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Jadaero 1.1

By evasketch
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Jadaero 1.1
- New WBA Size - ~1.2 Mb, while Jadaero 1.0 is 1.7Mb!!!
- New Toolbar buttons
- New Toolbar icons
- New ShellStyle
- Added transparent menus
- Added "Microsoft Longhorn Uber Edition" to Shutdown screen mask
- Added View Options to Styler Toolbar
- Updated Shutdown Dialog
- Updated non-glass titlebar buttons

Styler Toolbar [link]

Note: Don't redistribute or modify any parts of the skin without written authorization.

Mail: FlahornATtheVista.ru
© 2006 - 2020 evasketch
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êàê êà÷àòü?
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why the title bar goes to black when maximized? lol
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Great!! Nice job
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New version available [link]
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Hardly even looks like Vista.
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New version available [link]
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thx for that nice theme Flahorn :D
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It's beautiful, I just wish that I had the icons do go with it..could you give me a link? :3
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A windows vista like "logon/logoff" screen would be great either...
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Great theme!

Can you do a modified one with "vista" start button (i love thte transparent taskbar ^^), with a user image in the startmenu and transparent top bars of windows when they are maximized?
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beautiful! with the vstyler and windwoblinds this looks amazing. was a bit worried it would slow the system down, but had no probs and runs like a dream! Killer work, love it ;)
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Hey i rly like it :D
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The Window borders are WAY off as far as resizing goes the top border isnt even resizable.. probably due to overuse off shadowing on windows, the dropdown glyphs arent centered, and in explorer looks like the left side of dropdown image is cut off , the logoff buttons are a tad jaggy, start button a bit blurry, The special folders text goes white (invisible) after clicking it in shell captions. Lastly the all programs mouseover looks like its overlapping the actual menu borders.

Ill take a closer look when i get home, but for me these things would need fixed before i thought about using it.

Hopefully you didnt use someone elses start menu, I can understand using official Vista images but ripping anothers work is unacceptable in my opion.
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Ripping anothers work?
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i have to tell that i don't know how to install it... i've downloaded it but... dunno how to do it... can u help me? it's my first time on windowsblinds xp
i love this work! : )

waiting for ur answer...
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hmm, unpack rar-file with winzip\winrar, then double-click Jadaero11.wba and then WindowBlinds will notify you that there is a new skin, double-click on the wb-icon in tray. Sorry for my (may be) bad english ;)
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thank you soo much!

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generally i like jadaero 1.1 more than 1.0 but i love the startbutton without the "start" text more :-( could you please make a substyle with the startbutton from jadaero 1.0 or athens dwm?
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Ok, it will be done in my next 1.2 version
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awesome theme man. but theres one thing i dont really like, the shadow.... somehow it just feels so wrong.. to me at least.. apart from that, perfect!
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Small shadows will be available in next version
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