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Skin Texture Tutorial

By EvanCampbell
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Mask making, Skin Texture, Hair Punching
Mask Making Tutorial: Part 1 by EvanCampbell Mask Making Tutorial: Part 2 by EvanCampbell Skin Texture Tutorial by EvanCampbell Hair Punching tutorial by EvanCampbell
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I don't know why this gives me...huh...a scare? (forgot what was the word, bad English) 
but your work is so cool and well done that I can't stop admiring it! 
LoulabeIIe's avatar
THAT IS AMAZING, I never thought of this before, how original and unique!
little-red-book's avatar
bloddy hell... that's osm
CyanScarf's avatar
So disgusting and awesome!
lantimorte's avatar
Gruesomely beautiful and super informative! @_@ Thank you for putting this up!
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fantastic tutorial. Thx so much.  Can you thin fimo clay down with rubbing alcohol to make pimples.  Have never mixed fimo with alcohol before?
EvanCampbell's avatar know I am not familiar with fimo but most likely there is something that could thin it down. 
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Ewww but very real like thanks for the tip
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This is very informative and easy to understand. I will have to try some of these, especially the plastic barrier.
InLimboStudio's avatar
Thanks Evan!

I'm a student in VFX, your artwork is really inpressive and inspire me.
EvanCampbell's avatar
Thanks...that means a lot to me!
Pink-Pretty666's avatar
wooooow... awesome...
but... I don´t find a word for this :D
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Amazing tutorial!! Question: How do you get that clay to that exact liquid consistency? I'm trying with super sculpey firm and rubbing alcohol 70%. It turned out liquidy in 24 hrs but not like yours. It's either too water or kind of clumpy with a sandy texture. When I squeeze it out of the bottle it's like paste one time and runny water the next time. HELP  pleasee :(
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The orange thing is ingenious! :D
Outsidemybox's avatar
Evan, thanks for this simple yet priceless tut! I've been looking to an effective skin technique and the orange is just what I need. You're a rock star!
EvanCampbell's avatar
Thanks..I hope it helps!
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That is horrid. Well done!!
diello's avatar
SO GROSS!!! I love it!!!!!!!!
O-SHRUM-O's avatar
Thanks for this.
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Eca!~ It`s so real...
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