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Request - Applecord

By Evehly
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Requested by :iconevowizard: to draw ApplejackxDiscord shipping.

2nd time drawing discord c:

Edit: Added AJ's CM xD sometimes I forget things...
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Definitely one of the least common I've seen.
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A ship rarely seen, and always enjoyed.
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Awwww....how cute.;)
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Can i use this for my AppleCord group?
BejeweledApples's avatar
Heehee, uh, can I use this for something?
BejeweledApples's avatar
Heehahahahaiheehee! :iconapplejackblushplz:
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Flippin love this. Such a cute pairing
MammthLioness's avatar
*incoherent fangirl-screaming* :squee: :squee: :squee: 
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This is so cute. :iconbigheartplz:   I like to think this is the natural result of "An Apple a Day", which was also ApplejackxDiscord.  -w- 
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Ya know, I've actually never seen this ship till just now.
I personally do TwiCord.
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I can't understand what line of cracked code that makes someone see a ship like this work.... But this is very well drawn.
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don't see that coming... I don't ship that sorry, but good art!
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Accept Commission ?? *^* *0* 
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Should I ship it?  Probably not.  Will I?  UNTIL MY DYING DAY.  *hoists up flag in the sinking ship*
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applecord. one of the least shipped. but evehly makes it loos amazing
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This is cute kinda I'm not judging though, but I like Discord x Celestia a lot :)
SkyStars00's avatar
So cute,but i love Fluttershy x Discord shipping
But this is so cuuute x3
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So cute!!!!
I ship it very much X3
NerfStranger's avatar
best crackship <3
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