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Name: Koda Scarine

Age: 20

Height: 6-1

Weight: 140 LB

Gender: Male

species: Shifter Titan form: N/A at the moment

Affiliation: Survey core

Class: Lieutenant

Titan Class: 16m

Partner: None at the moment

Squad: 105

Bio: He is the youngest of three siblings, and is the only one who is a Shifter like their father. When he was 17 his older sister Mary, and mother were killed in combat because he made the reckless choice of breaking formation. Upon their deaths he unlocked his Titan. He has always been reckless when it came to his actions but he holds a strong grudge to another titan, the one who killed his sister and mother, he has yet to defeat it. His soul purpose now is to avenge his mother and sister. He trained with his father as a child of how to master his titan abilities even though it was locked, he is known as a prodigy in his titan abilities from the age of 9.

Titan Abilities: High speed regeneration (Can discard entire titan and reform a new one in a minute), Brute strength, can only harden skin on neck and hands, speed of 100 mph

Skills: Fighting, Regeneration,Senses Increase (Mainly smell and sight), martial arts expert, swordsmanship, master at maneuver gear.

Spouse/significant other: He is single

personality: Reckless, Hotheaded, Good sense of humor, protective, loyal, loving, clever, Family Oriented(wishes to have a family of his own)


---Mother-Raven Scanni(dead)

---Father-Ted Scanni

---Sister-Sanni Scanni

---Sister-Mary Scanni (dead)

Friends: None at the moment

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I kinda like these charakter-sheets, sometime the charakters look pretty good and I get some information about them :)
The 3D-gear is really detailled, can't see something missing.
I also like how you added light and shadow, it give's it a realistic touch.