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LOL FanArt Jhin- Depress by HisokaToru LOL FanArt Jhin- Depress :iconhisokatoru:HisokaToru 41 5 :OKEYES O: by TheOneWhoTries :OKEYES O: :icontheonewhotries:TheOneWhoTries 9 3 Zoro: Wano Arc by raionxdesu Zoro: Wano Arc :iconraionxdesu:raionxdesu 88 7
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Sanji X Reader [a redux]
    You placed your hand on the railing of the Thousand Sunny, leaning against the well-crafted wood covered in a light sea spray and gazing out across the horizon that waves flowed up and down across. The sun was setting, tinting the sky a wondrous orange and lining the pure white clouds with pinks and yellows as it dipped below the waters, waves glittering with the kiss of the sun. This was quite a rare moment to experience on the Grand Line. Taking into consideration that the weather changed radically at the drop of a hat, this was something worthwhile taking in for as long as it would last. You smiled at the sight before you, feeling as if it were a dream. The silence around you made it seem so, despite the other crew members being about. The only thing breaking through the silence was the gentle gliding of Brook’s violin, the calming music floating through the air and enriching the moment for you. This was something truly blissful
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 5 7
Day #995 7/31/18 best friend!! by BuyGoldBYE Day #995 7/31/18 best friend!! :iconbuygoldbye:BuyGoldBYE 13 0 Starry Sky by Elysionista Starry Sky :iconelysionista:Elysionista 992 56 Toys! by SpringBelleBunnie Toys! :iconspringbellebunnie:SpringBelleBunnie 1,183 29 [+Video Voice Over] How to start drawing by Neko-Rina [+Video Voice Over] How to start drawing :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 2,028 40 You might be a lord, but here comes the KING by KiRAWRa You might be a lord, but here comes the KING :iconkirawra:KiRAWRa 986 29 spyro the dragon 2018 FANART by phation spyro the dragon 2018 FANART :iconphation:phation 2,045 44 Daily Paint 2105. Lambience by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2105. Lambience :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,363 165 Sheer by BlackRoomPhoto Sheer :iconblackroomphoto:BlackRoomPhoto 103 5 Sheer by AncillaTilia Sheer :iconancillatilia:AncillaTilia 158 19 ScribbleNetty - Age Progression - Concept Art by ScribbleNetty ScribbleNetty - Age Progression - Concept Art :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 433 10 Practice - Anthropomorphic cats by ScribbleNetty Practice - Anthropomorphic cats :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 352 8 ComicProject: 'Rematch' by ScribbleNetty ComicProject: 'Rematch' :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 448 6

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Rohan x Reader x Josuke (Bad Day)
You sat on the couch curled up in the dark living room of the Kishibe Residence, a blanket over your shoulders as you watched your favorite TV show on the screen. Reaching your hand out occasionally from the blanket into the bag of chips next to you, you sniffled remembering the shitty day you had earlier on. 
You didn't look over as you heard the unlocking of the door and jingling of keys as Rohan walked inside. He looked over and saw you and smiled one of his rare tiny smiles. But went back to his normal glaring face as he saw your tear stained face. He quickly put down his sketch pad to the side and walked over sitting on the side of the couch putting a hand on your back. 
"Oi, are you alright (Y/N)?" He asked with a slight bit of concern in his eyes. He rose his brow hearing no answer from your lips and sighed getting up goign to call some help. 
Since Rohan wasn't the best with emotions he called one of the men he knew could cheer up someone the most.
Josuke Higashi
:iconevee550:Evee550 26 4
Fugo Pannacotta x Reader (I Forgive You)
Everything that happened was still a blur to you.
Meeting the man known as Jean Pierre Polnareff.
Seeing Diavolo's true appearance. 
Switching bodies with Trish while Mista was in hers and you were in his. 

Watching helplessly as King Crimson savagely killed you best friend Narancia, the strict Abbacchio, and eventually your kind hearted leader Buccellati. 
Watching Giorno forcefully stab himself in the heart with the sharp golden arrow as he screamed in pain while Gold Experience became Requiem. 
But now everything seemed just quiet. Sure there was the occasional yelling of Mista as he yelled at Sex Pistols or argued with Polnareff about his existence inside the turtle, or even Trish giggling as she did yours and Giorno's hair and complained about Mista's lack of hygiene. But Passione with never be the same without Narancia's Aerosmith flying around the house with Sex Pistols, Buccellati's quiet yet kind fatherly demeanor to his gro
:iconevee550:Evee550 9 12
Josuke x Reader (I'll Always Protect You)
Josuke loved you with all his heart. Everyone knew that, well everyone except you that is. Well, it wasn't that you didn't love him back, you loved him just as much as he loved you. But of course both of you were so oblivious that you never knew the feelings of the other person, and thought your relationship would forever be stuck as 'friends'.
After all Josuke had been your best friend since you two were both little kids. The day you had moved to Morioh had been one of his favorite days cause he had gotten to meet you.
Hell you were even in the car when he was terribly sick and you had gotten stuck in the snow storm, you were also there to witness the mysterious Pompadour wearing man save yourself, Josuke, and Tomoko from freezing to death in the car. 
But now that you were both in high school and dealing with the threat of stands together that could kill you both at any moment, today was the day Josuke was going to tell you. Tell you how much he loved you, and how he would give
:iconevee550:Evee550 35 3
Keicho x Reader (Innocent)
You sat on your bed waiting patiently for your closest friend Keicho Nijimura to arrive at your house. 
To be honest other than his little brother Okuyasu, Keicho was your only friend. Most of the girls at school taunted and made fun of you for your looks as well as your shy and quiet personality. Even as a 3rd year you got pestered by girls from 1st years to 3rd, but Keicho was always there to save you. 
After you had been tormented and brought to tears earlier today by some girls and their boyfriends. Keicho had come to your rescue telling the couples off even using has stand Bad Company to unknowingly scare them away from you by shooting at their feet making them scream as the tiny bullets lodge into their feet.
Once the incident was over and the crew of misfits ran off Keicho made sure you were alright before walking you home. You smiled softly to him as you walked to the doorstep. Your face blushed brightly when you asked if he would stay the night, given your parents we
:iconevee550:Evee550 25 19
Josuke x Reader (You're Prefect) *Art Trade*
You had to admit your life so far hasn't been the best thing.
Sure you had some of the best times of your life, but recently it's been most downs instead of ups. In class you couldn't focus and you had thoughts of doing things that would make others judge you and made you even more self conscious. 
You sat outside on the bench outside of school with your bag in your lap. You had missed the bus and sat waiting for your parents or an upper class-men to give you a ride home. The sun started to set making an orange and red tint throughout the sky of Morioh City. You sighed as you clenched your hands around you skirt shivering as the area started to get cooler with the coming night.
You stiffened as you felt something over your shoulders. You looked over and saw the Pompadour Prince himself Josuke Higashikata himself smiling next to you as he sat down next to you on the bench. His yellow shirt making him stick out like a sore thumb as you realized his jacket was over your shoulders.
:iconevee550:Evee550 48 10
Mikitaka x Reader (Stars)
You were such a curiosity to him. 
Mikitaka Hazekura stared at you from afar as he stood next to Josuke and Okuyasu at the local ice cream shop. He stood there and watched in awe as he saw you talking with Yukako about who knows what. 
Mikitaka would never had teared his gaze away from you if it had not been for Okuyasu slapping him in the back of the head. Josuke shook his head as Mikitaka looked at the pair of bros in confusion. 
"What is it my friends? Is something the matter?" 
Josuke nodded putting his hands in his pockets "Yes Mikitaka, we had a whole conversation and you didn't hear a single thing. What's go you so distracted anyways?" 
Mikitaka looked over towards the direction you were standing at, he smiled softly seeing you giggling at one of Yukako's comments. "I-I'm sorry, I've been distracted by...One of the most beautiful specimens I've ever seen..." 
Josuke and Okuyasu looked in the direction of his stare. Okuyasu furrowed his eyebrows tryi
:iconevee550:Evee550 35 16
Josuke x Reader (Assumptions)
You walked towards the Grand Morioh Hotel with a smile on your face. Joseph had called you and asked if you could run a few errands for him while he was out with Jotaro. Joseph was like a sweet old grandpa to you and you were willing to do almost anything for the sweet 79 year old man. 
Once you climbed up the stairs and headed towards the room you stopped seeing Josuke standing outside the door as well. 
"Josuke? What are you doing here? Are you going out with Jotaro and Joseph as well?" Josuke looked over and shook his head at your question. 
"No, the old man called me and said he needed me to do some errands for him while they were out." You raised a brow hearing your friends reply as you walked over and stood next to him. "That's odd. Joseph called me for the same thing." 
Josuke raised a brow at the statemtn as well as you both knocked on the door. Not long after you heard shuffling and Joseph opened the door and smiled seeing you both. "Ah! Josuke, (Y/N)! Jota
:iconevee550:Evee550 38 6
Polnareff x Reader (Sand)
"Remind me why we're here again?" 
"Because I invited you!" 
"That she did, it would be rude to decline her offer." 
"See Polnareff! Avdol agrees with me!" 
What lead the three of you to this argument is what you are probably wondering right about now. Well after your various travels with the group of men known as the Stardust Crusaders you decided to give them a reward for their hard work. 
A nice vacation at a private beach! That meant no loud families, no couples eating each others faces, no screaming children, no nudists, just a single group of seven. 
You had proposed the idea to the group of men to which Kakyoin, Avdol, and Joseph quickly agreed. Jotaro only came with a bit of persuasion from Kakyoin and talk of him finding some sea life while he was there. Polnareff only came because the others forced him to come along; he didn't want to attend cause he was worried about his precious hair getting messed up, and unbeknownst Joseph convinced him to co
:iconevee550:Evee550 23 6
Speedwagon x Reader (Together Forever)
Today was your wedding day and you couldn't be more ecstatic. You stood in the room looking at yourself in the mirror as you looked at your long white dress. The sleeves where white with lace and the corset wrapped around the waist giving your body a more curved appearance. Who were you getting married to exactly? Well that man was the man you had loved since you first met him. Robert E.O. Speedwagon. 
The two of you had been through everything together. You were both part of the gang, you both became friends with Jonathan Joestar, Defeated Dio, and witnessed the death of your dear friend William Zeppeli. 
You sighed in relief as Erina had finished fixing your hair. She was your maid of honor after all, being your only female friend you were pretty close. She walked in front of you and gasped with her hands in front of her mouth "You're so beautiful (Y/N)! I doubt Speedwagon will be able to keep his eyes off of you!" You blushed and giggled at her compliment.
"You think
:iconevee550:Evee550 32 21
Gyro x Reader - Sleep
You were tired as hell, and you had a reason to be. Yourself, Gyro and Johnny had finished yet another race. None of you made it to first thanks to Diego Brando rushing in front of you three. You had all won a small bit of prize money for participation and decided to stay the night at a motel for the night. Of course since the town you were staying in was also where the finish line was located plenty of rooms were filled up, which resulted in your 'happy' trio having to share a two person bedroom. 
After much debate Johnny and yourself had landed spots on the beds. While Gyro suffered the fate of sleeping on the floor. But before sleeping the three of you went down stairs to the tavern part of the motel and at least get yourselves a hot meal. You deserved it after all. 
"Still can't believe we lost to that asshole, AGAIN!" You threw up your hands in anger as you ranted to the pair of males in front of you as you all talked with food in your mouths. Johnny rolls his eyes but y
:iconevee550:Evee550 18 15
Josuke x Reader x Okuyasu X Rohan- Beach Days
Summer. The hottest season of the year. You had to admit, besides the extreme heat making you want to jump into a bathtub of ice the scenery and activities of Summer where one of your absolute favorite things in the world. Things such as Camping, Concerts, BBQ's, and Swimming with your friends. 
Sadly you were doing none of these things. You were currently lounging on the ground with your closest friends Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi in front of Angelo's Rock. You were fanning yourself with your returned homework assignments given to you by your teacher at the end of the year. Given that summer had just started a couple of days ago you and the boys still had a few things to get rid of. You groaned in annoyance as the heat started beating down on your sweating forms even more. Josuke and Okuyasu had already taken off their coats showing their undershirts and some how Koichi stood there uneffected by the heat barely breaking a sweat. 
Then as if a switch had gone off in your head
:iconevee550:Evee550 52 13
JJBA Stand OC (Sweet Dreams *Are Made Of This*) by Evee550 JJBA Stand OC (Sweet Dreams *Are Made Of This*) :iconevee550:Evee550 2 0 JJBA Stand OC (Toxic) by Evee550 JJBA Stand OC (Toxic) :iconevee550:Evee550 1 0 JJBA Stand OC (Bad Reputation) by Evee550 JJBA Stand OC (Bad Reputation) :iconevee550:Evee550 2 0 JJBA Stand OC (Burning Love) by Evee550 JJBA Stand OC (Burning Love) :iconevee550:Evee550 2 0 JJBA Stand OC (Pretty Fly *For A White Guy*) by Evee550 JJBA Stand OC (Pretty Fly *For A White Guy*) :iconevee550:Evee550 2 0


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