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The Opera Phantom Discord Storyboard Ep 1

Enjoy this huuuuuuuuge file with storyboards that I did for the episode one of audio drama directed by :iconsisterstories:
It was such a honor to help you with drawings for this episode :D

Here is link to te first episode:…

At first I wanted to post these as a parts but then I decided to not to making spam and put all of these sketches in one file.

Don't use, steal, copy, trace, and etc. Drawing belong to me. MLP belongs to Hasbro!


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Wow! I love range of motion and expressions. This will be an excellent reference. Mind the mare's braid for continuity though.

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Very interesting concept here and very good sketches.

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Egad, that is a ton of sketches! I will definitely give the drama a look-see! =^^=

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I did more sketches in the past xD

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Phenomenal job Eve!!

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I love it, you did a really great job

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Thank you ^^

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I saw the episode, and BOY it was good. More than good. Fantastic! I can't wait to see more episode! :)

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I feel the same :D

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Just saw the episode and it is very interesting so far. I really loved seeing your art in there and cannot wait see more soon nwn
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The fanfic is my fav of all the fanfics that I read and the same gonna be with audio drama xD

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I must admit, I was in for a cool surprise when I saw your art since for the most part I thought they were doing all the art by themselves. But I'm glad that you were able to help with your awesome scenes ^^

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SisterStories asked me if I would like to help them with storyboards and finishing some scenes and I agreed ^^;

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I am utterly jaw-dropped.

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Raise Eyebrow Icon Seriously? This is gorgeous and so well illustrated not just from a illustration perspective but from a story boarding/story telling view. Need I say more?

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Nice keep working well on that Fluttercord audio drama doing
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