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I've been working with Obagi products for several years. All this time, I have seen lots of advantages to my overall skin well-being. Among them are:
- Prevents the persistent cystic acne
- Moisturizes my skin
- Repairs damaged coating of my skin
- Peels away the dead skin cells on my cheeks
- Evens out hyperpigmentation on my temple
- Gives me a complete brand new life!

When I first utilized the Obagi Nu-Derm products as being prescribed by my dermatologist, I had this little peeling and redness. I was just about to quit using it, however my beauty consultant informed me that I should stay with it and would most likely begin to see outcomes after several weeks. She also told me that the procedure was usual, simply because of the regrowth of the skin cells and the production of collagen.

I'd this cyctic acne for Many years, and so I told myself, "Hey, you don't have anything to lose!" So I thought to keep it going and let Obagi spoke for itself.
I'm Thirty-two yr old and just as everybody else suffering from adult cystic acne, I was thinking that I would have to settle for this ugly skin for the rest of my life. Since that time I was a teenager, I'd tested out OTC (Over-The-Counter) products, ProActive, Murad, and many drugs.

The worst one for my skin was perhaps Murad, because it made me breakout 3 times worse than earlier. Ouch! Murad products also made my skin dark and full with acne scars. It could be a good product for some, but surely not for me.

My nightmare started as I had to relocate to another city. It absolutely was quite hard for me to blend with new people with that condition. It was very embarassing. Then I met up another aesthetician who advised Obagi.
At first, like many acne products, it seemed too good to be real. I was not willing, along with the expense involved! However I did my analysis, got positive, and tried it out. It was most likely the best decision I ever made. I am delighted I took the path.

After A month, I noticed magnificent improvements already. The happiness of waking up each morning and not witnessing new-formed acne is invaluable. The cash was well-spent. I observed that Obagi didn't only eradicate my acne, but it also peeled away the scars, and gave me a softer skin. It has been almost a year now and my skin never appeared better. I personally would suggest it.

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October 5, 2011


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