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Sashiko Arretta App (Created for Dj-Addixx)

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Human base by :iconrainfall-bases:

Affiliation seal by :iconbraeven:

Character Created for :icondj-addixx:


Name: Sashiko "Orchid" Arretta Titan Name: Orchid



Weight:125 lbs.

Gender: Female

species: Shifter Titan form: N/A

Affiliation: Survey core

Class: Cadet

Titan Class: 15m

Partner: None at the moment

Squad: 105

Bio: A very different kind of child from the usual seen in the upper wall she wanted to see things down below for herself...It came with the price that she chose to go down the day the Col. Titan kicked in the door(use of words.), and caused the people in the Trost district so much trouble. Seeing the horror that was placed around the lower area as she fled, there was this pandemonium inside her head saying that there would be things like this all the time. Crowds filled with fear, titans eating all things in sight....and the world people up top just watched. This gave that ending drive to disregard all the high ups had to say, and pursue her own goals. So when of age seventeen she started out for the cadet academy, and in hopes she learn to protect more than just her own well being.

Titan Abilities: Can Harden skin on any point of body if fast enough in time to protect self from injury

Skills: Shielding, Fighting, Regeneration,Senses Increase (Mainly reflex, and hand eye coordination)  

Personal Song: Hammer Smashed Face-Cannibal Corpse

Personality: Calm/Friendly/Skewed

Place of Birth: Stohess district

Favorite Quote/s: If a Titan then knew its own strength...What's from human effort to try, and stop a moving boulder coming down a mountain?

Likes: Challenges, Exploration, Orchids by any means

Dislikes: Losing, Being a burden,Large amounts of pain

Strengths: Balancing forms of ideas, Balanced team player,Looks ahead instead of waiting in fear.

Weakness:Trouble executing plans already made, Tends to Shut down if stressed, Always wanting more from the job.

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Again, thank you for linking me :)
Her hair is kinda messed up, the pitch-black color with very bright light looks somehow wrong, you can't follow the flow of the hair, if you know what I mean :)
Again, you placed shadows and light pretty good on her clothes.
Do you use a tablet?
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar

No I use a mouse, and she looks like that because the deviant who asked me to draw their app for them cause they said the couldn't draw didn't give me very good details besides pitch black hair and white tips.

xKURUx's avatar
eh bad...not a very detailing person....its just a few bits in, and the rest can be what the drawer does its more fun to see that way
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar
oh no its fine honest ly. the only part that I would have liked would have been exact hair length
xKURUx's avatar
tis fine the way it is me and many of most doctors that are successful in the world agree that its great 

Dr.Owning: Trust him he takes what he gets *thumbs up with a bloody background behind him.*
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I watched that vid you linked me, so bloody :iconrainbowtearplz:
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar
So beautiful! Whats even better is the crack videos like this one~…
AgentMaryland93's avatar
Dancer............................WTF did I just watch?
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar
a crack video ^^ they make me laugh~
AgentMaryland93's avatar
Shingeki on Crack indeed................ o-o
AgentMaryland93's avatar
I just had this face the entire time watching :iconwthplz:
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xKURUx's avatar
its so kool thank you very much!! 
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar
Hope I made her correctly for you ^^
xKURUx's avatar
nahhhh id say we are good
Eve-Of-Halloween's avatar
Oh ok ^^ anyway she's all yours have fun ^^
xKURUx's avatar
thnx^^ cant wait for the rp to start
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