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My work is not to be edited/reposted/traced/copied or used for any AI generation works. I will file take downs.

The waters are FINE
[PKMNation] Honey Autumn
PMDStarfall | Job Board | Close Calls
[FINEST] Peak Winters
[PMD-O] Heist: Snow Trouble At All pg 1
PMDS| M5 P2 | monsters of memory lane art 2
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The old days
Striding through the forests
Sd M4 Pt2: The Town of Radiance

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Artist // Professional // Film & Animation
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My Bio

I am a professional freelance artist with a major in animation as specialty in character design and visual development. I one day hope to work for Dreamworks but in the meantime work primarily on artwork for fandoms such as MLP, Transformers, D&D, Pokémon, well the list goes on. I am not a very talkative person, but I read every comment I get even if I don't respond.

Do not post my art on other websites or galleries without my written permission. If I want my art on a website I will post it myself. Stolen artwork will be reported.

My work is not to be edited/reposted/traced/copied or used for any AI generation works. I will file take downs.

Favourite Movies
Dinosaur, Avatar, the Jurassic park series, Alien series, HTTYD
Favourite TV Shows
FMABrotherhood, Hellsing, Naruto shippuden, Amphibia, Owl House, Centaur world, legends of vox machina, critical role
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My music taste covers basically all genre's as long as it gets me moving XD
Favourite Books
Fma, Naruto, Negima, Warriors, Inuyasha, Hellsing, brave new world,
Favourite Writers
Erin Hunter, Masashi Kishimoto, Hiromu Arakawa
Favourite Games
Sims 3, Spore, Ark survival evolved, Phasmaphobia
Favourite Gaming Platform
pc and play station
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool Sai
Other Interests
Manga, Snakes, D&D

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Hey, are Ebaqui dead? I've been out of DA for like 4 years so I'm checking up on my species lol

At the moment they are while I work on setting up their ARPG life got in the way with them.

All good, I'm just starting to actually get back into CS and have been planning to draw my various creatures/characters and I was trying to focus in on the groups that are still out there lol, thanks!

Hey thank you so much for the fav I appreciate it <3

Ahhh your Zora are gorgeous! Finally recommendeds showing me good artists!

thank you! I've been having alot of fun with Zora's lately

hugs you!!! hope you've been doing well <3

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