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you're my inspiration


i'd like to start off by saying that you're an inspiration and a wonderful artist! keep up the great work!

recently, someone reuploaded your art of sonic and tails (the "Best Buds Forever" cover art) on this site, and it looks like they're taking credit for it

i'm sorry if this takes up your time, and i'm sure that some people have already let you know by now, but i thought it'd be best to reach out to you on here if you somehow happen to read it

the reupload:

Sonic and Tails at the movies

(hopefully that worked)

thank you for your time! love what you do!

Hi, @EvanStanley!

I’m sorry to bother you, but while I was browsing through the Sonic wiki, I learned about your Tumblr post from last year about the reasons why you don’t ship Silver the Hedgehog with your Archie Sonic character, Gold the Tenrec.

For what it’s worth, I’m not trying to hold it against you, Gold is your character after all, but I‘d like to counterpoint your stated reasons for the sake of argument and see how you and others feel. I’m sorry I can’t discuss this with you on Tumblr itself, but I closed my account there because reasons, so I thought I’d do it here, if that‘s okay.

1: While I can see Gold preferring girls with some limited interest in boys, and I definitely get what you meant about her liking confident, capable personalities best, I do think that Silver’s general character just lacks confidence from depiction to depiction instead of both that and capability. For all his faults since his debut game, I don’t see him as incapable of getting results one way or another.

2: I can imagine that Gold the Tenrec was her native universe’s answer to Silver the Hedgehog, but at the same time, I doubt they’ll literally supposed to be the same person. This is my influence from many multiverse depictions speaking, but I’ve grown to believe that the term “dimensional counterpart“ doesn’t always have to mean “at least two versions of the same person universes apart” since Owlman in DC is generally supposed to be Batman’s evil brother from another world rather than Batman himself under a different costume personality just as how Gold and Silver aren’t the same species of Mobian. Granted, I have noticed a few dimensional counterparts in fiction that still function as such even though they don’t all share the same biology and name, but that goes with my analysis of the term having more than one definition.

All the same, that’s just my gut speaking. It’s okay if you and I don’t share the same views here and there. I just thought that you and others could find this counterbalance interesting in some way.

Do you still take commissions on here or just through Twitter now?

Hi, My name is Amber Tscherning, and I am with a discord group that dubs sonic comics. I was wondering if we could dub your comic Ghosts of the Future? If you have any questions please contact me back on here or at my email atscherningVA@outlook.com.

I appreciate your time Thank you

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