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Jadaero 1.4

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***** awesome :)
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Best shellstyle (explorer bar) for my Win7 theme by ernasco :P

Wow man its the best wonderfulest clearest wb theme that i ever saw

i have only 1 problem, ionly comes 1 theme one called :

there arent any other themes, could you help me???
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can u please tell me how to install this ? :( am not that into the styles and themes of windows .. i hv XP .. can u help please ?
How do you install this? Im new to all this theme changing... please send me a e-mail or something like that...

Thanks already!
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this is really good! :+fav: no, really i love it Mr. S60!
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Mr S60 скажи пожалуйста, трудно сабскин сделать, к твоей теме, Excalibur, хочется попробовать в цвете ГРАФИТ, а?
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в смысле "сделать"?
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ну для того что-бы перекрасить бордюры окон, что? надо сделать, и трудоёмко-ли это?
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skinstudio и photoshop
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plz can u link to the top left wallpaper for excaliber? looks awsome
What wallpaper did you use in the screenshot (upper left picture, Longhorn Excalibur theme)?
Pure Elegance and class! this is so beautiful ..a magnificent job!
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Wow, i love all of them :heart:
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Very nice but i think its time for a big update :)
I know that you are the only one who can make thes best Longhorn skin for WindowBlinds 6 and since the SkinStudio 6 releashed you can make tha best skin for WindowBlinds 6. ;)

Just a try if you can. :)
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