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I haven't been able to draw anything lately q-q every time I try, I end up not liking it and trashing it. But here, have this! It's the best I could do xD
I've only drawn Discord one other time, so this took awhile longer than usual. Lots of erasing and starting over. That pretty smile, though c:

Thank you all, for I have reached 500 watchers! I'm feeling the love!

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And this is why I have to be a Fluttercord shipper... 
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Can I use this art for a video please?
I promise to credit you :)
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Does discord have the head of a dragon or the head of pony. Sometimes he looks like a dragon and other times he looks like a horse :|

I like this pic too :)
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Wow he has some teeth on him. 
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Like many others I like the extra sharp teeth you gave him because after all...he is part dragon. Excellent and very cute!
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Love these two together ^^ So sweet
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I ship these two so bad! Especially after the 4th season finale
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This is so cute! I love the way you did Discord's teeth and the pose, and your style :aww:
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Soo cute! =3
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Discord looks happy :)
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Discords living the dream man. 
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daww.. still can't believe they put those two together in the show.. hehe
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i love his teeth!
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Seriously, who would had thought? 
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Discord being caring :O That is weird, though adorable. Great job by the way, I love the details
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