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First Tryout with My B.I.T.C.H

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 6:56 PM
ICYMI, I am trying out as an appophonic phoneographer. I have rigged my iPhone 6 Plus with a BeastGrip Pro and a few other fancy schmancies like stabilizer, microphone and an LED light, plus a sexy looking deviantART camera strap. 

But... "BITCH"? :o.O: 

Yeah... my Badass Iphone Tank-like Camera Housing. Hurhurr. I've done a video last August without the BeastGrip and boy was it horridly shaky! Since my Sony camera died in June, rather than getting a new one, I thought I'd try my hands on being another one of those iPhone Photo/Videographer wannabe. So here's what I did last Tuesday:

My fiancee and I were invited to the exclusive media preview and press conference of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil on October 27 2015, a day ahead of the main opening show at the Big Top on Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The preview introduced two signature scenes of TOTEM: the Native American Hoop Dance & the Russian Bars. We will be watching the main show's finale on December 6 2015.

Video recorded on iPhone 6+ with Beastgrip Pro, edited using iMovie on iPad Mini 3. Music: Omé Yo Kanoubé, ‪TOTEM‬

What do you think? I'm gonna keep learning how to do those Buzzfeed or Mashable type videos while continue to take photos with my iPhone along the way. :boogie:

Much Heart
November 2nd 2015


That's what I am now. :evillaugh:

My Sony Alpha NEX-F3 died when I was in Washington DC couple of months ago. It has served me well for a good 4 years before the USB slot came off making me unable to recharge the battery or transfer my images until I get a card reader. At the cost of getting it fixed I would rather get a new one. I have had Canons, Sony Alphas, and my last camera, the NEX. From high-end EOS with single digits to a prosumer kit. Lately I haven't been doing much photography professionally so I'm guessing I won't be buying another camera for awhile. But I do use Instagram and Facebook a lot and I shoot on the whim, so I guess I'll just use my iPhone 6+ for now. 

Until Kickstarter announced the launch of BeastGrip Pro, a classier looking revamp of their earlier Beastgrip model. (Almost) love at first sight! Took me a few months to decide on the pros and cons of getting a rig... and finally I did. I got the rig that comes with a wide angle lens, extra LED light and microphone and a stabilizer separately from other sources, and I now have a badass iPhone camera!

This is my rig now without the stabilizer:

12079652 10154290831942738 3313382043643077410 N by evanhwong

12047027 10154290831922738 7036107782362751471 N by evanhwong

12079103 10154290831932738 6852222261861211760 N by evanhwong

And this is with (plus my trusty deviantART strap!):

10565681 10154317732867738 1689289817 N by evanhwong

12179308 10154317732887738 296577498 N by evanhwong

Apps I'll be using quite exclusively:
I have done a couple of videos using my iPhone and iMovie on iPad. Let's see how many other stuffs this piece of awesome will churn out for me. :fingerscrossed:

Much :heart:
October 19th 2015


A Noob's Wish, A Pro's Wet Dream

Wed Apr 15, 2015, 10:41 PM
Previously, this


Like... WHOA

That's Max Da Costa.

Sure, it's futuristic and all...


Apparently it's call the Tilta Armor-Man, a body suit designed to carry a gimbal. Looks simple, but doesn't look quite lightweight either. But see the springs on the armrests in the last picture? That's like a whole-body image stabilizer thingamabobbyjigs.

In case you don't get the Max Costa reference earlier:

Source: More here. :bucktooth:

Much :heart:
April 16th, 2015


A Noob's Dream, A Pro's Nightmare

Sun Apr 12, 2015, 8:47 PM


Like... seriously.

I can't even.

Because... Japan.

Only thing missing is a drone.

Source: ISO120

Much :heart:
April 13th, 2015



Mon Apr 6, 2015, 8:57 PM
Senior-wuuut? :rofl: :lmao: Like, an old man with a cane, balding, and using dentures? LOLLL!! Yes, embrace your OLD-ness you old hag! :evillaugh: :sarcasm: 

OK, seriously. In case you've been stuck in a coconut husk for too long, read this:


SMP Mentor by LostKitten  SMP Mentor by LostKitten  SMP Mentor by LostKitten 

The Seniors Mentoring Project dates back to 2003, it's a project that helps members of DeviantArt to better themselves in the artwork that they produce. Senior Members of DA (the members) provide the community with informative blogs, criticism and one-on-one mentoring to answer any questions inquisitive deviants may have, and help them improve their artwork all together.

For more information, go to seniormentors now. I'm partnering with Timothy-Sim in the Photojournalism category, but I can also assist you with general photography. A little bit about me:

Senior resident badass of dA, former Gallery Moderator/Artist Relations for Photojournalism, and current geezer, at your service to tear your works apart and turn your world around. I'm Asian, and with Timothy-Sim, we are based in Singapore... so be prepared for some spicy zing. 

For more of my works, check out my Gallery or my personal website. Send me a note soon! :heart:

MENTOR PROFILE - seniormentors

I can mentor you in: General Photography & Photojournalism
Specifically, I can help you with Compositions & Storyline
I can mentor you through: [dA Notes], [#FOAD Chatroom], [Skype: evanhwong], [Email:], [Facebook Chat]

Some of my work: 

Let Me Go Home by evanhwong   Buffet Lines by evanhwong Two Worlds by evanhwong


If you would like to start mentoring with me, please send a Note Note to seniormentors and include the following information:
  • What art medium would you like to be mentored in?
  • What is your goal for mentoring? What would you like to get better at? (Please try to be specific!)
  • Do you wish to work with any Senior Mentor in particular?

Please allow up to 7 days for one of our group admins to respond to your application. Pairings are done based on availability of the Senior Mentor. If the mentor you wish to work with does not have slots available, or feels they would not be a good fit, we will try to match you with another of our skilled seniors. Thank you for your interest in seniormentors!

Much :heart:
April 7th, 2015

SMP Mentor by LostKitten

OHAITHAR + Epic Articles

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 10:14 PM


Remember that journal last Wednesday? Sorry it took awhile to clarify. On purpose. Yes, it's that time of the year again when work mounts, which by next week would taper off. Yes, I was swamped by stuffs happening IRL. No, I'm not leaving dA. Yes, it was an April Fool's joke. Yes, I was told I kinda trolled the world. No, I'm not proud of it. Yes, I'll be posting more stuffs very very soon. No, I'm serious. Yes. Omg yes! YES! YES!! Ahhh. 


While I was lurking around trying to keep myself as invisible as possible and seeing how some of you were devastated to bawling into buckets, I kinda kept tab on what's also happening elsewhere to share with you guys. Check out some of these which I find were eye-popping beyond words!

The next time you're in a concert, find something unique other than bragging rights for being in the mosh pit. 

Keyword in this article: "a strong visual hook." You can also check out their initiative Streettogs Academy

...Saving the best for last, my favorite:

Similar to last article's rule on composition by Steve McCurry, minus video.

More articles as and when I find them. Coming soon: My pictures!


Save Your Dates!

  • 2nd June - Singapore > Narita 
  • 3rd June - Narita > Los Angeles > Orlando
  • 8th June - Orlando > Washington, DC
  • 12th June - Washington, DC > San Francisco
  • 17th June - San Francisco > Los Angeles 
  • 22nd June - Los Angeles > Narita
  • 23rd June - Narita > Singapore


The Artist Formerly Known As ^estudio

Much :heart:
April 6th, 2015

I Tried. And Failed.

Wed Apr 1, 2015, 12:17 AM
Many of you know that I was asked to come back (thanks to Timothy-Sim), and on March 12th, I made the announcement that I will. My last post was on March 17th about Steve McCurry. But as much as I tried, my working schedule is in the way so much that I have little choice but to neglect some of the comments and of posting new stuffs, if ever. 

With that, I'm afraid I need to make this a public apology to all of you whom I am about to disappoint further: I'm sorry. I can't go on. I may even be posting once every month or so, or never. IRL is never a joke when you have commitments to look after. And with that, this is not goodbye, but see you much later.


With heartfelt sorrow,

Steve McCurry Says.

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 11:49 PM



Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American editorial photographer best known for his photograph "Afghan Girl" which was originally appeared in National Geographic magazine.


Save Your Dates!

  • 2nd June - Singapore > Narita 
  • 3rd June - Narita > Los Angeles > Orlando
  • 8th June - Orlando > Washington, DC
  • 12th June - Washington, DC > San Francisco
  • 17th June - San Francisco > Los Angeles 
  • 22nd June - Los Angeles > Narita
  • 23rd June - Narita > Singapore


The Artist Formerly Known As ^estudio

Much :heart:
March 17th, 2015

The Artist Formerly Known As ^estudio

Thu Mar 12, 2015, 12:10 AM
tl;dr... I'm back:happybounce: 


I was formerly ^estudio, dA's photojournalism gallery moderator and community relations (ooh I see now they changed it to 'community volunteer') from 2007 to 2010 and I still like this CR skin from way back then. If you haven't added me on Facebook, do it now. That's where I've been lurking all this while. I am currently based in Singapore. 


So it seems that Timothy-Sim has been up to something fishy with this BRING evanhwong/estudio HOME. thingamajig after a WATCH FOREVER!!! - my WatchForever list! journal entry sparked a fuse in the poor boy's head. Says I'm lazy and stuff. CURSE YOU! Truth is, since I've been gone (my last entry was in 2010) I have embarked on some life-changing heavy commitments, from moving over to Singapore after burning many bridges in Malaysia (which was also partly the cause of my inactivity here on dA - damn that bitch), finding love (and still going; Imma gunna pruhpows sewn. Yay!), to going full-time managing a couple of arts centres at Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre as its Senior Manager (Marketing & Place Making) and now Centre Manager looking after over 80 different Singaporean artists and arts groups under a new Arts Housing scheme initiated by the Singaporean government's National Arts Council (NAC). My experience handling the artists here on dA during my tenure as Photojournalism Gallery Moderator/Community Relations has made me who I am today being able to juggle both the various artists' temperaments and the administrators' (NAC) by-the-book attitudes. I also somewhat 'retired' from pro-photography to focus on the above, and even archived all my works on my website My dA page prior to today was purged to its barest minimum. I was more active on Facebook and Facebook Page and only just yesterday reopened my Twitter account to the public. Until Timothy-Sim nudged me on Facebook Messenger couple of nights ago. Then all hell that's frozen over broke loose. 


If you've checked out Timothy-Sim's journal asking all of you to bring me home (heck it's even pimped up in Today's Headlines From The News Desk 03-11-2015!!) I gave him a simple challenge: To muster up 20 Senior Members either former staff, gallery moderators, or senior members who know me well, or remember me. No I'm not an attention-seeking whore, neither did I realise he'll actually make a journal entry out of it lol! It was partly a social study on who I should look out for who's still actively here, and to show you that through such an exercise, with love and determination, people like me who has long gone, will come back. In a span of 2 days, the list grew fast and in no time, the challenge was a success. He almost got his 20. Wow. Just wow. Plus additional non-seniors to contribute. So no need to wait for the big two-oh coz it's inevitable it'll reach or even surpass it. Bucktooth To Moonbeam13, arbitrarynamechange, Anoya, Astralseed, dxd, Thiefoworld, Quelfabulous, Kaz-D, IaiaRose, coolmarvin, bQw, Ikue, Lintu47, cybergranny, KovoWolf, rainylake, Heidi, ikazon, vicexversa, cypherxaint (thanks for outing me you twat! :rofl:), jjuuhhaa, largethomas, and of course my partner in crime, Helewidis (you'll forever be my Bonnie!), THANK YOU. You know you're loved as much as I felt the love from you guys. Heart Trust me, I've had you guys on my mind for quite some time as well, including a few posts on Facebook here, here, and here. (You'll need to be my 'friend' on FB to see the link). So yeah. I'm back! For good, I hope. 


Lots have changed in 5 years since I 'left', and how to say no to THE WORLD'S LARGEST ONLINE ART COMMUNITY?? Did you know dA was recently listed by TIME as one of the 7 best Facebook alternatives? So proud, amirite! It'll take me a couple of days to get accustomed to the new layouts and then I'll start submitting stuffs and tearing apart your asses again with my salty critics and comments. You'll notice all my deviations are up again from storage, my old journals back collecting dusts for you to refer to if you wanna check out past articles I made during my CR/GM time, and everything else that'll make it feel like I was never away to begin with. Signatures to edit, devID to fix, comments to reply, journal skin to choose, ahh... the works. Will I be GM again? That's up to the higher power that be. You'll also see me back in #photographers chatroom. I know I've been missing quite a lot more people, many who have left us for greener pastures, or even to heaven for some... and if I ever bump into you here somewhere, don't freak out. It's still me. Hug Also, if you're around in the following states, I'll be coming over soon, so get ready your devMeet!!

  • 2nd June - Singapore > Narita 
  • 3rd June - Narita > Los Angeles > Orlando
  • 8th June - Orlando > Washington, DC
  • 12th June - Washington, DC > San Francisco
  • 17th June - San Francisco > Los Angeles 
  • 22nd June - Los Angeles > Narita
  • 23rd June - Narita > Singapore
...Now if only I can change my name back to estudio. :plotting:

Until then, time to bleed green. SEE YA!! :yeehaw: by ScreamingGerbil

Much Heart 

It's Time...

Journal Entry: Sun May 30, 2010, 10:18 PM say goodbye.

To open:
Windows: Ctrl-Click
Mac: Cmd-Click

..keep playing this in loop on the next tab while you're reading this.

First it was Simon Cowell, leaving American Idol for a somewhat greener pasture so he can graze around and about with his corny cowelly hairdo. Then, there's me. Of course, with a better hairstyle. And by the end of the day, I shall be known as `estudio, and not ^estudio.

:bulletred: My Journey

It's been a great journey with everybody since I started joining DeviantART in 2004. Gotten into so many contests and helped out here and there with comments (boy oh boy the community spirit was so high back then when everybody's looking for a crit or two from people who appreciates getting and giving more than just "wow nice pic i like! +fav mkthxbai.") and also founded a few charities and organizations helping the underprivileged and besotted kids here and off deviantART, to even gotten my account to be fully subbed til 2012! So that's EIGHT years of subs accumulated! That's around the time the Official Beta Tester thingamajig came out as well, so from a ~, I became a *, and then a =. Come November 2007, I was given the Seniority title with a nice suggestive sign that replaced my then =estudio nick to a `estudio as if I needed the much hyped about viagra to begin with. At least that earned me bragging rights to walk on a cane and shake fishes at asswipes who call themselves pro just because they have some F2.8 L IS USM lenses. By January 2008, I slithered my way to Moonbeam13's underpants (Note: Just the underpants, doesn't mean she was wearing it at the same time you guttered minded "peoples".. Nyehh!) and my point penus then got itself crooked down to a ^estudio, taking over the helm from Ghouldaddy. Can you imagine the feeling of permanently losing EIGHT years of subs only to be replaced with infinity? Not that I wanna sound stingy but I was told I can't pass my subs over to someone else even though I insisted on it... hence the wasted EIGHT years. Meh...

Ok, so they're just signs, and half the time I don't even know how to name them all aside from the asterisk and the equal-to sign. But with great signs come great responsibilities. To carry a ^ sign back then means you're a Gallery Director. You're now doing one of the coolest things on earth after Mother Theresa. You now have supersauce powers to do things to other people's galleries. You can even (gasp!) scrap pictures! As part of the team called DeviantART Artist Relations (AR), my role was specifically called Photojournalism Gallery Director to educate the community on Photojournalism, move cosplay, porn, and self portrait pictures out of the gallery, award Daily Deviations, help out in our li'l Scavenger Hunt for Project:Educate, and most of all, did one heluva kickass contest with thanks to Helewidis who was my partner in crime from November 2008 to some time in October of 2009, having being moved over from Artistic Nudes to Photojournalism to help me out and at the same time to learn the ropes. AR was then changed to Community Relations in November, and our Gallery Directorship was changed to Volunteer Gallery Moderators so things now sounded more uhm... "specific" to avoid uhm... "confusion" to the community.


:bulletred: The dAramas

Of course, there's always the nice mentions of dAramas. I'm sure I have had some fair shares in them. Heck, if it wasn't for the US Presidential Election, we wouldn't have known that the best candidate to helm the Photojournalism Gallery was an Asian! What does Malaysia have anything to do with who's winning in the USA? The world cried "BIAS!" when I DD'ed a picture of Hilary Clinton, where everybody thought I was the voice of favoritism on deviantART that deviantART supports the Democrat or whichever party that woman was with… Until I made a huge statement otherwise and DD'ed a McCain picture followed by Obama's thereafter. Kids these days. Pfft.

April Fool of 2008 was fun, thanks to the combined efforts of some great friends in the AR community we now call as family. Then there's also that continuing fiasco over whether it's rightful to post up post-edited images onto Photojournalism or not until recently when I somewhat "allowed" it as long as it doesn't deflect from the story - and that includes HDR (blergh). But that doesn't mean I'm with it. I'm still against it. But I have to change and adapt to the changes of time. Digital media is closing onto us fast and I've to make a decisive move that can hurt the community that's already in the midst of hurting each other over what's right and what's wrong.

:bulletred: In Real Life

Oddly, real life took over almost instantly when I took the helm of PJ-GD back then. Work started to come in, and my time on DeviantART became apparently slacked down from 10 hrs a day to 5 and at times, 2. My laptop even fried on me a couple of times and I had to switch logicboards twice over the sudden surge of activities that uses so much more RAM than I normally would. No, that's not from downloading porns. It's the image-heavy site here on deviantART that somehow made my CPU overheat for some reason. (I tried using other sites and it doesn't heat up as much as DeviantART's… oddly)

Then there's travel, exhibitions, and then in February 2009, a life partner, thus cutting the time online even much shorter than before. Not to mention we are planning on venturing into a business together, went into work conceptualizing it since to even as we speak, and even getting ourselves a puppy in October. During a few occasions the thought of letting go of deviantART came to mind.

Now as the economy is slowly getting back on track, so am I with my work. I've been doing more documentary series and will be in line to pitch for a work that may get me to travel to a few countries soon, while at the same time dealing with the works my baby girl and I are planning on launching by year end. Just a couple of days ago we got ourselves another dog, so our little family is growing bigger as it is. Training both dogs simultaneously is also gonna take us time, and not to mention we're feeding them raw chicken, beef, lamb, and pork so hunting for these animals in the wild jungles of Malaysia would also be hard on us though we're confident we can.

I'm soooo looking forward to shooting more too. I've checked my shutter count and last year alone, I've shot 80% less than my yearly average. I need my kung fu back, especially since moving to digital last year thanks to my baby darling, who wants photos of our pup faster than waiting for me to bring it to a darkroom and scan them and stuff. About time too.

:bulletred: Bonnie & Clyde

…is now officially gone.

:bulletred: The Successor

Our dear Danielle (Moonbeam13) has recently announced that all Gallery Moderator's stint is now to be reduced to 1 year, and obviously I stayed on a little longer. I was very protective of my gallery. I want someone whom I can trust to carry on the role I've taken to bring the Photojournalism gallery on deviantART to greater heights when I leave. I wanted to personally train my new padawan at least a couple of weeks before the official handover. I wanna be sure I've given up a legacy and will be able to retire nicely back in Senior-land. I've given a few names to Danielle, and eventually, a successor was chosen, and interestingly, is also an Asian, and is just south of my border in Singapore. Timothy-Sim will continue where I've left off effective tomorrow, June 1st, 2010.

Timothy was the runner up winner for our last Photojournalism LIFE Contest, and was also a nominee for winning the Sony World Photography Award (even though he shoots on a Nikon. Meh…) I trust you guys will treat him well, and I hope he'll do some justice to the Photojournalism gallery while I'm away too. He's a good kid. Don't bully him else he's gonna come up to me crying, and I'm not even his daddy. Oh, and DD Suggestions... Send over to him from now on!

…I wonder what he's gonna do for Caption-Contest. :evillaugh:

:bulletred: Thank You

So many friendships were built during these few years with the CR family. Two most important ones I've cherished most are Scott (straightfromcamera) and Michelle (shell4art). You guys complete me. :heart:

Not forgetting many others like IaiaRose, jjuuhhaa, Tierdaen, mrockwood, opioid, LazyGunn, ThomasFaust, cypherxaint, Makow, Helewidis, Tepara, Kayris06, batty666, mom-the-bomb, damien-c2, Ghouldaddy, and many many many more that's gonna be almost impossible to list you all out in one sitting. But you know who you are, and you know you're loved, just as I've felt loved by all of you in a noninvasive way. :love:

Even to the regular DD suggesters, thank you. :thanks:

To everybody still hanging in there in the CR family, rock on! :headbang:

Most importantly, to Moonbeam13, fourteenthstar, and spyed:salute:.

To everybody else, feed your llamas.

:bulletred: What's Up With You Next?

…now's just to make my dA-page more personal. I've assigned a very apt and final DD for today, and I'll be cleaning out a lot of stuffs including making my gallery to be more focused and cleaner so out the gunks will go. I may not be here as often as before, but I'm very sure I'll be popping by once in a while, especially on #Photographers chatroom, and on NewsStand, our PJ Group. Of course... not forgetting the #Seniors chatroom. And to those of you who commonly email me at, do change it to from now on and start becoming typerfrenzy! :typerhappy:

...then it's off to be with my beloved families, and start thinking about marriage. ;)

With much love…


Evan Hwong aka evanhwong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 31st, 2010 (GMT+8)


:iconcommunityrelations: :iconnewsstand: :iconstreet-pj:

With much love.. :heart:

.:: Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Photojournalism Gallery Moderator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 15th, 2009 (GMT+8)

Came Already...

Journal Entry: Fri May 14, 2010, 8:01 PM

Something Strange.... the neighborhood.....

Go over to Timothy-Sim if you haven't noticed. He's gonna be my young padawan for the next couple of weeks. :excited:

...and it's got nothing to do with my birthday yesterday. :w00t:


:iconcommunityrelations: :iconnewsstand: :iconstreet-pj:

With much love.. :heart:

.:: Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Photojournalism Gallery Moderator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 13th, 2010 (GMT+8)

CR: Photojournalism vs Street vs HDR

Mon Mar 15, 2010, 7:43 AM

A Public Service Reminder
This is a collaboration between evanhwong for Photojournalism, and bQw for Street. Scroll down for more.

For Links:
Windows: Ctrl-Click
Mac: Cmd-Click

pu·ri·ty [pyoor-i-tee]
:bulletred: the condition or quality of being pure; freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes, etc.: the purity of drinking water.
:bulletred: freedom from any admixture or modifying addition.
:bulletred: freedom from foreign or inappropriate elements; careful correctness: purity of expression.

It has come to our attention of late with regards to certain confusion over the above few genres here on deviantART. Purity of each of the above - Photojournalism, Street, to even how pure HDR is - almost certainly went out the window, with all sides claiming jurisdiction on who's right and who's not. While this may come as a surprise to some, to many others, it's a continuous effort almost yearly on our parts as moderators to help enforce the differences to a matter of understanding amongst the community. Let's hope that this would help clear the air over a few matters before it blows out of proportion.


On January 9th, 2009, I wrote about Photojournalism Ethics, and in it, based on the guidelines set by the NPPA (National Press Photographers Association), it says: Photojournalists and those who manage visual news productions are accountable for upholding the following standards in their daily work:

:bulletred: Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.
:bulletred: Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities. [...//...]
:bulletred: While photographing subjects do not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events.
:bulletred: Editing should maintain the integrity of the photographic images' content and context. Do not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.

You can read more here, and I suggest you also read the paragraph in my article earlier titled, "How Does That Affect Photojournalism on DeviantART?" And if you're still confused to even what Photojournalism is all about, click here: Photojourna-WUT??.

So how does purity comes into play, you ask? A common message that has been repeated til kingdom come: Do not excessively manipulate your photographs. You are allowed the usual crop, resize, mayhaps a tilt or two, a li'l dodge or burn, a bit of upping with the contrast or exposure, all using a third party software. You are, however, gonna be frowned upon when you excessively try to outdo the saturation, temperature, sepia, texture, or any other plug-ins you can think of that makes the photograph unrecognizable.

Still, (WARNING: The following sentence can lead to epilepsy, convulsion, or heart attacks. Viewer discretion is advised) a couple of exceptions in line with today's photography trends. While the last bullet earlier mentioned, "Do not manipulate images or add or alter sound in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects," it did not, however, mention anything about over-postprocessing your photographs. (I can hear the gasps, jaw drops, expletives, and omfg's already). Let me explain.

According to The Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Guidelines:
:bulletred: Photojournalists are responsible for the integrity of their images. We will not alter images so that they mislead the public.
:bulletred: We will explain in the photo caption if a photograph has been staged.
:bulletred: We will label altered images as photo illustrations.

..and from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics:
"Journalists should never distort the content of news photos or video. Image enhancement for technical clarity is always permissible. Label montages and photo illustrations.”

Today, there are many other editors, news organizations, and most importantly pressphoto agencies including AP, AFP, Reuters, and Getty, still refuse to accept or publish photographs that has been altered in any way, and even if they do, these digitally-altered or even enhanced photographs are now labeled montages or photo illustrations. The technology of photojournalism may have changed, but its truth-telling essence can still remain. Ethics aside, photojournalists should continue to strive to ensure that their basic principles of journalism (truth-telling, serving the public interest, acting responsibly and being accountable) are still in play every time they hit the field.

Think you wanna read more? Click here and look out for Chapter 3 on "Altered Photographs, Staged Shots and the Era of Distrust".  

How does this affect submissions to Photojournalism here on deviantART?

It doesn't. What we now see is not just about photomanipulations, photoeditings, or photoenhancements. We now see purely on newsworthy-ness. If it's newsworthy, it stays. We still adhere to the same basic principles of submission guidelines as given to the community since 2004. If it feels too much like a candid snapshot on the street, it'll go over to the Street gallery. If it's a staged shot where everyone is posed, it goes to portrait if it's about you and your family on a day out to Tiananmen Square. It's still Photojournalism though if it is a group photo that ought to be featured in the media such as a staged group portrait of heads of state at an APEC summit.

While we are not going to add new categories onto Photojournalism, we appreciate it if your works are textured, burnt, dodged, saturated, etc, that you would place a little information in it saying that you have digitally altered the image. While one magazine may allow one style above, it does not mean the next magazine does too.

Thus, practice discretion. Key operative word for Photojournalism that you must always remember from now on: Newsworthyness. Even if it doesn't exist in the dictionary.


Many people would associate street photography as anything and everything that's taken on the street. Duh. Not necessarily. Do your homework before you claim one thing apart from the other. Wikipedia describes it as, "a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions, and other settings." [more]. Even the word "documentary" shouldn't be confused as anything journalistic at all times. It is merely an action to document.

Yes, it crosses over to Photojournalism at times. And vice versa for Photojournalism onto Street. Even the first image in this article earlier by sharadhaksar under Photojournalism can be a part of Street, and the same goes to garki's that can be placed under Photojournalism > People. There's no right or wrong to both. It's merely a choice of one's preference, much like the old adage, "to each his own". As much a purist and elitist you think you are, do allow me to repeat the submission guideline for Street here on Photojournalism... it says, "Street photography featuring people in candid situations in public places." Does it say much to you? Is it self explanatory? While we are not in the business of defining the term by dotting the i's and crossing the t's, and the definition is always open for discussion... but the fact of the issue remains: How much digital enhancements are allowed in either? Let's hear it from the man himself, Mr. bQw:

I'm know that I'm going to catch hell for this. In fact, I already have in a couple of cases. First of all, what's the difference between the PJ and Street genres? The short answer is "not much". They are both geared towards the documentation of something, but street photography has a much more broad focus than photojournalism.

Photojournalism is very task and event-oriented. Both shun the post-capture manipulation of the image. The adding or removing of objects is a strict no-no. HDR...well, that's become the bane of my service here at dA and the source of many an argument. I don't personally care for the effect and don't personally use it, but as street GM I have to accept that I can't judge an image based on my narrow practices or opinions. That kind of judgement and elitism has become the domain of groups. If I have to accept digital images post-processed into black & white (something I do when i'm not able to use film) then I have to accept HDR.

At it's base, they are in the same extreme of adjustment. So that's enough about that. Oh yeah, the difference between PJ and street...well, as they blend together so much in terms of subject and ethic, all I can say to the artist is "What was your goal in taking the photo?". Was it to report on an event? Then submit it to photojournalism. Was it to report a specific moment, out of context of any event? Then submit it to street.


subaru HDR 3 by exxx2005

Seems to me that HDR, or High Dynamic Range imaging, is almost like a pop culture today, even though the idea of it has been used since the 1850s. While some love it to the core of their bones, others frown upon it, and the first few who would do the latter would be photojournalists. Ideally, like the above shot by exxx2005, it should go to a digital darkroom category instead of Photojournalism > Sports. Ideally. Until recently...

In the latest round of winners from the World Press Photo 2010 awards, one category stuck out like a sore thumb: Portraits > Stories. Especially for the winner Roderik Henderson from the Netherlands, and his series called Transvoid.

This was what compelled me to write this entire article. The world has changed. Is HDR now allowed onto Photojournalism here on deviantART? The purist and elitist in me would say no. But the ethics in me would say, "it's okay" if it is NEWSWORTHY.

What is Newsworthy? Gee, if it's not evident enough... it's anything that you would think would suit best seen in newspapers or magazines. Nuff said.

I'd Like To Challenge This

Do write to me via Note to explain your reasons. I may in this process make or break some friendship, but I cannot promise a compromise. I will reply each thoughts here in this journal/news openly if you've written in, and if you want, we can definitely discuss this privately using the Notes or via email to


With love...



Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Gallery Moderator - Photojournalism, Inc.
March 15th, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CR: The Award Season Is Here!

Tue Feb 23, 2010, 12:51 AM

The Photojournalism PhotoAwards Season Is Here!!!

For Links:
Windows: Ctrl-Click
Mac: Cmd-Click

As the Golden Globes fizzes and the Oscars sizzles, so too are the photojournalism awards for best photos of 2009! By encouraging a high standard of photojournalism to be followed by all, these awards are an epitome to the breath of what we have been trying to educate to the community here in deviantART. Others would find that these awards are meant to be shown in lieu with the freedom of information. Journalism never takes on to any sides, and it is through these raw and newsworthy images that takes center stage in today's article.

Unveiling scenes told from around the world, these awards showcase the outstanding works of members of the press from agencies such as Reuters, The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, EPA, Getty, and a host of other pressphoto companies. Some even includes citizen journalism.


:bulletred: World Press Photo of the Year
Winner: Pietro Masturzo, Italy.

Women in Tehran shout from a rooftop in protest against the regime on 24 June in Tehran. The Iranian presidential elections were held on 12 June and the results, proclaiming victory by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, were strongly contested.
In the weeks following the election, violent protests took place in the streets. At night, when the streets were empty, people went on to the rooftops of their homes to continue shouting their dissent. Their cries of 'death to the dictator' and 'Allah u Akbar (Allah is great)' echoed through Tehran.

:bulletred: Spot News: 1st Prize Singles
Winner: Adam Ferguson, Australia.

Woman rushed from the scene of a suicide bombing, Kabul, Afghanistan, 15 December.

:bulletred: evanhwong's Favorite
Winner: Craig Golding, Australia, for Getty Images.

World Masters Games, Sydney.

...what's your favorite?

For more winners, click here: World Press Photo Winners Gallery 2010.


Although the judging process is still ongoing, various winners have been announce thus far since February 14th, and the final judging and winners announcement will only be made sometime on March 5th, 2010. Here are the winners thus far:

:bulletred: Spot News: 1st Prize
Winner: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters


Residents look at a body found inside a supermarket cart in the Morro dos Macacos slum in Rio de Janeiro October 20, 2009. The man is suspected to have been killed by rival drug gangs, residents say. Brazil's president offered on Monday nearly $60 million in federal money to help Rio de Janeiro police combat drug gangs after 17 people were killed in weekend violence that raised questions over the city's ability to safely host the 2016 Olympics.

:bulletred: Feature Picture Story: 1st Place
Winner: Sonya N. Hebert

"Choosing Thomas: A Family's Journey with Infant Death"

Facing death can be hardest for a family expecting new life. This is the story of Deidrea and T.K. Laux, a Dallas-area couple who discovered 20 weeks into their pregnancy that their unborn son had trisomy 13, a random, rare and fatal chromosomal abnormality. They chose to continue the pregnancy, celebrating the upcoming birth of their first child while also preparing for his death. In the end, their son, Thomas, lived for five days.

Deidrea and T.K. Laux have pregnancy photos taken at a Dallas area photographer's home. Knowing that Thomas would not live long after delivery, the Lauxes made memories of Thomas while he was in the womb. "Even with all the heartache that's going to come down the road, he's brought so much joy, to see how much closer we've gotten, to experience being parents," said Deidrea Laux.

To view the series: Choosing Thomas: A Family's Journey with Infant Death

:bulletred: evanhwong's Favorite
Winner: Photographer of the Year - Newspaper Series First Place Winner Picture #39

"One last game"

The days after game Lennarts illness takes a turn for the worse. He is taken by ambulance back to the cancer ward at the hospital. Erik does not leave his side.

...what's your favorite?

For more winners, click here: Pictures of the Year International Round 67 Winners.

Upcoming Award Announcements

:bulletred: 2010 Pulitzer Prizewinners will be announced April 12, 2010
:bulletred: Sony World Photography Awards will be announced April 22, 2010
:bulletred: The Artistic Wedding Photojournalism Contests by the WPJA Q1 deadline will be on April 30, 2010
:bulletred: The Best of Photojournalism 2010 by the NPPA will be announced after March 21, 2010

Other Best of 2009 Photo Galleries

:bulletred: National Geographic International Photography Contest 2009

Winner: [People Category] Debra Jansen, USA

A 97-year-old woman waits for the bus in her Sunday best in Chamblee, Georgia.

Winner: [People Category - Honorable Mention] Fausto Podavini, Italy

The picture was shot at San Juan de los Remedios, Cuba, during a local celebration called "Las Parrandas" in which the highlight is fireworks. Here children light the fireworks and escape.

:bulletred: Best News Photos of 2009 by MSNBC

Amongst the memorable images selected by MSNBC are (in no particular order):

Running from deadly IED blast. A U.S. Marine of 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade runs to safety moments after an improvised explosive device exploded in Afghanistan's Helmand province July 13. Two Marines were killed in the blast, which occurred as they tried to clear a route into the Taliban heartland of southern Helmand. Manpreet Romana / AFP - Getty Images

From bedtime to the front lines. U.S. Army soldiers take positions May 11 after gunfire from militants in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Spc. Zachery Boyd of Fort Worth, Texas, left, ran from his quarters wearing "I love NY" boxers. From right are Spc. Cecil Montgomery of Many, La., and Spc. Jordan Custer of Spokane, Wash. David Guttenfelder / AP

Michael Jackson remembered. The Jackson family gathers around Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael, during the public memorial service for him held July 7 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Jackson, 50, the "King of Pop," died June 25 after going into cardiac arrest at his rented estate in Los Angeles. Gabriel Bouys / AFP - Getty Images

:bulletred: PIXCETERA 2009 Pictures of the Year: People's Choice
:bulletred: Boston Big Picture 2009 in Photos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
:bulletred: Reuters Pictures of the Year 2009 Slideshow
:bulletred: Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association 2009 Winners

...did I miss out any others? Lemme know!


With love...



Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Gallery Moderator - Photojournalism, Inc.
February 23rd, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CR: Top 10 Photojournalism EZines

Tue Feb 2, 2010, 3:25 AM


For Links:
Windows: Ctrl-Click
Mac: Cmd-Click

We are a bunch who are used to seeing photography magazines lining up the shelves in bookstores. Some of us would grab one and find the nearest wall to lean on or a chair to sit to start flipping into their contents. Others would purchase them and bring home to read. Some would even buy them, and try to recreate what they see in the pictures based on the technicalities given in there, to even buying their gears based on reviews that was written by some biased editor. Everybody has a say or two these days.

With citizen journalism creeping up from all over ever since the term was made into a pop-icon status post September 11th, 2001 - sort of thanks to iReporters on CNN and a few other bunches of online news portals offering immediate up to date journalism images and stories from amateurs and wanabes - many companies are starting to find the need to cater to these new breed of individuals who wants a platform to gain their own popularity of sorts.

This however, shouldn't be confused with sites like JPGMag, Flickr, Getty's Editorial, PressPhoto International, etc as they are mainly photography galleries or social networking sites in their own rights. Even our very own DeviantART. Online Magazines differ as it is the opposite of the publishing industry but uses their site like a weekly or monthly electronic version of a magazine. (New York Times website is an e-newspaper, so that doesn't count) Not only is it cheaper and cost effective for the publisher to maintain, it is also environmentally friendly (almost). While an actual hardcopy of a magazine from the stores may not catch your eyes when you scour through the throngs of books and magazines because you are still the type who judges the book by the cover, electronic online magazines are virtually accessible by everybody who has an internet connection. Now with mobile technologies able to log on to 3G and EDGE, such sites are even starting to strategically redefine their source codes to load mobile-friendly pages onto their viewer's devices. Try opening up on your iPod/iPhone/Blackberry and you'll know what I mean.


*crickets...* OK. Who am I kidding? Everyone knows all of these already, amirite? Skipping the formalities and meloblahblahs, we'll just jump straight into the list.

Top 10 Photojournalism Online Magazines no particular order, are:

Social Documentary - Using the power of photography to promote global awareness

Wed Pix - Wedding Photography Articles

Lunatic - Creative Contemporary Photojournalism

World Press Photo - A Publication of the World Press Photo Education Department

Vewd - For Documentary Photographers

The 37th Frame - Celebrating The Best of Photojournalism

POSI+TIVE Magazine - Different Views Around The World

Blue Eyes Magazine - Devoted to publishing new long-term project work

Cultures on the Edge - An open look at cultural diversity around the world - The Big Picture - News Stories in Photograph

Other Sites
If you know of any other sites out there that's not listed but as good or even better, list them here!! Make sure it's ONLY for Photojournalism!

Among a few that is found out there:

:bulletred: GUP Magazine
:bulletred: Vis A Vis (France)
:bulletred: Daylight Magazine
:bulletred: Black and White Magazine
:bulletred: Exposure Magazine
:bulletred: 100 Eyes
:bulletred: LIFE
:bulletred: Fotoritim
:bulletred: Doubletruck Magazine
:bulletred: Z-Reportage
:bulletred: The Photojournalist (Australia)


With love...



Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Gallery Moderator - Photojournalism, Inc.
February 2nd, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CR: Our PJ Deviants Were Featured!!

Sat Jan 16, 2010, 11:31 PM

First off... a personal note.

For Links:
Windows: Ctrl-Click
Mac: Cmd-Click

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know I know I committed a crime for being this late wishing everybody a blessed and prosperously healthy and wiser new year for you all. I hope the first couple of weeks into this 1st year of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium bid you and your loved ones well... and that there's more good days ahead for everybody.

It is unfortunate that the situations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [1] [2] with the current fracas regarding some politically charged up issue between two rival religions, and the current happenstance in Haiti [3] has made me unavailable for much during the past week... Juggling real life and deviantART is tough, but trust me, I'm always here.

Features Features Features!!!

Our very own Fabi Fliervoet, or silverdragon, who won third prize in our recent Photojournalism LIFE Contest, was recently featured on National Geographic with the same winning photograph!! Here's the shot:

You too close by silverdragon

Here's the link on National Geographic's Visions of Earth 2010.

Fabi was also featured on DailyMail UK couple of days ago. Check out the story here: Duck! The beach bar that features jumbo jets roaring 20 yards overhead.

Other Recently Featured Deviants

Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 saw three deviants we know of receiving this prestigious recognition!! The winner is GMB Akash!! GMBAkash's photographs featured include:

Take Me Home 2

Shipbreaking in Pakistan

Other winners include:

Lasse Damgaard (Nullermanden)
Honourable Mention - "People of the world" Category

European Portraits: No. 10 by Nullermanden American Portraits: No. 15 by Nullermanden

Poras Chaudhary (poraschaudhary)
Winner - "Portfolio, Homeland" Category

Last Man Standing II by poraschaudhary Holi Hai by poraschaudhary

Congrats to everybody!!!! :clap: :#1: :trophy: :party:

If you know anybody else...

...who's gotten the honor of being featured on kickass publications like our Fabi, send them over here so we can let the whole world know!! You can write to me via Note with the subject header: "Featured on [insert publication name]"

With love...


Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Gallery Moderator - Photojournalism, Inc.
January 17th, 2009
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CR: PJ DD Year End Special

Thu Dec 31, 2009, 7:51 AM

Photojournalism Daily Deviation Year End Special

Ho-boy... Get your popcorns everybody. This is gonna be a long one. :paranoid: *zips back up*

It's that time of the year again, kids! ...For the Photojournalism gallery to feature you the best of 2009! Although the choice is personal, you are free to feature your own favorites as well. I have chosen the top 5 best Daily Deviations for every month from January to December of 2009. These are collections from Daily Deviations given by me, and my ex partner in crime, Helewidis, who left the Community Relations team on October 2nd, 2009. All selections are in no particular order of preference. But first... just in case:

:bulletred: FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
:bulletred: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
:bulletred: FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

For Links:
Windows [ Ctrl-Click ]
Mac [ Cmd - Click ]

...What's your favorite?

January 2009

Colorful India by poraschaudhary capoeira.i by mudri
Bat and Window Girl by serhatbayram Goran Bare by MojcaP
Putting out the flames by Sirevil

February 2009

Huge world for a prem by plo0m fried red tomatoes by tamergunal
023 by harmonist

Mature Content

Spencer Tunick in Mexico City2 by Divadlo

eye contact II by oscarsnapshotter

March 2009

A matter of size by LoganX78 Don't take This PERSONALLY by donaldsart
they called it 'LIFE' by yaradestani Hakuna Matata,  Kenya ll by serhatdemiroglu
Happiest Day by X-Pippes

April 2009

Typhoon Krosa 1 by bQw The Blue City by removalist
:thumb108926939: Burst of Red by poraschaudhary
onum arkam saglm solum by enderefe

May 2009

Run photographer, run. by etheris :thumb116092833:
:thumb100393469: the look by PatrickWally
400 Years 22'59 by astrsk

June 2009

Ribelle by Gonzale All over by asianrabbit
Kairys by rumun Sunrise windsurfing by blindrider

July 2009

Timeless by michaelanderson

Mature Content

Bloody by mohamadfazli

dance, 1 by vuda C H A I R S by lady-iguana

August 2009

Cloudy Night Launch by luvbight :thumb115191494:
Duck Dive by Pensquared4life Lone ship at sea by fbcota
BU Wrestle 3 by henster311

September 2009

20090516058 by hakkiceylan zion-vans road trip 3 by tomislav-moze
Nature's bomb mushroom by Chris-Lamprianidis Saving Lives by bliz
Fire in Athens by StamatisGR

October 2009

T In The Park.... by Renza :thumb131184450:
Sigur Ros_1 by Birthmark Take me home 2 by GMBAkash

November 2009

Blue Cavern by benjackson Reaching for H E L P by panduka56
:thumb143610059: PACMAN by pace067
Atlantis Liftoff by OpticaLLightspeed

December 2009

Fight Through... by arkady001 Life At Backstage 8 by hakanphotography
Wired by Killntyme cow race 2 by tribuana
Leather Rebel by Willowhisperer


See you next year!! MOAR TO COME!!!
It's 10 minutes to January 1st, 2010 here. See ya tomorrow!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :party: :eager: :boogie: :dance: :w00t: :cuddle: :manhug: :huggle: :blowkiss: :smooch: :hug: :love: :heart:

With love...


Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Gallery Moderator - Photojournalism, Inc.
December 31st, 2009
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

hello again... it's been awhile.

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 10:47 PM

Too long has it been...

when you've last seen my personal journal update. I've been around. Not going anywhere... except since.. gee... March or so, I've been physically and mentally challenged with so many things to do, it's a wonder that multitasking has been in my genes since birth.

These few weeks especially. I've had to endure moving from one condo to another house, liaising with the mover's company, cleaning the said house by unpacking and rearranging the furniture, arranging with renovation crew to redo the condo, getting more furniture from Cavenzi and IKEA, getting curtains custom made, and if that's not all, there's also Jamie, our new pup to take care of for his vaccination, food, welfare, etc, and then there's the continuation of my baby birthing series that I took last week, followed by more plannings and logistical stuffs to tackle for my upcoming April exhibition in Singapore, and finally, a business venture for my darling Han and I.



It's been CR-related stuffs since April in my journal log. The LIFE contest was a success and mayhaps another will be planned soon. That truly depends on how much longer I could keep me hat. Since Helewidis left my side after succumbing to real life outside the Matrix, I've been looking forward to some me-time but with the business deal coming up, struggling to keep up with dA itself is a challenge on its own.

At most for now would be DD updates daily and unless you suddenly see a picture or two disappeared from the listing that I've given, it's most likely because the image was reportedly stolen and I have to pull the plug on those. I'm also looking forward to selecting the year's best DD and will this time invite a couple more people to help out with their selections as well.

My apologies also to those of you whom I haven't commented or replied to for awhile. You know who you are. I'll be back on track soon. I promise.


Some coding issue with the last CSS I used from Thiefoworld for my Bonnie & Clyde Journal CSS... so since I haven't been using it because of the strings of CR-related articles, here's a new one compliments by Starke-Haz and modified a li'l by yours truly. Hope you like it coz if you know me well enough, I'm one heluva coffee junkeh.

What's Next?

I'll be editing a new baby series taken last week and will be themed as "My Baby You" this time. The whole story and stuff will be revealed when the first deviation of the series appear. Boyohboyohboyohboy....

What's Now?

Back to my chores. I'll be back here soon. Watch this space. Mwah. In the meantime, send me some Christmas PJ stuffs for me to DD! DD suggestion guidelines in my Journal Page.


:iconcommunityrelations: :iconnewsstand: :iconstreet-pj:

With much love.. :heart:

.:: Evangeliss YH-Hwong
Photojournalism Gallery Moderator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 15th, 2009 (GMT+8)

CR: Sudden Disappearance of DD?

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 9:12 PM

CR: Sudden Disappearance of Daily Deviations?


:bucktooth: :|

It happens.

And it's not the first time either. And it's been discussed numerous times, so this serves as a public service reminder not just for the Photojournalism gallery, but also to other galleries on deviantART as well. At times when you see a Daily Deviation awarded on one day, the next day (or sometimes even during the same day itself), you'll notice it disappeared from the database or from the Today's page.

You'll then wonder what happened to it, whether you're the person the Daily Deviation was awarded to, or you're a bystander who witness the sudden disappearance of something you thought was great or awesome.

DD? Daily Deviation? Wuzzat?

:bulletred: FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
The Daily Deviation is a daily feature chosen from the galleries here on deviantART.

A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

The staff/volunteer members responsible for selecting submissions for the daily feature often are open to suggestions and individual community members may direct their attention by noting the appropriate gallery moderator or staff member with a direct link to the deviation which you are suggesting and a brief description about why you think the work in question should be featured.

:bulletred: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
:bulletred: FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

What Makes A DD Disappear?

Aliens. Sarah Palin. That dog that ate your homework.

Rarely but occasionally, it happens... when the artist him/herself removes the image from his/her own gallery. However, a Daily Deviation is removed from the database by administrators or moderators when there's a suspected art theft that happens to it, or proven for one. It's easy to detect, but at times, with so much at hand for us Gallery Moderators to look into, some fine details can be missed. Thus it is through the support and help from the community such as yourself that would be of great value to us all by being the ears and eyes (and fingers) to let us know if you suspected an artwork to be mischievously out of place.

This is also a valuable method to figure out things even before you suggest your favorite artpiece to a Gallery Moderator to be awarded a Daily Deviation. Here's how:

:bulletpurple: Read through the artist's comments. Sometimes they inadvertently blurt out "photo was taken by my ho" or something. These are the types of people who uses deviantART not as a gallery portal of their bests, but as either a myspace-y or flickr-y site instead.

:bulletpurple: Right click on the image you wish to suggest as DD, or is already in the DD list, and select "Copy Image Location" and open up the TinEye Reverse Image Search site. The site is self explanatory when you paste the link into the URL Search and see the result that follows.

:bulletpurple: When you found out that an image is suspected to be an art theft and is already in the Daily Deviation database, contact the Gallery Moderator that handles that image category. For instance, if the image is under Photojournalism, look out for who's in charge of that category here: Community Relations' Gallery Moderators, and contact him or her directly via Note.

:bulletpurple: You can also do the above if the image is not in the DD database too. Otherwise, contact the Help Desk by reporting a policy violation inquiry on the artwork/artist.

:bulletpurple: If you find that an artist has works too good to be true, you may want to check each and every one of their artwork and who knows, somewhere, either one of the above will hit a jackpot for you. Happens a few times with the Photojournalism gallery especially with copypasters who use images from Getty's, AFP, AP, Reuters, and other foreign wire services. Tsk tsk...

Our Apologies

...if we have DD-ed a work that's stolen. Gallery Moderators tend to receive an average of over 100 DD suggestions a day or even more... and it takes us a great deal of things to do to ensure the image you suggested are authentically made by the artist you suggested. Thus, at rare moments we do acknowledge that we are not at all times perfect and mistakes do happen... and we will ensure an immediate investigation into any matters that are reported to us. Working hand in hand with us this way will help curb any further untoward mis-DDed materials too.

However, do refrain from suggesting an image for us to investigate solely on gut instinct.

OK, So We Got This Out Of The Way... How Do We Suggest A DD To You?

...once again...

:bulletblue: Ensure that you are suggesting to the right Gallery Moderator based on the category the image is uploaded to. Click here for a full list of Gallery Moderators

:bulletblue: For Photojournalism DD Suggestions, send me a Note with "DD suggestion" in the subject line
:bulletblue: Post the note with the :thumbxxxxxxx: code
:bulletblue: Include your reasons if possible
:bulletblue: FEEL FREE to suggest yourself!
:bulletblue: No restrictions
:bulletblue: While all suggestions are looked at and considered, not all suggestions will make it as a DD
:bulletblue: Suggester will be notified if the DD is selected via Note.
:bulletblue: There is always a queue in my message center. Please be patient.
:bulletblue: DD-ing shall only be awarded to those who haven't received any for the past 3 months.
:bulletblue: Keep the Suggestions coming!!

"Make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange"

What a journey it shall be......

With much love..


.:: Evangeliss YH-Hwong ::.
Photojournalism Gallery Moderator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 23rd, 2009 [GMT+8]

CR: Photojournalism Groups

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 1:58 AM

Photojournalism Groups on DeviantART

Yeps. Groups. Plural.

When deviantART Groups rolled out recently, the community went ecstatic. Although still at its current beta stages since its conception, Groups was meant for bridging newbs and pros together into a tighter close knit community. If Photojournalism is not your field of interest, you can check out other Groups that's starting to pop up around deviantART here: #HQ: Groups 101: news you should know!.

Introducing NewsStand


Founded on August 26th, 2009 by dynamic duo Timothy-Sim and Helewidis, NewsStand has seen a steady growth of members within the Photojournalism community. With an early head start, NewsStand focuses on building the awareness of each of Photojournalism's 12 subgalleries: from Concerts & Musicians, Sports, Performing Arts, Public Gathering & Events, to Weddings. Yours truly here is honored to be its Senior Editor.

Other topics discussed on the site include tutorials, resources, and never forgetting features from the staffs and contributors. NewsStand also runs its own dAmn Chatroom: #Pub.

Introducing Street-PJ


Although started somewhat later than NewsStand, Street-PJ has seen a tremendous growth in its members and watchers since it started on September 3rd, 2009. According to founder JamesBardolph and co-founded by tanya-n, quote: "Street-PJ aims to bring together the best of Street Photography and Photojournalism. Often, these two types of photography overlap, and we hope to be able to showcase the cream of the crop. The images here should reflect and epitomise the best of these genres, and should provide a good understanding for those wanting examples of these types of photography."

Hats off to both founder and co-founder of Street-PJ for being able to separate the genre equivocally well. Yes, there is a big difference between street and photojournalism, yet when done right, there's often time these two genres collide and they collide well.

How Do We Choose What We'll Like?

It's completely up to you. Do note that both site features wonderful photojournalism images... and as its namesake, it is the Features section of both sites that you should look into to see how different both sites are... not the Favorites sections.

Once you found which you like to check out often, put them in your DevWatch, or select Join Group. If you believe you have stuffs you can contribute to either Groups, by all means go ahead and contact the founders of either site! Being a community, your voice shall be heard, so don't be afraid to speak up. In fact, it gives me a great honor to be a part of this massively active community of photojournalists and we hope through Groups like these, you too, can learn a thing or two in your lifetime.

Coming Up...

2009's Best DDs from January to December!! By the end of November, I'll be showcasing the top Daily Deviations for January through June 2009... and on News Year's Eve, the remaining top Daily Deviations for July through December 2009.

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November 19th, 2009 [GMT+8]

CR: Over 50 Journalists Killed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2009, 2:31 AM

Over 50 Journalists Killed in Line of Duty

Courtesy of The Star Online Malaysia

NEW DELHI: Fifty-four journalists have been reported killed while in the line of duty so far this year, with the majority of the deaths in volatile Pakistan and the Philippines.

According to the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), data on "media persons killed" until September, journalists, largely in developing and war-torn countries, fell victim.

"It's so unfortunate that journalists who were willing to work in difficult conditions were killed. There is no security for them in countries without democracy, their voices are often muffled.

"Eventually, authorities have to surrender to the media. They must understand that news cannot be suppressed anymore.

"There are so many mediums to transmit news now, from mobile phone, internet to radio," WAN vice-president Pratap Pawar said.

Terrorism-plagued Pakistan topped the list with eight journalists killed on duty, seven in the Philippines and six in Mexico among the leading countries, said the Paris-based WAN, a non-profit organisation founded in 1948, with 18,000 publications as members.

In its study, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said 760 journalists were killed between 1992 and today, and another 30 scribes have been reported missing, as of last year.

According to the New York headquartered CPJ's website, the missing journalists disappeared while on duty and some of them were feared dead but their bodies not found.

The CPJ has listed Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Russia as the deadliest countries for media persons this year.

"Make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange"

What a journey it shall be......

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November 8th, 2009 [GMT+8]