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This was typography I did for a survival-horror game I was involved in. Unfortunately the very small team I worked with (about 4 main contributors including myself) had to abandon it due to real-life issues. This was the working title of the piece and pretty much the settled imagery for displaying that title if it should arise into anything commercial, and I have to say I am so pleased with it's overall design.

a morbid fear of dying

As the word implies I tried to capture the fear, the ideal of death both in a morbid fashion through the blood splatter and the almost-eerie but elegant grace death seems to have through the letter tails on the 'T' and 'a'. The idea behind the faded and ghost-like appearance was to again endorse the feeling of death being a presence and add the genre (the game being a survival-horror based) to the title itself.
I also chose to have the word written in traditional means as I researched into in the survival horror genre and their box-cover art, the titles when displayed were actually bold, capitalized, regimented and rather rigid, games such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark including recent titles such as F.E.A.R and Dead Space followed this suit finding only one title Amnesia: The Dark Descent deviating from this trend. I even branched out to other forms of media such as films to which also had the same tendency, therefore ultimately deciding to pursue a more subtle approach.

Program:Photoshop CS4
Time: 2-3 hours max
Medium used: Mouse
Materials used: font [link], additional brushes [link] by ~VexingArt
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This is really cool! The script is a unique balance of elegance and decay-- definitely falls into the morbid category! Awesome design! :)
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Thank you! I might do some more because I actually really enjoy this, maybe more the quickness in how I can produce it compared to my dolls and digital paintings lol.