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Vampire Teeth Tutorial

A close-up look into the process of making acrylic teeth.
I hope that even non-sculptors will find this informative.

Mask making, Skin Texture, Hair Punching
Mask Making Tutorial: Part 1 by EvanCampbell Mask Making Tutorial: Part 2 by EvanCampbell Skin Texture Tutorial by EvanCampbell Hair Punching tutorial by EvanCampbell

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Siolan's avatar
Wow! They look good!
Walyco's avatar
This is so coooolll 
Vulpes94's avatar
thats so impressive :O
Anesthetic-X's avatar
Could you make an eye tutorial as well please? <3
abdamit's avatar
the teeth of the upper jaw on an elite out of the halo-game series Halo4 are really interesting, the incisors are a little bit edged to the sides when looking at the elits face from the front... really cool
mydragonzeatyou's avatar
Is it comfy?

Those look awesome, I want some!!
EvanCampbell's avatar
Not too bad...we have a soft flexible gum version now that is comfy!
As far as the way I do this--by teaching myself through a few years of experimenting--there is more to this process than meets the eye in this tutorial.. like it says "the basics". Cool teeth though!! Masterful work.
A-hardie's avatar
I take it this was all done with cold cure materials?
Threshie's avatar
:clap: Way too advanced for me to actually try, but amazing to watch come together. The finished item looks awesome!
lespaul20's avatar
I kept telling myself things would get better my expectations were more than exceeded this is proof that miracles do exist seriously consider this
Kabuki-Bunny's avatar
Hi Evan,I have a question-is it absolutely necessary to use a dental articulator for this,or would it be possible to achieve without it? Not that I'd be ready for this any time soon lol ...I'm just starting out:/
EvanCampbell's avatar
No you do not have to use the articulator...I have made many sets just have to keep checking the upper and lower together as you sculpt.
Kabuki-Bunny's avatar
Okay,I see. Thank you for responding back. Sorry if the question sounded silly,but again I'm still learning these things:)
marianaliendo's avatar
WOOOOOOOW! this is great! what kind of clay is it?? :) you are way too good!
Sibale's avatar
Very awesome and helpful tutorial. How much it cost to make these kind theet?
Amazing and really lifelike!
psicoboy's avatar
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lesbianpride1's avatar
wow thats soo cool i so wish i cud buy 1
HobbyFX's avatar
i've been doing teeth for a few years now and a random post brought me back to this tutorial, thanks for posting it,
need to 'up' my game for a short horror film i have been commissioned for so this will be a very useful resource for me :D
katu01's avatar
Many thanks for posting this :iconbowplz:
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