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Thranduil (2)

"Do not speak to me of the dragon’s fire."
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It´s awesome, I can feel his pain!
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This is definitively beautiful <3 <3 You pictured his scar in a very artistic way.
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i love your style!! 
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this has been in my favourites folder for ages, but I keep coming back to gawk over it - it's just so beautiful! :)
gothrockrulz's avatar
Wow, this is touching and beautiful!
RossyGy's avatar
I like so much your work is wonderful  Worship
Etheriana's avatar
Won't you make this a print at some point? :)
BymajnaR's avatar
Perfect. Really perfect  Worship Painter
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I could be completely wrong, but did you use charcoal? If you did or didn't your work is amazing, and God bless you. :blowkiss: revamp 
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Hi :) I didn't use charcoal. I use blackinks as watercolor and color pencils what are thick more than usual.  
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Thank you :happybounce:  It looks amazing! sorry for the late reply.
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Dammit, but the man is so beautiful
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thanks alot for the fav ^^!
amazing colors wow ^^!
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My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. Your artwork is absolutely--for lack of a better word--beautiful!!
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This is so beautiful!
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Very wonderful art :) God, I love that crown of his :D Just that thing made me his fan instantly xD
Darkenmarr's avatar
you did an amazing job on his hair and crown!
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Awesome work !!! Worship 

That was a very unexpected scene in the movie, but I think it added to Thranduils character. They made him look rather cold and cruel, but in the end he just want to protect his people. 

Lee Pace was outstanding and Thranduil is now one of my favorite characters.
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That scene definitely contributed to Thranduil's character
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Awesome!! I love this!
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He's so stunning in this one. You captured him pretty well. :)
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