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South Korea Photography Gallery by Evangeline40003, visual art


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Chibi Art by Evangeline40003, visual art

Writing Wednesday #5 Good VS Bad Criticism by Evangeline40003, literature

Writing Wednesday #4 Types of Feedback by Evangeline40003, literature

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I am a professional freelance writer with a BA in creative writing. I enjoy studying Korean, I am learning how to paint, I am a photographer, and world traveler. Read my full About Me HERE

I post Weekly Writing Wednesdays--writing guides, tips, advice, and stories for the aspiring, growing, hobbyist, and professional writers.

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Welcome to My Page

Updates 6/21/2021 Hi everyone! I hope you have been doing well :) I just got back from camping a few days ago~ thank you so much for all the kind messages when I left, I'll reply to those soon! :love: :hug: I won't be online much this week (catching up with work that I put aside to go on vacation haha) but once that is done, next weekend my Weekly Community Journals will be posting regularly again. I will also start catching up on my backlog of messages and notifications then. My commissions (art, writing, editing) are all currently open too! Message me or take a look at my profile for more information. Until then, have a great week everyone! Mini Community News Links: Check out the new writing contest: The Immutability Prose Contest over at @communityrelations @wolfwoofa 's Dust Demon/Spirit Animal Contest is still open until June 30th!
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Writing Contest! @AlexanderPaupoff and the wonderful team at @communityrelations have put together this awesome writing contest called The Immutability Prose Contest. :rose: I hope you all hop on over to take a look at it :love: It'll be judged by yours truly and some other far more incredible deviants so I know this will be a fun time!
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Camping! Hi all! I will be out of town this week on a camping trip :) I hope you all have a lovely week :)
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Thank you so much for the Llama! Llama jump

Thanks for the Llama :D

Nice writing and storylines

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Thanks for the llama Evangeline!

Thank you for the llama!! :)