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Jadaero 1.3

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my god this is amazing..awesome!!
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Brilliant work...

This looks amazing :)
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Hi Nice themes Flahorn but i have a problem in the task bar:
how can i fix it
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Hey, that looks nice :)

Good work
This is the best vista theme I've found.
Thanks :D
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still the problem with nhc

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Excellent skin. It is the best so far: clean, smooth and kick ass!!
Grazie amico.
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The best vista theme by far... Thank you, I can't wait for Jadero 1.4..
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ya the vista skins are getting kinda old... But VERY cool!
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Very nice job here. This skin looks awesome! Although I'm having a little trouble getting the clock to work. I read everything here [link] but can't get it going. A little help please
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i HATE vista themes...but this is just sooooooooo slick and original.

pretty amazing

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thanks (:-)) - but where is that file?? Not on my system (:-((

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I still have the problem with battery from great nhc programm - will not show on taskbar. Excluding doesn't help

Any ideas??


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Remove this from the JadaeroVistaTaskbar.xp (open with Notepad)

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doesn't help (:-))

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BEST "Vista-like" theme!!!
Thanks a lot for sharing your great job! thank you very much! I really like it!

but the "All programs" button in start menu can be more better ;)
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This is the best vista theme I have seen on deviant art! keep up the good work!
Flahorn skin is great

Can you tell me how remove left and right borders. I'am using opera browser and when I maxsimize window borders still there. Cant't open my toolbars from left side????????????

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Awesome theme, good work!
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Awesome Skin. Have been using Jadaero since v1.1.. But I found v1.3 Vista Grass's Shutdown Screen uses the Longhorn one, may be it's a bug? Since I saw you updated the Vista one in the v1.2. Hope you can fix that, keep it up!
Splendid work! Using it now. Keep up the work.
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