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When Was the Last Time I Drew Rainbow Dash?

By Evehly
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Went through a few pages of my gallery. Not a single Rainbow Dash in sight... Until now, that is!
I always liked the idea of Dash having a shorter mane. Also some piercings.

Edit: I got rid of that random red wiggle on RD's wing. FORGET THAT EVER EXISTED.
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Oh, oh, oh, watched!
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Gorgeous wings! Love how they came out, loving it!
Hsve a watch!
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Mmm, those wings.
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Pretty pretty birbhoers!
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Rainbow feathers !
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this is a pretty good style. i could see it on her if she led the wonderbolts
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She looks good with short hair
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Haha I I think everyone else mostly draws her

Next to Twilight she's the most drawn pony
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Yay, Rainbow Blitz,  very nice :D (Big Grin) 
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For some reason, she looks like a stallion... Still, looks great!
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Then my work here is done
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Rainbow is best masculine mare.
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