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dress up Sebastian

By Evangellina
It's my first dress up game. I've never did it earlier. Hope it's not so ugly)))))))))))

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji
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He even says "Yes my lord" in Japanese XD i can't stop laughing XD
Cuteanimegirl125's avatar
Oh Sebastian!!! :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: 
FreddyFazbear567's avatar
i took off his clothes, put the cat ears on him, and then i put all his clothez back.....wha??
XxjeffthekillergirxX's avatar
o0xJENNx0o's avatar
I kinda took off all  of Sebby's clothes, then put grell near his legs. To me, it looks like Grell is saying, ''DAYUM! Those legs!~''
100neko's avatar
*clicking furiously on his underwear*meeeeeehhhhhhhh! come on sebastian its not like I haven't seen your special demon parts before~!  
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Mr-Fandom-Kun's avatar
I took off all of his clothes and put Grell on him xD
Kitty5101's avatar
I'm guilty.. I tried to take his underwear off TT^TT
angelwings134's avatar
Your not alone I was like "awwwwe no fair....." but i cried when i saw the strippe shoes, I just kept his clothes off and pop on his shoes...BAM stripper..
Kitty5101's avatar
The stripper boots go well with his true form xD
abra1codabra's avatar
SOOO, I was dressin' him up, and out of nowhere BAM this dang nabbit maid outfit appears.... and Im like 'hmm...' 10 SECONDS LATE IM DYING FALLING OFF MY COMPUTER AND LIKE WTF THIS IS HILARIOUS
abra1codabra's avatar
and then I found the little Grell holding his little red coat. im dead. you've done it. Call the UnderTaker. :)))
IwuvSoul's avatar
The maid outfit- I just died XD XD XD XD Amazing game.
AngelzDemonForever's avatar
Hahah omg this was amazing x33 <33333333
psychefan4's avatar
I saw the cowboy boots and being the country/Mel Brooks fan that I am instantly got Blazing Saddles stuck in my head. My only question: where is the cowboy hat? This is the closest i've ever come to seeing Sebby in country gear!
tatiana3222's avatar
If only it were real... o//o
Inuyasha510's avatar
Nice,I love how you drew Sebastian.I just finnished season 1,so this was nice to play.
Inuyasha510's avatar
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