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Hello everyone, I hope you're having a nice day!

Well, this is a bit important. For those who have been watching me for a while, you know one of my cats, Mittens. Well, I have sad news about her. Mitten is no longer apart of my cats. 

Your probably wondering, "Haillie! Why is Mitten gone????" Well, I have an answer for you. You see, Mitten was actually based off of my best friend, who I'll just call Jess. Jess and I were really good friends and I based Mitten off of her. Sadly, me and Jess got into a bit of... an issue and decided to not be friends anymore. I'm not going to tell you the details on what happened but it hurt me. Since I don't want to be reminded of Jess, I've decided to take down Mitten. 

Now, in the future, I might put Mitten up for adoption if someone wants her. I'm not into that whole adopts thing, but she's just a scrapped character that I'm most likely never using again.

If your interested in adopting Mitten, let me know!

Anyway, that's all for now!

Have a nice day!
Hey guys, 

I have something important to say. I'm going to be extremely busy this summer and I'm not sure how much I'll post on here. I have AP stuff to work on and my senior project as well. 

That's basically it.

Hello everyone!

Jeez, it's been forever since I wrote one of these! Sorry I haven't been making my own stuff in a while. I've been working on requests since November! As you can see from my gallery, I took some requests to draw fursonas on the R/furry subreddit. I wanted to do this because I feel like some people are just kinda rude in a way when it comes to making art for people. I understand some people need the money for college and all, but some of the prices are just really expensive.

Anyway, so since I've been busy for a while, I was thinking about just doing journals once a week! I'll keep doing the character entries whenever I make their reference sheet but I'll call the once a week ones... maybe... "The daily cat journal"? I'm not sure yet. Something cute that goes along with once a week journals.

So, on to the last part, Monster cats! So, as you can see with Perri, she's very different from the cats I've made on here. She's known as a monster cat! So basically with monster cats, they're cats but with monster characteristics. Some are from myths and some are just a mix breed with another animal. I thought this was a really cool idea because I don't see alot of people making these types of things with cats. Humans? Oh god yes, there are so many ocs with different subspecies. Skeleton, demon, angel, etc. So why not do that with cats? 

One more thing before I go! I'm gonna make a little background for my cats. I want to make a series for my cats and I'm not giving out what the story is!~ I'm only giving you the backstory of how they're standing and what their land is like!

Anyway, that's all for now!

Have a nice day!
Hello everyone! 

I finally posted my newest oc, edge- I mean Muffin! I'm so sorry the quality is bad on it! I would go in and try to figure out why it's so bad but my computer decided to not let me save all my work. It only saved my rough sketch for some reason. Sooo, I can't do much there sadly. 

So, I was away for a little bit because Thanksgiving was around and... I was going through some tough stuff. I'm not gonna get into details since it is too personal but I'm ok now! So here's the new plan for myself, I'm gonna try to post on the weekends since I'm always too tired to work on my art after school on the weekends, and I'm gonna possibly get rid of the schedule. Like, I'll keep the formula of it like having no outline art here and introducing a new oc there. Idk why I gave my self a schedule to follow tbh. I think I thought that if I had something to follow by, then I wouldn't run out of ideas. Buuut that became the opposite somehow. I feel like it's kinda controlling what I make. So no more schedule! 

I think that's all I wanted to talk about today, at least for this entry. If I do have something in mind, I'll come back and change it. 

Anyway, I hope you have a great day!
Hey guys!

I'm back, AGAIN. Agh, I gotta stop leaving DA without letting you guys know when I'm going or not. But anyway, I have a massive update about my drawing equipment! I FINALLY got a drawing pad! I'm now using a Ugee M708 graphic tablet! I just got it in the mail today and after an hour or two of setting up, it works beautifully!

I'm so happy I got it! it was only $45 too! so cheap! But anyway, I want to all let you know I'm alive and I'm going to redo my reference sheets for Eveleen, Snowball, and Mittens because... well, it's trash. I did the reference sheets on my iPad without using fire alpaca and good lord their bad. But don't worry! I'll make sure to redo them (when I feel like it or whenever I'm bored :P)! 

But that's all I gotta say for today! Thanks for the support!

Have a good day!
Hey guys, Hail here,

I'M BACK! I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything. For a little while, I had no motivation to draw at all. No inspiration, didn't feel like drawing on my iPad, it was terrible! But finally, I had a break through. 

So, I REALLY want to get a new drawing pad and a new application for my computer to draw on, instead of looking on a small screen. So, for now, I'm saving up to get a drawing pad that is either $50 or $200. I'll probably go for the $50 for now and do the $200 one later. And since I'm not a rich person, I decided to stroll around to see what free art applications there are. I looked at recommendations and found one! FireAlpacca! So I downloaded that and then something hit me. What if there's a way to make my Ipad into an ARTpad?! ... sorry I had to. So I look up online and found an app called Team Viewer. It can make your tablet into your computer! So I downloaded it and started to play around with it and I got the hang of it. I did watch a video on Youtube about the basics of FireAlpacca and man, I love it! It has so many different options for me and I'm just in love with it! Out of the way Artstudio, mama's got a new baby! 

But yeah, until I get a new drawing pad, I'll be using my Ipad as one. Also, I might be away from doing art on deviant art because school is coming back up and I'll be getting my driver's license soon. Once I get it, I'll be looking for a job and hopefully be working at said job. By the way, if you guys want to request stuff, I'm cool with it! Just no porn or ... fetish art. But be aware that if you do request a human character, I will be making them into a cat. But if it is an animal, then I'll try my hardest to make it look good in my art style!

Ok, this journal is waaay too long now. I'll get going now.

Have a nice day!

Ps: If you guys have used FireAlpacca, can you give me tips and tricks?
Hey everyone, 

I hope your day has been well. I was supposed to make this entry after the Snowball reference but I have been a bit busy. I'm in Florida for a little vacation and just been seeing family. Of course, I haven't posted anything for a while due to this. So don't worry, I'm not dead to those who like my content. 

Anyway, Florida has been nice and I got few new games. I got Shelter 2, Meadow, and Night in the woods. Shelter 2 was a fantastic game! Might and Delight made some great improvements from the first game. Meadow, I haven't played with it a lot due to the bad connection of the wifi here. Then there's Night in the woods, and holy shit it's such an amazing game. I only saw a bit of gameplay from Jackcepticeye and I wanted to save the story for myself. I love it. I especially love Gregg too. Totally worth my $20. I am planning to make a bit of fanart of the game in a little while.

I think that's it for now. Also, I will be posting journal entries everytime I introduce a new cat.

Alright everyone, take care. Have a nice day. 

Hello everyone, 

So, I'm pretty new to deviant art and I hope you guys enjoy my art. Now, before I ever wanted to post something on here, I was kinda nervous. Firstly, I didn't want people to think that my cats are considered furries. Now, I'll be clear right now. They aren't. I don't have a problem with furries at all, but please don't consider Eveleen and the others as furries. Now I will say this, there will be artwork of my cats standing. Are they still considered furries? No. They are still cats just standing.

Another thing that I was worried about was ranters from youtube. I was worried that DeviantArt ranters would come on to my profile without my permission and rant about how "edgy" my characters are and how their mary sues. There will be a cat named Muffin who will be in this category of edgy and Mary Sue. I don't want to spoil his character but I'll say this; he's a cat that went through a lot. Now, if you are a ranter and you want to rant about Muffin, please ask for my permission first. I know he will be edgy and a Mary Sue and I don't mind you talking about him as long as you have my permission. 

The last thing I was worried about is what people will think of Eveleen and her friends. Thinking that she is poorly drawn and not a good character. I do not mind critique at all, I want to get better at making digital art. And all I have right now is an Ipad with artstudio on it. I used to have a drawing pad but it broke. Anyway, if you want to critique my art, go ahead. Like I said, I don't have a problem with it at all. As long as you aren't harsh like "ThAt'S sO E D G Y!!!!! CHANGE IT", I don't mind. Please be mature about it and not act like a child.

Alright, that's all I have to say. Oh, and one more thing. I won't be on DeviantArt all the time so if you ask me a question, it might be a while.

Have a lovely day!