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Zune Themes vol.1

By evasketch
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Zune Themes vol.1

Only for Symbian S60 3rd devices.
Check your compatibility here on S60.com

:bulletblue: 240x320px (Nokia 5700, N73, N95...)
:bulletblue: 320x240px (Nokia E61, E62, E71)

Includes improved version of my S60 Prototype Icons

Over 500 icons changed

Visit my S60 Themes Gallery


Comments are always welcome

[Flahorn@deviantArt ¦ Watch Me]

© 2008 Flahorn
© 2008 - 2021 evasketch
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it's my theme on my phone long time ago!! thank you so so so much :]
evasketch's avatar
wow someone still using this theme :D
Miss-Machi's avatar
haha yea sure :D because it's so creative & pink =$ < lol xD
ltxg13's avatar
i've downlode this theme,its really an awesome look in my phone
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nice :D can you make a s40 version with the zune darker colors? :D
brenochamie's avatar
AMAZING!!!! but i had a problem with the 'communications', 'help' and 'organizer' folders. they remain using the default icons. may you fix it, please? :(
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Really cool, and an s40 v5 version will be perfect :D
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what a pity ~~~~no N70 virsion
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Beautiful, suits the E71 perfectly! (except for a few icons)
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This theme is so clean and beautiful. Very nice theme and i like all of your themes.
Another masterpiece from Mr.S60!

Keep on creating cool themes for S60 because you've got skills to make unlimited masterpiece!
geraldo180's avatar
Wonderful job, Flahorn!

However a less pinky version would be very appreciated!
That's a common opinion I'd say hehe ^^

Keep up the great work ;D
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Nice, Any chance of a S60 5th edition?
evasketch's avatar
i don't have a physical device to test
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Please update Flahorn icons v2. Thanks!
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My N73's theme was really awesome. I really love it but you made me change it and use this theme. Good job!
benlen-feng's avatar
So perfect~~~~~~~~~
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So these are themes for Zunes or phones?
I guess I don't get it.
sorry for being stupid.
km3l1a's avatar
uhm...hi! [link] i owe a nokia n73 but when i dl your theme from [link] it has the .sis extension and my phone does not support it...i know your are not techsupport but i'd love to have your themes :( they are so pretty [link]
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Нет ли в планах включить поддержку е71, как в SymbianPlanet ?
Заранее благодарю, Дима
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Dude awesome themes. Better than any others I've experienced by anyone. I also think it would be awesome if there could be some dark ones: - It would make it easier on the eyes at night and i think would also look very clean. Maybe a black and orange Zune theme?
All the best! Keep the awesome themes coming!
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wow..the 3rd is my favourite
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