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Thor movie fanart! ...somewhat XD

So I wanted to draw Loki but couldn't find any good refs of his costume in a profile view, so I improvised and then strayed. Also, I thought it was a bit unfair that lady Loki (see the comic books) gets all the fur... XD

Thor : [link]
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This is very good🖤
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Cool!(Literally) This looks like something he would look like if he was in Game of Thrones. I don't exactly watch it, but my dad does.
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You know nothing Loki.
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AMAZING i love this!!!!! how do you draw like this? what style?
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Er, I'm not sure I know what you mean? 
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This is fantastic- almost like you put Loki into Game of Thrones and he's off to Winterfell
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Oh! Yeah, absolutely! I wonder how that would turn out, to have Loki in GoT... Probably not very prettily hehe XD
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I'm pretty sure he'd take the Iron Throne and not give it back
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That sounds right XD 
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I'm gonna say it let it go can't hold it back any more. . . .i just had to sry
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Stunning. I would totally buy a print of this.
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Thanks for letting me know! If there is enough interest I might offer these are prints, eventually :) Have a nice day!
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Oh, look at those details! Amazing.
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"Loki, come inside the house. Your hand is turning blue, you're obviously freezing."
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Such a quite atmosphere.
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Very nice Loki, and I like the outfit, too!
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wow this is gorgeous!
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Loki looks like he's thinking, really, really in a board way.
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