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Sonic the Hedgehog #45 Cover


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Cover A for IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog #45!
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sooo when is the next issue of goft ????????????????????

eggnogpoundcake's avatar

I love this so much! Makes me want to go on a road trip…

sonic1384's avatar

all of the sonic fan comics are stopped

AlphamonOuryuuken's avatar

Good to see you making great artwork. As usual.

Dcfan200's avatar

Do you really think something as childish as this can top Operation: Endgame? Be honest with yourself: You should go back to your shitty Silver fanfic already,kid,and leave real writing to people whom aren't afraid to tell a great storyline.

YourOrdinaryArtist's avatar

Why don't you shut up and try being kinder next time~

Dcfan200's avatar
YourOrdinaryArtist's avatar

Fine, your choice. But personally, I fail to see how bullying others brings one any gain. That's just my two cents!

Fortrezziarts's avatar

Ok, beforehand I thought I could give you the benefit of the doubt due to something like, "Maybe he just doesn't like Kitare's content that's fine. To each their own."

But you don't even like Evan's content, you judge her based on terms that they aren't even trying to stand up to and then thinking you've won. It's weird man.

Its hate for hates sake, and you aren't even self-aware about it. Do you need somebody to talk to? Maybe an art class will do you well?

1992halomaster's avatar

jewel is too cute driving and cream should be there

cloudstriker15's avatar
Crush40LegacyGamer's avatar

Aaaaaaaand still no word on Ghosts of the Future? ok i'll keep waiting

There's a user named JoeAdok who makes some Sonic related cartoons that are really good. If anyone wants to see it, here is the link:

Sharpman01's avatar

Jewel should NOT be driving, she can barely see the road!

Philippe-and-lavache's avatar

The Chaos Emerald emblem is a nice detail. And that yellow triangle as well.

CaseyDecker's avatar

Did you actually design this comic book cover yourself? :D

EvanStanley's avatar

Yes, and I'm also writing and drawing the story!

CaseyDecker's avatar

Well, that's very nice and cool to know, and I'm sure to check it out whenever I get the chance as well! :D

dth1971's avatar

I can hear Tangle singing a cover of The Who's "Magic Bus".

Wait where's whisper the wolf?

dth1971's avatar

Rogue and Blaze and Cream and Vanilla and sheep girl a/k/a Lanolin are absent also.

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