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Twilight Sparkle as Marilyn Monroe by Evansvilledude Twilight Sparkle as Marilyn Monroe :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 20 65 Angel Cake's New Dress by Evansvilledude Angel Cake's New Dress :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 6 87 Cherry Cheesecake as Jessica Rabbit by Evansvilledude Cherry Cheesecake as Jessica Rabbit :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 6 7
Chloe confesses to Clem.
Clem Stevenson and Chloe Blake were lying down at the beach tanning.
Chloe was wearing a beautiful blue bikini Clem bought her from Amazon.
And Clem was wearing red swim trunks.
Chloe:  Clem, I love you. From the moment I laid eyes on you when we were kids, I knew that you were something special. From your blonde hair to your pretty blue eyes, your sexy abs that make me gasp for joy, your intelligence of how smart and charming you are and how you made me into a sexy superhero with wings. I hope and pray that when we get married, I will give you the magic lesson of your life with *whispering in his ear* kissing you.
Clem: *blushing and chuckling* Oh, Chloe. I love you too. You will always be my princess. You're always strong and, brave, charming and beautiful, that you're a bowling champion and how you bought me those handsome swim trunks.
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 1 0
Cherry Cheesecake as a princess by Evansvilledude Cherry Cheesecake as a princess :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 5 3 Apple Dumplin's dress by Evansvilledude Apple Dumplin's dress :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 4 3 Angel Cake as Elsa by Evansvilledude Angel Cake as Elsa :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 6 13
Glow Strike
Glow Strike belongs to me
Full name: Glow "Dragon" Strike
Age: 17
Siblings: Spare Pin (brother), Split Pin (sister)
Cousins: Open Frame and Split Roller
Favorite color: Red
Love Interest: Cherry Tafetta Cheesecake (belongs to MapleB)
Special Talent: Bowling
Occupation: Professional Bowler
Likes: Parties, bowling, neon lights, having friends over, having fun, world tours and pretty things
Dislikes: Bullies, being ridiculed, being bored all the time and child abuse
Pet: A fish named Wanda
Favorite food: Pizza, Cherry Cheesecake and Apples
Least favorite food: Sea Food due to his allergy.
Favorite sport: Bowling
Favorite school subject: Math, history, science, art and Drama
Least favorite school subject: none
Best Friend: Green "Gator" Spines
Rival: King "Cobra" Pin
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 2 0
Cherry as Wonder Woman by Evansvilledude Cherry as Wonder Woman :iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 1 180
Wheel of Fortune Funny answer.
1. This puzzle was supposed to be Seeing a Buddy Movie.
2. These contestants went bicycle riding on a popsicle.
3. This gentleman went fishing for love.
4. This man played an ace card full of kidneys. Skip to 1:34
5. This contestant made desert with mustard. Skip to 0:16
6. This lady created a new singer.
7. This gentleman got to much point painted desert in his mind.
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 2 8
The Cloaked Man Part 11 (final part)
Morning, the sun rises in the horizon.
At the gym, the heroes were on the stage. Photographers take pictures.
Fredrick: And for heroically foiling Sion Blamo and saving Mayder, I would like to award these heroes these distinguished conduct medals for their service to this city.
The spectators applauded.
Clem: If I may, sheriff.
Fredrick: You may.
Clem stands on the podium. The spectators stayed silent.
Chloe looks at Clem.
Clem: If you give me a moment, I believe I can try to explain.  My heroism is uh-- Well, when I started out, I just wanted to help people. Chloe and I were just kids playing in the park. I started to miss her a lot. So I made friends in this school. David wanted me to just believe in myself, so I did. And sometimes when you want something so so bad, I just had to work for it. But, I learned one thing from David. I learned that life is not always about winning and losing. When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 1 0
The Cloaked Man Part 10
At Janice’s house
Ben: So Sion’s belt is our clue?
Glenn: Yes. It’s our only way to prove that she killed our parents.
Chloe: And Aunt Tammy?
Paul: And my mother.
Stuart: And Linda.
Liam: And my mother.
Millie: What can this mean?
Julie: It means that we need an army to defeat those changelings.
Emily: And to rescue those children from them.
Clem: Wait. I’ve got a hole in this pocket.
He puts his finger in the pocket. He takes out an SD card.
Clem: Hey, wait a minute. There’s an SD card.
Irma: Sherlock Holmes strikes back.
She high fives Clem.
Clem turns on his laptop. He installs the SD card into the slot. He uploads the murder on YouTube.
The video shows Sion killing Clem’s parents with her plasma sword. Another one shows a video of Sion killing Tammy at Dairy Queen. Another one shows Sion poisoning Linda’s juice with snake venom then kidnaps Julie and Mason when they were babies. The last video shows Sion killing Noah’s wife Kimberly w
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 0 0
The Cloaked Man Part 9
Now, the sun rises in the horizon.
Clem puts on his clothes and brushes his teeth.
He puts on his white shirt, his light brown coat, his black beanie, his sky blue jeans and black shoes.
Chloe comes down the stairs wearing a deep v neck adjustable straps dress sleeveless backless cocktail party dress.
Chloe: (flirting) Well, what do we have here? (gasps) I get to go bowling with this cute little boy.
Clem: (flirting) And I’m going bowling with someone so pretty.
Chloe giggles.
Chloe: (flirting) Oh? I like you, Clem. Come to me, boy.
Clem comes to Chloe. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Clem puts his bowling bag in the DeLorean trunk. They entered the DeLorean and put on their seatbelts. They close the doors and Clem drives.
At Bowlero
TS-35: The bowling fun levels begin immediately.
E-200: Thank you, TS.
E4-1D: I’m up.
TS-35: I have arranged G3-Tiger to join us today.
G3-Tiger: Hello.
In the other lanes, Wendy, Liam, Jenny, Mason, Sophia, Malorie, Valorie, Max and Annabel
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 0 0
The Cloaked Man Part 8
Morning, the sun rises in the horizon.
Clem, Mason, Glenn and Irma were in the living room.
Julie comes upstairs from the basement.
Julie: Mason!
Mason: Julie.
Mason gives Julie a piggyback ride then hugs her.
Julie: It’s good to see you alive.
Mason: Thank you, Julie.
Clem: So, how did you escape?
Julie: Ripley was trying to kill me with an axe, I ran up to my bedroom and escaped through the bedroom window, I drove away from the mansion. The coyotes were about to eat me, but Glenn saved me.
Clem: She was?
Julie: Yeah. Happy birthday.
Clem: Thank you.
Clem’s Iphone rings.
Clem: Can you excuse me for one minute? (looks at his phone) Oh, it’s the sheriff.
He answers the phone. The split screen appears.
Clem: Sheriff Ford. Am I glad to hear from you?
Fredrick: How are your friends?
Clem: Fine.
Fredrick: Anyway, I found Wendy.
Clem: Where?
Fredrick: She’s at the police station.
Clem: She is?
Fredrick: It appears the changelings have taken over the police station. Sh
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 0 0
The Cloaked Man Part 7
Morning, the sun rises beyond the horizon.
Clem brings the red envelope up to the guest room. He knocks then enters.
Jenny: Hey, Clem. How’d it go at the banquet?
Clem: It went pretty well. Glenn’s jokes were pretty dang hilarious.
Mason: It sure was. Glenn told us about it.
Clem: Anyway, the party was awesome! They were a lot of pie throwing and stuff. Those leaders were so covered by pie creams. And I found this.
He gives the red envelope to Jenny.
Jenny: Thank you.
She opens the envelope revealing a Valentine’s card.
Jenny: (reading the card) Hey Jenny, I love you very much. I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart. You are a very sweet, charming girl. I will love you for all eternity and someday, we’ll be married. I do. Forever yours, Mason.
Mason: That was my card I was going to send until Xavier took it away from me.
Clem: Yeah, he’s a mean scarlet man.
In the city, S4 hovers above a sidewalk. He sees the distant mansion in the hori
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 0 0
The Cloaked Man Part 6
In Sion’s house
Liam: What’s this about Chloe being missing? Are you Officer Mullen?
Mullen: Yes.
Liam: Then why aren’t you out looking for her?
Mullen: My men are combing the city right now. And the UMG is searching the cities. I take it you’re the girl’s father?
Liam: Yes.
Mullen: Well, you’ve come home to a serious situation, sir. Not only is your daughter missing, but the Cloaked Man has just threatened your wife with death.
Liam: Really?
Mullen: Now, let’s start this from the very beginning, shall we?
He opens his notepad.
Mullen: Thursday p.m., the girl comes home wearing a cheerleading outfit. Then the Cloaked Man broke into the house and assaulted the mother.
Sion: Yes, that’s correct.
Mullen: Friday a.m., the girl goes to a water park with her friends. She comes home getting slapped in the face and punishes her. Saturday a.m., the girl hangs out with her friend at the monorail station. Mother finds her, tries to bring her home. S
:iconevansvilledude:Evansvilledude 0 0


Perfect Females (Helena Douglas) by Nabriales-D-Majestic
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Perfect Females (Helena Douglas) :iconnabriales-d-majestic:Nabriales-D-Majestic 265 22
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