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Geisha cookies

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Choco cookies ^___^
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Those look AMAZING!!!!!!!
Awesome Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AmAzing if i could buy them i would!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful edible artwork with a Japanese theme. Perfect!
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Those are some epic gorgeous cookies XD
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Hello this is =Eitvys200 with great news. Your work was featured in #5-Stars-Artists journal project 5-Stars-Artists feature

Stay perfect,
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So pretty =D
Where'd you learn to make these?
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Very beautiful. :)
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Wow, these all look so wonderful!

I love the circular one. :D
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Those are cookies? Beautiful work.
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what's wrong with you and making such pretty stuff? :< =P

i love them. :XD:
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wow hun it must be very cool and fun to work with fondante and i love your work very cute >///< <3
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Way too good to be eaten. Thy are beautiful!
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soo cute....i don't think i can bring my self to eat one...
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Did you use common food colors to make them?
I would like to try to do something similar by my own... :)
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beautiful <3 i thought they were broaches for a second!!
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WHOA. Those are...cookies?? That's insane, man, bravo. I applaud you. :)
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Those are cookies? Whoa. I don't think I could eat one without crying over it... It'd be like mudering a kitten. D:
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