Angel by EveLivesey
Rocky Mountains by EveLivesey Falling Snow by EveLivesey

Winterscape 01 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Winter Woods 04 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
 Angel 07A by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Winter Grave by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Angel 03 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Winterscape 08 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Ice 02 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Winterscape 04 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK

  Bubble Divider by Lambity Bubble Divider by Lambity Bubble Divider by Lambity



(one by Jury and one by Members-Voting)

From :iconthe3-contestevents: 200
From :iconmr-ripley: 50 Points
From :iconybsilon-stock: 1 x Stockpack of choice
From :iconcd-stock: 1 Premium Stock of choice
From :iconevelivesey: 1 Premium Stock of choice

From :iconmom-espeace: 1 Exclusive Stock Pack
From :iconhermitcrabstock: 1 Exclusive Premade Background
From :iconmsfowle: 1 Exclusive stock & 1 Llama
From :iconwesley-souza: 1 Premium Stock
From :iconcelticstrm-stock: 1 Exclusive Stock


From :iconthe3-contestevents: 150 Points
From :iconybsilon-stock: 1
Stockpack of choice
From :iconcd-stock: 1 Premium Stock of choice

From :iconevelivesey: 1 Premium Stock of choice
From :iconmom-espeace: 1 Exclusive Stock Pack
From :iconhermitcrabstock: 1 Exclusive Premade Background
From :iconmsfowle: 1 Exclusive stock & 1 Llama
From :iconwesley-souza: 1 Premium Stock


From :iconthe3-contestevents: 100 Points
From :iconybsilon-stock:
1 Stockpack of choice
From :iconcd-stock: 1 Premium Stock of choice

From :iconevelivesey: 1 Premium Stock of choice
From :iconmom-espeace: 1 Exclusive Stock Pack
From :iconhermitcrabstock: 1 Exclusive Premade Background
From :iconmsfowle: 1 Exclusive stock & 1 Llama
From :iconwesley-souza: 1 Premium Stock


From :iconybsilon-stock: 1 Stockpack of choice
From :iconcd-stock: 1 Premium Stock of choice

From :iconevelivesey: 1 Premium Stock choice

For all a Winner-Feature from

:iconthe3-contestevents: :iconmr-ripley: :iconlauraypablo:

Be surprised with our surprise stock images for all entrants!

:angel: by crula :angel: by crula :angel: by crula :angel: by crula :angel: by crula

Some inspirations for you. Be inspired, but don't copy!

Northwest Passage by MichaelO Guests by gin-tas
Snow by Yobtaf Shelegiel, Angel of Snow by PeteMohrbacher Untouched by Corvinerium <da:thumb id="625796281"/> Snow Angel by kalomus
Snow Angels by MisticUnicorn

Viel Glück!

Bonne Chance!
Boa Sorte!

¡Buena Suerte!
Lykke til!
Buona Fortuna!
Bol şanslar!


حظا سعيدا

Huge thanks to our points-donors at :iconthe3-donations:

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Thank you all for the wonderful Art :heart:

Circus Asmodeus by royal-nightmare Special Spell by Wesley-Souza Diana (Artemis) by Lotta-Lotos  Miss Mayfair by Methyss   Nivo - Gift by Ellessy  betrayal by Andaelentari  {91} by omgitsolive  Eventide by moonstruck-odyssey  Cyclops by FelixFelicias  Say You Wont Let Go by VocemIgnis  101  Politics by lousephyr  brass phoenix by moonrosy  Heavenly Sword by Mandelblute  Man on Road by erkanozan  Fisherman in a Lake in Gimp by Chrysippe  Boat Animacion by SilviaMS  Remake Yearning Edited Stars by Amanda-Kulp  The Cathedral by Sun-Bliss  Clearing by Can-Cat  The-zombie-queen by skills2800  GmmM by mydas5  Le mur by Eymele  Twilight Time by amethystmoonsong  Life On The Farm by michaelkrtikos  Pink night by Skitime123  K9 by zfbaser  Sunday Stroll [AT] by suicidalbandz  The last surviver by genivaldosouza  Eagle and the Wolf by HalTenny  One by Rowye <da:thumb id="647442619"/>  Oh What Fun It Is To Ride! by Rowdy-Dawg  Early Explorer by Rowdy-Dawg  Merry Christmas by Mattlis  Chrysopeleia by dreamswoman  7213 Modern Odyssey by casinuba  DATING SIM STILLS by Evelin333  The lost island by marcosnogueiracb  From Autumn To Winter by Scarletmcd  Our world of old by kaimaa    Memories in Future Tense by quasproduction  Vaquero by Rowdy-Dawg  Bishopsbourne by RWTA  Diamonds In the Sky by Lostinthedreams  Magic of winter by gregnan  They are at home by Aramisdream  Stranger by zfbaser <da:thumb id="648363119"/>  ID by SenchiKemuri  Lunapark by Sigkla  Mating Dance by Sigkla  changeling by Andaelentari  Psyche's Reflections: Then And Now by Can-Cat <da:thumb id="643233783"/>  Revengecomart by moonrosy  Beloved by dailystone  Freedom by Dimen-Zion  Madre Natura by doclicio  Japanese goddess by Lubov2001  Four Seasons by Can-Cat    Archaeology, between myth and reality by Blossom-Lullabies  Morning Glory.. by AledJonesDigitalArt <da:thumb id="649185049"/>  Myrsina by TylerBeetun  In the corridors of deviantart by Mandelblute  6 pack by Flobelebelebobele  The many types of avian wings. part 1 by camelpardia  I Ching 53 - Chien (Development - Gradual Progress by annewipf  The Old Mill.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Dark Priestess of Windy Point - Crawling by ExperienceArizona  Happy Halloween by 4LadyLilian <da:thumb id="642796658"/>  knight by LenaSunny  Monobasko by FelixFelicias  An Icy Pirate's Lost Ship by aaTmaHira  Grim Reaper by Art-Occult  People by Aysha1994raven  Hell Hath Frozen Over by WDWParksGal  All Hallow's Eve by ManifestedSoul  Flight by gregnan  Save the animals and the nature_Gorillas 2016 by nudagimo  Dark Day Dream_09 by caddman  witch by rocheleheart10  Abobora satanica by ccgreghi  UNISUS by Eternal-Dream-Art  Breath Of Life by Deena-Lee-Sauve  Dreaming Queen by ReginaMikealson  All The Sadness In My Heart by Black-B-o-x  My Furry Little Friends by marphilhearts  Golden City in the Morning by annewipf  Ghost Hunter.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Amelia by NightWish208 <da:thumb id="638102573"/>  On the shore of the Moonflow by Angelic-yunie  The Fire Elementalist by ineffablely  Dragana (updated) by JassysART 

  • Winners Fascination with Fright Contest by YBsilon-Stock

    Floating skull avatar by HidesBehindThings

    Thank you all for your creeeeeeepy works, which frightened us a lot :eyepopping: 

      Congratulation to our winners.     

       Boney Page Graphic (animated) by Gasara    1. Place by members-voting     Boney Page Graphic (animated) by Gasara


    Awakening by Mr-Ripley

    Bravo to Tom for a fascinating, dark and powerful frightening work.
    It appears as though all the people are coming out of their graves.
    The lights and colours in this piece reinforce the mood.

      Wow! by Drawn-Mario

         1. Place by Jury     


    Where dead comes alive... by Secretadmires

    Uhhh, Secret scared us with this incredible dark artwork.
    She gives us an amazing split-view into this horror-house and shows us 2 different scenes in one artwork.
    The light and the colours enhance the view of the essential scenes and our compliments on using and blending so many stocks so well.

      Spooky by Drawn-Mario

    Eye 'n Jar Avatar by SonderSays 2. Place by Jury   Eye 'n Jar Avatar by SonderSays

    Daddys Little Girl by fumar-porros

     Wow, this work of Fumar Porros scared us so much.
    This little girl who lives in a creepy home is a fascinating innocent (?).
    We love the work on the eye of the male face.

    Scary by Drawn-Mario

    knife icon(f2u) by Cimsos  3. Place by Jury   knife icon(f2u) by Cimsos

    The father of blasphemy by CharllieeArts

    A Bravo to Charlliee. He created a cold, sinister and eerie atmosphere with a focus on minimalism.
    This artwork is well-composed.

    Bone Divider by Gasara

     Honorable Mentioned

    :iconrowdy-dawg: :icondeathbycanon: :iconmvicen:
      Pig Slaughter by Rowdy-Dawg 
    Uncle Max and Victim 27 by deathbycanon Bad-Doll by Mvicen 

    Witch's Cauldron by Juanaleneand our Special Honorable Mentioned: Witch's Cauldron by Juanalene

     "The best brewed Halloween-Soup" 

    Pig Roast by LoloAgain

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    A big, big thank you to all our donors,

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    Stay tuned for our new contest in the middle of December with a moodful (peaceful) theme.

We hope to see you in our next contest!

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Just a quick thank you to everyone for your Happy Birthday Wishes :heart:

Thank you to Jenn :iconpjenz: & Birgit :iconnudagimo: for the points

Thank you to Lena :iconcd-stock: for the months membership

Thank you for the Llamas and Cake Badges

And thank you for the presents

Happy Birthday Eve.. by AledJonesDigitalArtGolden autumn by little-one-girl

Happy Birthday Eve by 4LadyLilian

I am away now for 4 days with no Internet access, spending time with my family celebrating my 60th Birthday :heart: