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Ghosts of the Future, issue 7:
"Mayhem a la mode"

'I don't want you here'. That's the last thing she said to me. I wonder... I wonder if I'll ever see her again.

Silver barely noticed the rhythmic vibration of Shadow's motorcycle beneath him. The ride from the city sitting behind Shadow on the bike, had passed in a blur of brooding memories swirling around his head... Right now Silver just wanted to spend the winter break alone, in his old room at home, as far away as possible from the chaos that had become his life.

"Silver. Wake up. Is this the place?" Shadow's raspy voice cut through Silver's mental miasma with ease.

"Huh? Oh--" Silver snapped his head up to asses the house they had stopped in front of. "Yeah, this is it."

Green-gold sunlight filtered through the dark redwood trees and bounced off the slightly peeling cream paint and dusty windows of the small house. From its size, the three-story home (stacked up against the hillside) looked as if it was styled after a home built as a summer home in the 1920's... too drafty and small to be comfortable for a family of five in winter, or any season for that matter.

A row of hand and foot prints once pressed into the pavement led up the cracked and mossy concrete driveway to the small front door before veering off into the garage's always half-open door, letting a small shaft of light into the blue green shadows of the garage. A rat's nest of bicycles, tools, and extension cords peered out.

Silver readjusted his grip on the backpack he was carrying as he dismounted from the motorcycle and turned to face Shadow.

"You'll be able to pick me up when the break's over?"

"It shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks. Okay, I guess I'll see you then..." Silver turned around and started walking up the driveway, but only got a few steps before stopping to glare at the empty air next to him. "Sonic, stop following me."

The air sighed loudly and Sonic, previously invisible, materialized where seemingly nothing had been before. The look on his face didn't bode well for Silver's wish of privacy, and before he'd even become completely visible Sonic was talking.

"Oh, come on! Would it really hurt to just show me around the place? I promise to stay invisible and be sneaky!"

Silver started walking again. "You're about as sneaky as an ice cream truck. And the last thing I want to do is explain to my parents how I know a 200-going-on-12 year old blue-haired ghost."

"Hmm. Good point. But-- Whoa!" Sonic winked out of existence again as he and Silver reached the front door. Before Silver could could even touch the door knob, the portal burst open from the inside, launching an orange-haired cannonball at Silver that promptly tackled him in a hyperactive bear-hug.

"Oh-my-gawsh-Silver-I'm-so-happy-you're-home!" the orange-haired girl talked so fast it was hard to pick out single words.

"H-hi, Vennie." Silver managed to gasp. Looking over the smothering affection currently attached to him, Silver saw another figure approaching from inside the house. "Hi Sicily. Could you maybe... help me out here?"

As the newcomer stepped into the light and laid a hand on Vennie's shoulder, her gray-blue hair glinted where it hung over her eyes. "Vennie, you want to suffocate our brother before he's even made it inside?"

In a moment Vennie disentangled herself and stepped back to look at her two siblings, grinning widely. "'When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning, or in rain?'" (Macbeth)

Silver smiled back weakly. "I'm pretty sure this is the front door, and we're not the witches from 'Macbeth'."

"Maybe you aren't, but I'm a shoo-in for it in my drama club, after we do 'Midsummer Night's Dream'!"

"Vennie, did you finish your weekend chores? You were supposed to get them done before Silver got home," Sicily was unfazed by her bubbly sister.

"Mom and Dad won't know, as long as I get it done before they get home tonight," then  to Silver she whispered in a confidential tone, "They said they went to visit old friends and won't be home until reeeaaaly late. I bet they're in Reno."

Sicily's eyes narrowed. "Mom put me in charge and I know."

"All right, all right, I'll go finish. See ya later, Silver!" With that, Vennie bounded off in the direction of the backyard. "'Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen!'" (Midsummer)

Silver let the muscles in his back relax as he slouched in on himself. His previous melancholy was fast returning. Sicily didn't say anything, but she watched him closely from behind her bangs.

"I'm really tired from the ride here. I'll be in my room if you need me, okay?" Silver mumbled.

"I'll be in the garage." Sicily gently put a hand on Silver's head for a moment before walking down the hall towards the garage. Over her shoulder, she called out, "Mom left some homemade mac & cheese in the fridge. It's all yours."

Silver decided his room could wait until after he got some lunch.


Meanwhile, Shadow was leaning against the motorcycle out front, waiting for his blue compatriot to return. But so far it looked like Sonic was going to ignore Silver and stay for awhile. Perhaps he should just go home and leave Sonic to find his own way back...

"Hey, Shadow--" Sonic appeared, looking anxious. "I kinda have a big favor to ask..."

Shadow's half-closed eyes told Sonic he wasn't convinced. He had already given Silver a one-and-a-half hour limo service home, therefore he had reached his big favor quota for the day.

"Ahh, please?" Sonic fidgeted "I'm being seriously serious here!"

Shadow adjusted his posture slightly, crossing his arms. Sonic did seem pretty agitated... perhaps he could work this in his favor. "What's in it for me?"

"I'll let you have the TV remote all weekend?"


"Mmmgh. I'll... give you two favors to be announced at a later date?"

"Make it four."

"Three, and I'll sign a contract."

"You can do better than that, Sonic."

Sonic's already frayed nerves finally gave up the ghost.

"I'll do whatever you want! Please, I really need your help. I just remembered something mondo important Tikal told me a couple of weeks ago, that because of the Chaos Emeralds Silver and I have found, the balance of energy that sustains Dark Gaia, this big monster thing that controls the World's energy, is out of whack and it's getting seriously cheesed off down in the Earth's core. I need to make a ritual sacrifice to it or it'll rise up in full force and literally shatter the planet! And worst of all, tonight is the last night it's possible to do the ritual!"

Shadow sighed. He really didn't have a choice, did he?

"Allright then, Sonic. What's your plan?"


Deep shade from the many tall trees surrounding the back deck of the house made a cool dark hollow, pierced by only a handful of light beams. Here, Vennie was knocking the most recent layer of leaves off a stack of plastic deck chairs. Finishing that task, she slowly turned around and crept towards the sliding glass door where an innocuous broom was leaning against the side of the house.

"The lioness silently stalks her unwitting prey, waiting for the perfect moment to--" Vennie narrated her movements in a tidy British accent "--POUNCE!" With a feline snarl, she leaped forward and snatched the broom from its resting place. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched as well...

After explaining his plan to Shadow and signing the back of a fast food wrapper stating that he would give Shadow complete control of the TV for the next month, Sonic had ventured out to find a good place to do the ritual that night. He had had a feeling Silver's backyard would offer the perfect combination of natural energy combined with accessibility to the sacrificial ingredients he needed. But it was difficult to not be distracted by Vennie's theatric cleaning style, and so he had spent the last five minutes watching her instead.

At the moment she was still, as if lost in thought. "Silver seemed like he was really down. I hope-- naah, that can't be right. Even he wouldn't screw up that bad..." Vennie whispered, just loud enough for Sonic to hear. Vennie pondered the broom for a moment before a light went on in her eyes. Striking a nonchalant pose, she inhaled a deep breath and began to recite, punctuating her lines with sweeps from the broom.

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While there visions did appear."

She finished up the area around the door, and moved back to the chairs. "The only person that could make him that mopey is Blaze."

"And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend."

"I bet they had a fight or something" Vennie pondered as she gave the chairs another once-over with the broom.

"If you pardon, we will mend.
And, as I am and honest Puck,
If we have unearned luck
Now to scape the serpent's tongue,
We will make amends ere long;"

"I'll totally snap him out of it! I know I can!"

"Else the Puck a liar call.
So, good night unto you all.
Give me you hands, if we be friends,
and Robin shall restore amends."

And with that, she made an elegant bow towards the backyard, propped the broom against the wall and bounced back into the house.

Nobody heard the sound of Sonic's applause echo around the theater-like space made by the trees.

"Yep... I think this place will do just fine."


Sicily had been watching the man with the motorcycle for the last fifteen minutes from behind the half open garage door. She could care less about the man loitering in front of her home; it was the bike that interested her. It was quite an impressive vehicle even if it did show some signs of wear and tear. It wasn't every day you saw a Meteotech Black Shot out of a vintage car magazine... argh! How was she supposed to concentrate on her projects with this paragon of modern engineering sitting right outside? she simply had to get a better look at the thing.

After carefully replacing the tarp that covered her current project, she gingerly stepped over a few of the erratic stacks of boxes and other junk littering the corners of the garage. The moment she began to fully open the manual garage door the motorcycle's owner reflexively jumped and reached for his side as if he wore a holster, though there was nothing there. Confused, he looked down to inspect his nonexistent arsenal, then bent down to begin checking all the pockets in his cargo pants.  

By this time, Sicily had walked over to the other side of the bike and was bent over it, carefully inspecting the front suspension system. There was more wear on this old bike than she'd thought...

"These shocks are shot. And there's next to no grip left on the tires... when was the last time you had it in for a tune-up?" Sicily addressed the bike more than it's owner.

Shadow resigned himself to the fact he'd left his weapons at home by accident, but was was not pleased about the young woman inspecting his prized vehicle.

"Don't touch that," He growled in his deepest and raspiest voice.

"Answer the question."  

"...I don't remember."

Sicily stood up and stared down the stranger. "This bike is a rare and precious part of automotive history. It marks a milestone in the transition from combustion engines to Chaos Drive fusion. And YOU have let it go so long, it could break at any moment!"

"I... I have?" Shadow was dismayed.

"You're lucky I found it before something worse happened. Roll it in here, I'm not letting you leave until I've gotten a good look at this motorcycle." Sicily sternly pointed to a clear spot in the garage.

Suddenly treating the bike like it was made of china, Shadow slowly pushed it into the designated spot. This lady was a lot scarier than her litter brother. "What are you going to do with it?"

"Check the Chaos Drive." Sicily was already unscrewing one of the body plates. "They should be replaced every two years. I have a spare that will fit this model." She selected three strangely-shaped tools from the pristine toolbox behind her without looking.

"...Can I watch?"


When Sicily saw the bike's Chaos Drive, she felt a shudder of excitement run down her spine. It was perfect. This was the Drive she needed to complete her project. Sure, it was worn out and would probably need recharging which was both tedious and dangerous, but it was still perfect. With deft fingers, she quickly removed it and plugged in her spare.

For a moment, she turned away from the bike and wrapped her prize in a piece of cloth and set it next to her tarp-covered project. Rubbing the oil stains on a rag sticking out of her pocket, she went back to work on the at-risk motorcycle. But in her head, she was already installing the new Drive, and watching her project's eyes light up for the first time.


Silver lay on the bed in his darkened room, enjoying the cool silence. He could still feel that aching pain in his chest and throat when his thought drifted back to Blaze which, of course, they wouldn't stop doing... But even so, he wasn't very pleased when Sonic stuck his head through the door (literally) with a "I wanna talk," expression on his face. Pity parties are a one-person affair.

Of course, Sonic ignored Silver's stare and entered the room fully. For some reason, the bright blue glow he usually gave off was more tentative than usual, barely making a dent on the shadows filling the room. His voice was still pretty loud, though.

"Silver, Can I-- Well, you're obviously not busy, just sitting around in here..." he flickered over to the top of a bookcase set near the bed.

"Hey, Sonic." Didn't I ask him and Shadow to just drop me off? Not that it's ever stopped 'em before. "Someone trying to destroy the world or something?"

"No, the world's trying to destroy us this time. Y'see, there's this thing I need to do tonight, hopefully to avoid any extreme badness coming out of the earth's core... Chaos Energy an' stuff... Because that would be bad."

The only bit that Silver caught of Sonic's awkward exposition was 'there's this thing I have to do tonight...', mostly because he'd been running his conversation with Blaze from last night in the restaurant's kitchen through his mind again.

Silver cut off Sonic's rushed rambling, "Does this actually have anything to do with me?"

"Not directly, no."

"Or Blaze?"

"Nuh-uh."  Silver couldn't tell if Sonic looked more surprised or relieved by his disinterest in the mysteriously dire situation.

"Anyway, I was wondering if--" Sonic finally noticed just how disinterested Silver really was. "Hey, are you... okay?"

Silver turned away from Sonic's glow, which was getting steadily brighter as he alighted next to the side of the bed.

"It's no big deal. I-- I just can't handle any new weirdness right now, alright? I just-- can't."

"Okay. Sorry. I guess that sorta includes me..."

The room returned to darkness as Sonic drifted through a wall in the direction of  the backyard.

Well that didn't work. Sonic thought to himself as he passed though the house's insulation layer. But with or without Silver, I'll still have to try the ritual tonight. I hope Shadow will help me get something for... The Sacrifice.


Silver hadn't moved from the bed since his brief conversation with Sonic that afternoon. The only thing that had changed was the light, and the fact that he was asleep, finally dreaming of something other than his typically teenage love life. Maybe tomorrow would be better...


Yep, tomorrow was a bright new day...


Just him and his family, like when he was little...


...Silver would never forget the sound of the lawn table being dragged across the back porch.  Not since the Mud Battle for the Tree Swing in '74, and it was definitely enough to wake him up. As Silver disentangled himself from his bedsheets, his mind tried to throw off the mantle of sleep as quickly as it could.

I definitely heard something... was it from the backyard? He glanced at his alarm clock. It's 11:40... so probably not Sicily or Vennie. Mom and Dad shouldn't be home yet...

Silver tripped over a pile of dirty clothes on the floor as he shuffled around his room, almost falling on his face. That woke him up considerably.

Whoa! Okay, let's get logical here. My room's the closest to the backyard-- I'm the only one who'd hear it! Quick, what can I use for a weapon?

He grabbed what looked like a baseball bat leaning in the corner.

Darn! Whiffle bat. Maybe I'll be able to give a little punch with my Telekinetic powers...

With that he hurried as quietly as he could to the sliding glass door in the living room that led to the backyard. Once he got there Silver saw through the transparent portal something he would never forget...

An unearthly glow filled his overgrown backyard,  emitting from a small depression in the ground in which had been placed the green Chaos Emerald. Above this altar of sorts a figure seemingly made of shifting vapors recited a never ending chant in a strange guttural language. To one side, a dark figure held what must have been some sort of sacrifice. Viscous red-purple ooze ran down its clenched fingers and made a splattered pattern on the ground.

In other words, Sonic was yelling something over a hole while Shadow held a melty-looking raspberry ice cream cone.

Silver decided it was time he made some loud noises too. Throwing open the glass door, Silver stomped into the middle of the other hedgehog's midnight snack, ready to kick some blue supernatural tail with his whiffle bat.

"DO YOU FRUITCAKES HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?! And hey! That ice cream is from our freezer!"
The backyard pagan ritual went on as if Silver had been the ghost, not Sonic.

"Hey! Sonic!"

"In the name of the Temples of Gaia and Chaos, I call from this place of great energy..." Sonic was completely immersed in his litany.


Either he was in a deep trance too, or he'd decided to take a nap standing up; Something that he did often to avoid Sonic, who was getting steadily louder. If he didn't take it down a notch, he was going to wake up the rest of the household in pretty short order.

"I falazas, i ees serak! I falazas, i ees serak! Gaia, dark and light! Manifest before me, the Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds and accept my offering of peace!" There was a crackle of power under Sonic's young-sounding voice...

But Silver was far too tired and cranky to notice that.

"Look--" Silver wrestled the ice cream out of Shadow's sticky hands, "This is not okay in so many ways, I-- whoa."

The melting confection landed in the dirt, along with the whiffle bat, as Silver's attention was riveted fully upon the... Thing... that had just pulled itself out of the ground as Sonic's chanting abruptly stopped.

The Thing's gelatinous bulk sloshed inside an elastic opaque purple skin, jiggling slightly as the creature planted two obese feet on the ground. The knuckles of its elongated arms brushed the dirt, and its fingers and toes dripped a gooey mucus. Glowing hot-pink pustules covered the Thing's hunched back and led up to the monster's underdeveloped head, where a lidless Coelacanth-like face gnashed its teeth as prehistoric eyes tried to focus on the small white hedgehog below it, and more importantly...

It's ice cream.

On the ground.


This would not do.

Shadow was the first to spring into action. With fluid movements he circled the monstrosity and pulled a petrified Silver and a still tranced-out Sonic out of the behemoth's grasping range as it bent down to inspect its spoiled offering.

"Sonic! Snap out of it!" Shadow's controlled bark, combined with some well-placed face slaps called Sonic's attention back the present plane of existence, though he sill looked a little loopy from his magical adventure.

"Whaa-- Oh, hi Silver..." Sonic smiled at Silver and gave him a little wave. "Glad you could make it..."

"Wh-What are you doing in my b-backyard?! A-a-and what is that... thing?!"

"Just a manifestation-ma-jiggy of the Earth's inner energy. I had to use your yard to try and summon it. I hope that's okay... Ooh, look! The summoning worked! Did you give it the ice cream, Shadow?"

"That offering's not going to cut it, seeing as its on the ground over there."
All the ethereal blood drained from Sonic's face. "Oh, that is way past uncool..."

Silver dreaded the answer, but had to ask: "S-so what happens now?"

"It'll go for the nearest object of power, which happens to be..."

All three of them spoke at once. "...The Chaos Emerald!"

At that moment, the Gaia creature swung around and laid one mushy hand over the Emerald in the hole, blocking its light from view. Sonic's aura instantly flickered out as well and he curled up in midair, making a gagging noise. Shadow tried to grab his shoulder but his hand passed straight through Sonic's rapidly fading form.

For a moment all that could be heard was the deep exhalation of the monster as it straightened up, the Emerald resting in its palm. The powerful crystal was covered in the beast's slime, and was quickly turning from a bright spring green color to a neutral purple-brown as the creature once again closed its fingers around the jewel.

Shadow and Silver's attentions were torn away from the bloated beast and down to where Sonic had sunk on the ground. He wasn't gagging anymore, instead he was... growling? Sonic pushed himself up to a crouching position. His glow was completely gone, except around his eyes. Instead of his usual misty composition, Sonic appeared to be made of a more dense vapor, like secondhand cigarette smoke in a small room. Something was definitely wrong.

"...S-Sonic?" Silver tremulously whispered.

"Dark Gaia's power... it's contaminating the Emerald, and-- me." Sonic's voice had dropped a couple octaves, and it sounded like he must have died of lung cancer instead of Evil Genius. Sonic's usually sleek quills writhed as they grew violently. The neat white gloves he always wore began to split at the seams and fall off as his hands and his arms swelled into musclebound weapons.

"Get... A new offering! We'll make a trade!" Sonic roared as he leaped at the creature. "I'll keep it here!" The two monsters rolled across the patchy weeds covering the level part of the backyard. Their tumble ended with Sonic slamming the Gaia creature against a great redwood tree near the back door.

"Just... T-try not to b-break anything...!" Silver whimpered as Shadow dragged him back into the house. Silver had a feeling this was going to be a long night.


Shadow propelled Silver into the kitchen, where Silver just managed to fall into a chair before his knees gave out on him. He tried to ask Shadow, who had immediately dived up to his shoulders into the freezer, another question about the current crisis but only managed to make a little gurgling noise around his suddenly clumsy tongue. He was never going to get used to this stuff...

Shadow emerged from the freezer holding two cartons of ice cream.

"The Creature is going to need a very good offering to distract it from Sonic and the Chaos Emerald." Shadow muttered to himself as he set the ice cream on the counter. "More flavors... better toppings... perhaps even... hot fudge." Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and spun around to face Silver, who was just starting to breathe normally.

"Are you just going to sit there?! We need maraschino cherries!"

"O-okay." Silver unsteadily stood up and hastened to find the cherries. Luckily, it looked like someone had stocked up on groceries lately.

"D-do you want to use--"


Silver was cut off by the muffled bump of the sofa nearest the still-open sliding glass door being tossed aside by the two battling behemoths who seemed to have brought the fight inside.

"How's it going--" Sonic managed to gasp as he was hurled past the bar connecting the kitchen to the living room, "--With that offering?" He broke his fall by grabbing a long runner carpet and yanking it towards himself, tripping the Thing which had been advancing on him.

"We need peanuts!" Shadow called back as he rifled a row of cupboards.

"Second cupboard from the l-left!"  Silver told Shadow, doing his best to ignore the violent sounds of his house being ransacked.

Shadow slammed the bowl of peanuts onto the counter, sprinkling the other ingredients with salty bits.

"Everything is assembled. Now... we shall scoop!" Shadow was really getting into this, it seemed.

With deft fingers Shadow wielded the ice cream scoop, quickly slicing out a curl of ice cream from one of the cartons--


Silver grabbed Shadow's wrist, eyes blazing with intensity. His voice held so much conviction  that Sonic paused in his pummeling of the Creature's jaw to look incredulously at him. He then got hurled into a bookcase. The resulting crash did not even register in Silver's ears. There were more important things at hand.

"Always begin with a counter-clockwise scoop around the perimeter of the carton," Silver recited, taking the serving utensil from a surprised Shadow "Plus, your grip is all wrong." as he spoke, Silver moved so fast it seemed as if the scoops of frozen desert simply appeared on the waffle cone he balanced between two finger on his left hand.

Shadow decided to let Silver handle this one. For once, the kid seemed to know what he was doing.

"I learned my technique from my Mother, and she got it from her great-great grandfather, the former head chef at the best ice cream parlor in Apotos, Greece." The kitchen was filled with turquoise light as in his concentration Silver unleashed his telekinetic abilities, levitating toppings to his fingertips. Shadow mindfully dodged several jars as they flew out of a cupboard behind him. Most of the jars were covered with expensive-looking Italian and Greek labels, their contents unrecognizable.

"So, in this family..." Silver lowly rotated his creation in midair, lightly dusting it with a pinch of cocoa, "Ice cream is serious business."

He plucked the confection out of the air as the glow of his telekinesis faded away. Putting a hand to his forehead, he swayed slightly.

"Whoa... Ice cream headache..."  Silver mumbled. His sudden burst of mental activity seemed to have tuckered him out.

"I'll take it from here" Shadow said, taking the offered offering and moving as quickly as he could into the living room while holding the fragile delicacy.

The brawl continued as he stepped into the room, but the moment he spoke both Sonic and the creature froze.

"Manifestation of Gaia! We offer a trade for the Chaos Emerald!"

The Monster's milky eyes were glued to the ice cream cone.  A strange gurgling sound came from it's mouth, and its lips trembled as if it was trying to form words.

"Ch... Chocolate... Chiiiped... Cream... Sundaaay... Su-preeeme...?" the Thing said in a wet, sticky voice, shuffling towards Shadow.

"If you say so. Just take the damn thing." the Creature rumbled deep in it's throat. "...Please." Shadow didn't want to become part of the offering himself.

The Thing lifted one of its elongated arms and took the cone from Shadow, throughly sliming up Shadow's hands in the process. Then it ever so slowly raised the ice cream to its lips and gave the very top a tentative lick. For a moment, everyone held their breath, waiting to see the Creature's reaction. It stood absolutely still, then gave gave an enormous sigh. Its form disintegrated into the ground, slabs of dark bulk sloughing off to reveal a tiny figure, much like that of a small child made of warm pinkish light. It flickered there for a split second like the green flash right as the sun sets before disappearing, taking the ice cream with it. The green Chaos Emerald dropped to the carpet with a muffled thunk, glowing dimly but steadily.

Sonic, one again flickering and transparent hugged the Emerald to his chest where it clinked against the gold necklace he wore. The bestial form that he had become dissolved into heavy smoke, revealing Sonic's usual white-gloved, sleek-quilled self. The world had been saved yet again, this time from itself.


"Thanks, Shadow" he said, smiling weakly. "You really saved my bacon there."

"Don't thank me. Silver's the one who did it." Shadow sounded a little surprised by the combination of words coming out of his mouth.

Silver staggered into the room, face aghast. Sonic, oblivious to Silver's expression flipped him a thumbs-up and a grin.

"Dude! You've got mad ice cream skills--"

"--How..." Silver cut him off, "D-did you m-manage to mess up the house... this much?!"

"Huh?" Surprised, Sonic looked around. "...Oh, snap."

Oh snap was right. In the few moments that it had taken the epic ice cream cone to be created, the living room of Silver's family had been absolutely trashed. Furniture was pushed upside-down and  up against the walls, and the two bookcases had been knocked down, their contents strewn about the room like confetti. Not a mess you want to get caught standing in the middle of.

Staring at the wreckage, Silver's shoulders folded in on him, and his face became a blank wall of despair.

Looking at his shoes, he whispered "I just can't do anything right."

"Heck yes you can! You did an awesome job just now." Sonic grabbed Silver's arm with his semi-tangible hand, trying to steer him to the nearest pile of books. "We'll get this cleaned up in a sonic second, no prob!"

Silver pulled away with ease. "There's no time-- my parents are due back any minute now."

Shadow was about to put his two cents in but stayed silent when he, as well as the other two, heard the sound of two sets of footsteps coming from the bedrooms.

"Silver? Are you up or something?" Vennie's voice, a little hoarse from sleep, came out of the dark hallway. "We heard a ton of noise just now..."

Silver tensed. "Quick, get out of here-- I can't let them see you guys!" he hissed at Sonic and Shadow.

"But--" Sonic protested.

"We'll be more help if we leave, Sonic." Shadow took Sonic's hand, where he was still holding the Chaos Emerald and accessing the incredible power inside, ordered "Chaos... Control!"

Sonic's worried face left an afterimage on Silver's eyes as Shadow teleported himself and Sonic away. A moment later, Sicily and Vennie stopped in their tracks as they entered the room. Silver was alone, slumped over in the wreckage.

"What the dickens happened in here?!" Vennie broke the silence with her surprise.

She pushed past Sicily who was slightly in front of her to cross the room in a series of careful hops around the debris to crouch down next to Silver. "Did you... did you do this?"

Silver mumbled something incomprehensible from his position on the floor.

"You're mad? No-- sad. You had a fight with Blaze before you came home, didn't you?" Vennie tried to get him to bring his head up, but he wouldn't budge. "C'mon, I wanna help--" Her voice cracked a little as she shook him gently.

"Let him be," Sicily told Vennie, collecting a stack of books and magazines in her arms. "He'll get over it on his own." She deposited the stack in Vennie's arms. "We need to clean this up before Mom and Dad get home."

Sicily and Vennie began collecting the smaller objects around the room, doing their best to navigate the topsy-turvy furniture and Silver. Once that was done, Sicily bent down to look at Silver. Vennie stood a little bit behind her, her expression unfathomable.

Sicily's voice was stern, but not cold. "When you're ready to talk about it, we'll be here."

Silence from Silver.

"But right now, we need your help with the furniture or else we're all in trouble."

Silver slowly got to his feet, avoiding eye contact. He moved the the nearest couch and grabbed an end. Sicily moved the the other side, while Vennie joined Silver.

"I'll make this all better. I promise." She whispered in Silver's ear.

As they lifted the couch, his answer was almost lost in the noise of shifting objects.


Vennie smiled to herself. She had a feeling that strange blue-haired Hedgehog she had seen Silver talking to as he'd walked to the front door that morning would have some answers to this problem. What had Silver called him? Oh, that's right...


Sonic the Hedgehog*.

*Author's note: This is the OLD version of the story. Vennie didn't see Sonic at all in the (canon) comic version. So don't be getting any ideas.
Oh hey, here's something I forgot to upload. This is just a taste of all the meticulous planning that went into issue 7 of Ghosts of the Future... seriously, it was ridiculous. This is the entire story, written out in prose. It's sort of like a "director's cut" of the comic, with little differences in the dialogue and added details to the character's actions, as well as (in my opinion) better humor and description. "Chip" is especially disgusting. I hope you guys enjoy it, and it'll tie you over 'till the next issue starts.

Also, I know that there's quite a few errors in the grammar and punctuation. I went through it again before uploading it, but I'm sure I didn't catch 'em all. Especially the fact that ALL of the dialogue is punctuated wrong, and the italics for the thoughts and quotations were killed and I'm too lazy to put them back in.

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Huh. Pretty interesting.
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LOL Silver's older sister scared Shadow. ^^ I thought only Dark could do that when he's mad
dragonmastrcrashrokz Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011   Artist
So,question: when youscript GOTF, do you write it like this, chapter by chapter, or like a script? (eg, Silver: How' you guys *bla bla bla*
Sonic: Wha- Oh Snap...) just curious! I write mine like an actual script. :D good issue :D
EvanStanley Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Student General Artist
Not generally. I figure out the basic plot and then I draw a mock-up of the comic page-by-page, writing the particulars of the dialogue as I go along.
dragonmastrcrashrokz Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011   Artist
I see. That makes sense....
Showmetotheexit Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
Did you writw this all in one night or just cut and paste?
EvanStanley Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh lord no. This was written before the comic over a few months.
Showmetotheexit Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Good. Tht makes more sense.
Banter-O-Rilley Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
This is really great!!
Another way to enjoy GOTF and to let your imagination take control for a while.
Looking forward to future updates!
superzeno Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
wow u do this much for 1 issue no wonder there so good keep up the good work
SONICFAN18 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
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Awesome! :D
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great job with this maybe if you ever get stuck with ideas for your comics you could do fanfics while you think. i think u would b good at it =D :iconsonichappyplz:
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Ah, Sonic seems to enjoy theatre work~ <3 He certainly has good taste, yup yup. O mai, it didn't take so long to read as I thought! It all went by so quickly, now I'm disappointed that there is nothing more to read. :< But that's okay.
You put my stories to shame! I write all the time, Sonic related, of course, but oh, man. This is just great! I'd read your work all day long! :dummy: Wonderful work! Comic or this, I'd take it!
Grassy-Aggron Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Geez, man. I'm still a little sad to see the werehog go so soon (yet I feel like it's not over yet), but this is just...Wow 0o' And to turn that into a comic!

Bravo, madam. Bravo!
Mla-wolf Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Geeeeeeeeeeze, dude, that was amazing!
Songal Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
Have you written stories for ALL the chapters or just the first one and this one?
EvanStanley Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student General Artist
Some of them are written out partially (the first bit of Issue 1 is in my gallery somewhere) but this is the only one that's complete.
Songal Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
Ah okay.
Now I can't WAIT for the next one!!!
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This is different, but it's good. You're a good writer. Great job on the issue. Can't wait to see the next one!:D
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wow if this on movie i watch it all day long
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I can't wait to see more GOTF!
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eep! Typo! On the line where: "Silver snapped his head up to asses the house..."

I think you ment "Assess" instead of "Asses" LOL
Just to avoid "Butt-jokes" XD
the1SAR Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
I know it must've taken awhile to do this... Either way, good issue!
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totally awesome issue....!
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Wow, it's a lot of work to turn that in a comic O_o

Good luck for that ^^
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Wow, this must be a crazy amount of work!
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