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S60 Prototype Icons

S60 Prototype Icons

more than 300+ SVG icons for creating S60 themes

1. Install Carbide.UI from here
2. Copy "S60 Prototype" folder somewhere on your computer
3. To add some more icons copy icons.xml to "Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2\Eclipse\plugins\\data\config"
4. Now you're ready to go: open the .project-file in Carbide.UI

If you only need the icons just explore the "S60 Prototype" folder by using any applications like Adobe Bridge.

Comments are always welcome

[Flahorn@deviantArt ¦ Watch Me]

© 2008 Flahorn
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подскажи, какой программой их можно форматнуть в png!?!? спасибо заранее!)
bestwow23's avatar
wooooooow!! it's nice!
thank you!)
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showmesara's avatar
awesome icons.too bad I won't use them. There's no way you are going to make icons in png?
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Great work man, I have to ask youy smth.What program do you use for making themes, can you edit other themes and are there any issues for the license thing?
Is there any other way of installing these icons without downloading a 170mb program?
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Greetings Mr. S60, I was just hoping if you'd be kind enough to share your icons on a .png format. I am referring to your Symbian S60 Prototype icons.
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These icons are really an "eye candy".
I love them all because they look so cool and appealing.
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DormantSoul's avatar
OMG! I love you! Thanks a bunch!!!
hellboygr8's avatar
Any chance for us to get the updated icons which pizero uses ?
Lawand's avatar
I add my voice to hellboygr8, is it you designing the additional icons or is it PiZero?
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I must say thank you and truly a great set of icons, if I would like to add them in my themes and release them on net, should I ask your permission mate..?
evasketch's avatar
no, just make a proper credit to me ;)
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Hello Flahorn, your prototype icons pack is awesome. Can i use it for my themes?

Thanks in advance!
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sure, just credit me
bmrpeal's avatar
Thank you very much!
AfzalivE's avatar
ah, i realized i need permission, my post looked like i was merely informing can i use this icon pack for my first theme? :)
AfzalivE's avatar
thanks... but it will be delayed i think...
must create a Symbian-freak wallpaper first...maybe an ultrapymodulepack and some other stuff

but thanks for the permission :)
AfzalivE's avatar
I'm starting my first ever S60 theme and will use these icons :) (ofcourse with credit and link)
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