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Toa Nui (armed)

By Evaron
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"According to Bionicle series writer Greg Farshtey, the fusion of six toa is called a Toa Nui. The sheer power of a single Toa Nui would rival that of Mata Nui himself. In the known history of the Bionicle, there has never been a Toa Nui formed...until now."
                                                                                                                    -M. J. Ramberg

This is my version of what I think the Toa Nui might look like.  I think the Toa Nui would look more like a fusion of Wairuha and Akamai.  Pieces were only used from the Toa Mata set.

He is armed with the Magma-Hammer and an Electric Crossbow.

Building instructions are now available on Brickshelf:  upload.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/…


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Toa Nui
Toa Nui (unarmed) :  fav.me/d82gsb5
Toa Nui (armed) :  fav.me/d82gso2
Toa Nui (Alernate Version) 1:  fav.me/d82c57k
Toa Nui (Alernate Version) 2:  fav.me/d82c5y1  

Kini Nui:  fav.me/d513v2g
Kini Nui 2:  fav.me/d513v91
Kini Nui 3:  fav.me/d513vck
Kini Nui 4:  fav.me/d513vfw
The Valley of Kini Nui:  fav.me/d5y4vvg


Bionicle Symbols:  fav.me/d5wz7s9
Nuva Cube Layout:  fav.me/d5wz8zt
Faith Charm circle : Avatar icon:  fav.me/d7kwfbh

Other Creations:  
Toa Nui (first attempt):  fav.me/d7w5722
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Le Koro:  fav.me/d4y8zud
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Lekoro (Bottom):  fav.me/d5x42je
Lekoro:  fav.me/d5x423h
Le koro:  fav.me/d5x3xnr
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This should be in the next LEGO movie.
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That would warm my heart so much.  
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My phone won't let me to it :(
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Shrug emoji uh.... sorry. 
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Thx, I'm most proud of the weapons. 
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OMG! This has to be one of the best mocs I've seen! Great job!
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Hey, I noticed on your Brickshelf gallery that you're uploading instructions for other contest model Rahi besides Tahtorak. Nice one! How far are you planning to go with it?
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As far as I can.  I plan to do as many Rahi as I can.  Currently, I'm actually taking a break from the Rahi to do other Bionicles.  (like trying to combine all the Toa Mata's weapons into one)  So depending on if I have the right pieces, I plan to do all the Rahi.  
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Nice! That's really cool to hear someone's taking on making instructions for a lot of the fan models.

Word of advice though, ones like The Kanohi Dragon are going to be kind of hard because they're not only big and with one image, but also with some areas of the construction hidden, so like Miserix, that would be quite a task.
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Wow.  You actually understand the difficulties in doing these instructions.  Ya, It's hard to figure it out when I can't see all the pieces.  Many of my instructions have a little of my own design since I can't always tell how the original was made.  My main goal is to make it so people can build these creations. And perhaps someone else can use my instructions to figure out a more accurate design.  
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'Kay. Would Kanohi Dragon and the like be the absolute limit for that, or would you not do even this process for those?

And hey, some people call this a Rahi...
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I plan on doing the Kanohi Dragon but I plan on doing the easier Rahi first.  As to limits, the main limit is when I don't have the right pieces. 
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Wow, that's a pretty daunting task. Best of luck! ;) Would you do any of the other contest models? (which sounds silly to ask, considering you've already a wealth of complex models here :D )
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I might do a couple Dark Hunters (like Ancient and such) and maybe a few other contest winners, but I don't plan on doing very many others aside from the Rahi.
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Is he male or female? 
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I consider him male.
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