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I Ship It From All Angles

By Evehly
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I just recently hit 4k watchers, and I just had to throw a little something together despite the limited amount of free time I have at the moment. Ofc it's SombraShy related, because that's what I'm assuming most of you are here for! But if you're not here for crackshippy goodness, then well... this is kinda awkward.


OBLIGATORY EDIT:     Hardly anyone seems to notice that the top right is Fluttershy and Queen Umbra, the bottom left is King Sombra and Butterscotch, and the bottom right is Butterscotch and Queen Umbra.

I thought that would’ve been a little obvious given the change of muzzles, the presence/absence of eyelashes, and also the absence of Sombra’s facial hair, buuut… I guess not

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Fucking adorable
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This Art is literally what my Class/Group looks like
1st pic - me and my girlfriend
2nd pic - my friends (they are each others' girlfriends)
3rd pic - my "friends" (they are each others' boyfriends)
4th pic - my friends (just Guy is more like Girl, and She is more like Boy :P)
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The easiest way to know who is who:
1. with Sombra, just look on the Beard/no-beard
2. with Fluttershy just look on Mouth (Butter's is more like Squar/Qwadrat)
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So how did this ship happen? OvO
Im curious where did your main inspiration came from?
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first one is me and my boyfriend. escept long distance cause he lives in scotland
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gender bends coolieo
i love the little snake tongue sombra lol PUT A CORK IN IT!
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wonderfull as usual ^^
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I noticed you haven't done any detailed Sombra x Butterscotch work yet... is this a hint of things to come?? :D
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I love this ship
;) espacially Queen Umbra and Fluttershy
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from top left he is actually happy top right still happy bottom left returns kisses to flutters but bottom left Sombra: I need a coffee it's to early
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Haha, aaaww! This is really adorable! I like the one of Butterscotch and Queen Umbra together... very lovely... :love: :love: :love:
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Oh! The shipping!
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it was obvious for me xD
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Hey, i noticed! Before reading the edit, too!
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I like the Flumbra :3
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I must confess I didn't notice until you pointed it out. :o (Eek) 

I'm slow, I know. :D (Big Grin) 
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Yknow, I was wondering if some of these were genderswapped when this was first posted, but I didn't wanna say anything, and then I read the edit.
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They're so adorable ^^
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top right could be interesting.
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