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Celestial Downfall (Redo)

A redraw of this from 2014.
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Aww. I would still hug princess, perpetual 10/10 until death. 
FirestormDangerDash's avatar
At least we know black eyes are a thing if your hittin up with the Shadow Pony
TheBadFaerie's avatar
I'm pretty certain she taught me math in first grade.
KarniMataRatatata's avatar
Narilyte's avatar
She doesn't seem to like herself, but I find her absolutely beautiful.
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Price of immortality is being paid throughout the whole existence. The weight of all deeds, the sum of all fears, the outcome of a reign that bowed to none. Mirror does not lie, perception does not accept. Until the collapse of facade that forces to face the truth.
How could this happen one could ask. The answer is gradually.
kaatseye's avatar
I love this, it fits the artwork marvellously.
MetalBladePegasus's avatar
Thanks, the artwork is responsible though.
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
Guhlestia... one of my favorites. :D
TitaniumDragon's avatar
This is very lovely.
Brolyie12's avatar
Hey Tia You look sweet Hug Vampire kiss? 
Cre8iveWing's avatar
Woah, her mane is very gorgeous! I love the mouth too!Heart 
This style is very interesting. It gives a nice creepy vibe. ^-^
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Princess Celestia ... what is happening to you?? :-O
Bron3Gamer's avatar
I would have titled it the cost of power, but it's not my work. Far from it lol. Nice work once again Eve.
FaultyExistence's avatar
Would still bang her...

I mean she looks nice Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 

*Phew* Awkward moment averted bunneh icon15 
Randomreader-001's avatar
Holy Smokes!  O!o
Awesome drawing, also I can see quite a few stories coming from this  image alone.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
What would be the story behind this?
ThatGuyWithTheTShirt's avatar
Do you have any Pro-Celestia art?
Evehly's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean by "Pro-Celestia" art. Are you implying that I'm drawing anti-Celestia art? Because that's not how I see it. 
ThatGuyWithTheTShirt's avatar
I'm talking about art that portrays her positively. I hardly ever see that.
Evehly's avatar
There are plenty of artists that draw her in a positive light. I guess I'm not one of them, though. I most often draw her as the subject of humor. 
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