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Atlantis - Day

Environments - Urban and Architecture

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The Last Watcher

Environments - Urban and Architecture Fantasy

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The Last Ka-Boom

The Last Ka-Boom    The city of Louisville, Kentucky, was one of the oldest and most culturally significant cities in the continental United States. The home of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and a major shipping area both early in its history and in the modern day, the city saw more than its fair share of tourists and visitors annually.   “RRRAAUGH!”   This one was, perhaps, one of the strangest.   Rising out of the Ohio River and looming over the city was something that, to a casual observer, would instantly make one think of a Japanese mecha series. Before them was a gigantic robot, its metallic h


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He Has a Point

Photography - Animals

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Summer in Helsinki

Photography - Nature

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Photography - People and Cosplay

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In A Cup Of Wine

Photography - Still Life

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Sculpture Walk- (4 of 20) Riverpoint Observatory

Photography - Urban and Architecture

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Queen Bee


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Batfleck progress GIF

Resources - Learning Art

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Basic Cartography Brushes Set

Resources - Brushes

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Plots and Plot Twists.

What is a plot?  A plot is a series of sequential events that make up your story.  Sure, anyone could have told you that.  But, how to write one?  How can you make something this simple extraordinary?   Plot is comprised of 3 different parts; beginning, middle and end.  Think of it this way…this is how the problem started, this is how we fix it, and this is how we fixed it.  Make sense?  As long as you stick to this simple outline, it will be much easier for you to create your plot.  Plots are also comprised of other parts; the exposition, rising a

Resources - Storytelling

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Browsers Compass Icon Pack UD

Resources - Desktop

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[F2U] Progress Bar - Skull (FULL)

Resources - Status and Buttons

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Custom Notification Pop-Up [Code/Tutorial]

Resources - Profile Customization

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Ever wanted a 2 columned journal?

I have been playing around with the thought of having 2 columns in my Journal. So I digged into it, and finally I was successful. I must admit I had a headache doing this, because it involves a lot of div's, but if you have a little patience you'll make it work too. Here goes: What you need is a large container. A box to put your stuff (columns) into. This container has to be filling up the entire width of your Journal. This is the CSS: .container {   position: relative  !important;   vertical-align: top !important;   height: 250px  !important;   background:#eff1f1!important; } You can ofcourse adjust the parameters to suit your

Resources - Journals + Galleries

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I love Shiba Inus

Resources - Stamps and Icons

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: favwelcomeplz :

Resources - Deviation Stamps

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dramatic staring into the distance

Digital Art - Animations

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Ninety Degrees

Digital Art - Fractals

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Digital Art

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Inari Foxes: Platina

Traditional Art - Crafts and Sculptures

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Traditional Art - Inks

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Whack the Balls from Boughs of Holly!

Traditional Art - Mandalas

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Traditional Art - Paintings

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Mamma Mia - Amanda Seyfried - Progression 2/3 .

Traditional Art - Pencils

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Far Away


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Chitter and Scum


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Far Away


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Chitter and Scum


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Manga and Comics

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Deep Blue Sea

OC - Cartoon and Comic

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Panya Graphic Novel

OC - Character Designs

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[Commission] Celestial Ciri

OC - Manga and Anime

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FanArt - Creative Writing

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Fan Art - Avatar: TLA and LoK

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Zelda BOTW/ long hair

FanArt - Games - Legend of Zelda

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FanArt - Games - Sonic the Hedgehog

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Fanart - Pokemon

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Life Coach - Chap. 7, page 12

FanArt - Undertale

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Fu Hua

FanArt - Games

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FanArt - Manga and Anime

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Junicorn 27: Holy

FanArt - Animated TV and Film

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John Wick

FanArt - Live Action

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FanArt - Comics

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Bloody Trapland

FanArt - Youtubers and Celebs

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Xmas Gift: shiroikrow

Art For Me

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Painted Commissions! [CLOSED]

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or note me! I can also be reached on Instagram and Twitter Email: lilmellany@hotmail.com -------------------------------------------------------------------- Chibi - $220 USD + depends on complexity Headshot - $280 USD + depends on complexity Halfbody - $450 USD + depends on complexity Fullbody - $550 USD + depends on complexity Additional Composition: +40-500 USD (depends on complexity) If you would like this additional option, please specify in your form. Note: All regular commissions will only come with a simple background, likely a gradient, unl

Commission Info

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