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Hi all, The stream Okida and I did going over the finale of GOTF and answering questions is now archived, if you happened to miss it live!
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Hello! First I want to say I've been a Sonic fan since the early days in elementary school when the Sega game came out followed by the newer video games, seen all the cartoons, OVA, even Anime & CGI versions and even the new Paramount Plus series that's a BIG Hit! I'm SO Excited to see Sonic 3, I'm hoping when the first trailer is made, we can see the new versions of Sonic cast that yet to appear but the film is base heavily on Sonic Adventure 2, so it's strongly possible Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat who had roles from the game, would play some roles in the film too. (And if a rumor of Big the Cat is also in it, well that is also cool too, but we won't know until we seen a trailer)

Anyway I always look forward to when the new release of the next part of the comic series comes out. I've even think that the characters seen in Sonic IDW Issue 64 might just be Easter Egg characters to prepare them into the series. The ones called Vennie the Hedgehog and Sicily the Hedgehog. At least that's what I think, they did a slow preparation work for Lanolin the Sheep, why not this too? I even think someday the character from the 5th Anniversary Edition who was seen in the first issue of the IDW series might appear more, and may even have a name. There's so much to look forward to.

And lastly, I am also an artist who has drawn some good stuff. And recently I started to do two things. Try to create some special Sonic Universe characters and created a Group on Deviantart focus on many fans that wanna design their own special characters (OCs) and possibly help be inspiration for the Sega Group that are trying to come up with new Sonic cast.

Now I admit, the group site is not super crowded, but I'm doing my best to handle other things while at least posting one of my Sonicverse project characters up. I hope to come across others when having the time to fill it up.

Also, I do research on what kind of animal theme fits well in a Sonic Universe, so I look at the Sonic animal theme cast from the comic series to help while trying to envision possibilities on what matches well and how well it turns out.

Now maybe someday I may even try robots in the Sonic universe, but for now it's just the animals.

Oh, and if you or Ian Flynn or the major guys/company doing the Sonic projects like what you see, even just visit to find something to help inspire a new creation or anything like that, or even wanna use what I made I would feel tremendously honored to offer help however I can. Why I'm offering anyone that is interest to request some kind of Sonic character animal idea that they wanna see me draw to create and what profile will go with the art.

Here's the Group Site to visit for anyone that wants to see what is present: https://www.deviantart.com/gamer-comic-dreamers

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my long greeting. Being a Sonic fan, it's just natural. And I hope you have a wonderful time. And hope you visit to see what I have cooked up from time to time.

Hey, bruh. where's the rest of Ghosts Of The Future?! I was really enjoying that Comic!

So much awesomeness here!!!

Hello! I'd like to let you know that your art is really good! I can tell you put in a lot of effort into your art pieces, and since they're so eye catching to the eye, I've given you gift of Watching/Following you. But I must ask, what gave you the idea of posting art on Deviantart and what advice would you give to someone who wants to reach the high artist potential that'll make them feel proud of themselves and to keep going and not give up?

can you learn how to color and draw ? I want something to archive, pls your drawings impress me🥺

Big Fan of Evan's work on the Sonic IDW Comics