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Faenza ICO files for Windows

Hey guys,

This is a fork of the Amazing Faenza Icon set by ~tiheum.

This set only includes unique icons. In the original Faenza icon set for Gnome there were many duplicate icons with different names (For the UNIX guys reading, they were symlinks). In this set, each icon will only exist once. There are about 1000 icons.

Most of the ICO files include frames for the following resolutions: 96, 22, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, 256. Although not every icon may have every size, since some of the icons were original designed as panel or status bar icons.

I will release a Windows 8 x64 DLL replacement package using these icons soon!

Again, all credit goes to ~tiheum for his work on this amazing icon set!

Just as the original work was, this is released under the GNU/GPL licence. You can find the script I used to convert the icons on GitHub.

Let me know what you guys think!


For everyone waiting on a Windows 8 installer. You can download a BETA installer here. I offer NO warranty with this installer. It will backup your original DLL files and really shouldn't break anything. But NO uninstaller is provided right now. If you want to revert to your previous DLL files you'll have to go into your System32 and SySWoW64 (for 64 bit) and replace the .dll files with the .dll.bak files.

The files that are replaced are imageres.dll shell32.dll fontext.dll DDORes.dll.

The zip also includes the ability to change some other icons for programs such as VLC, 7zip, word, excel, and Photoshop. You can apply these changes using the included registry scripts. Again, there is no uninstaller. To revert these changes you'll have to reset the file associations for each program (The easiest way would probably be by re-installing the program).

There's also a "unknown-mimetypes.reg" file included for file types that normally don't have programs associated with them (.hpp, .cpp, .css, .html, . py, .sql, .php, etc...) I would really only suggest using this if you really, REALLY, know what your doing

I'll try and put the finishing touches on this installer and include a uninstaller sometime in the future. But as of right now, it has no guarantees.

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Double extra mega kudos on the OpenOffice icons - they're the best in the box
Thanks!! You're awesome...appreciate your kindness in sharing....
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How can i install it on windown 8.1?
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Love this icon pack!! Love:happybounce: :D (Big Grin) 
I-Love-Heavy-Metal's avatar
looks nice, my desktop thanked me lol :)
dantenopolis's avatar
hey thanks for sharing !!!! , my desktop looks great : [link]
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Im suprised that this didnt got more attention. Thanks a lot for this, i was looking for png or ico files of faenza :)
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I'm having issues applying these in Windows 7 64-Bit. the fourth and fifth files keep saying that access is denied even when I have followed the instructions and closing any unnecessary processes that may be preventing it. Is there a way around this and which files is it having issues editing?
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Sorry I never tested this on Windows 7. you can try removing the fourth and fifth files from the list of files it modifies in the batch file.
Does installer work with Win7?
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*Maybe*. I really can't say for sure. It actually adds the icons into your current DLL so it's not technically windows 8 specific. But there might be some icons that it changes that are Windows 8 specific, so it might just silently fail. You can try. If it doesn't work you can just revert to the .bak files. Just make sure you know what you're doing.
can you 512x512 png
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These start to look a little too scaled up at that size. What do you need 512x512px for? Windows icons max out at 256x256px
The installer doesn't work( Says that system can't find path
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Are you on Windows 8 x64 or x32?
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Thanks, I see what was wrong and am uploading a new version as I type this =)
Still not working. Nothing changed and same errors. Why don't you just upload modified dlls?
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Sorry, I'll take a look at it again soon. I was pretty sure I fixed it =(
Nice one! Still waiting for Windows 8 x64 DLL)
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See the updated description for this deviation!
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waiting for w8 version ;D
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See the updated description for this deviation!
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