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Mask Making Tutorial: Part 2

A detailed view into the process of mask making.
I hope that non-sculptor's will find this interesting.

Mask making,Skin texture,Realistic hair, Vampire Teeth

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What type of glue do you use for attaching the hair?
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Ah, cool. Are you tinting it to match the skin tones then, as it will be visible through the finer areas of hair?
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so I used a burning tool to clean the seam on a mask and it just created a sloppy, sticky mess all around the seam that won't take paint. any suggestions on how to avoid this? or why this happened?
EvanCampbell's avatar
You can wipe it down after with 99% alcohol...that should clean up any mess and if you use pros-aide over it, paint should stick to it. Also using a burning tool on latex like this is best when the seam needs only light amounts. If the seam is pretty thick may be best to just trim with scissors and fill with cabo paste (mixture of cabosil and prosaide)
oxnrach's avatar
Cool. Thank you so much for the reply :)
draweverywhere's avatar
These tutorials are super educational! I am really inspired to work on my own projects with these techniques. Thanks for sharing such rich knowledge!
EvanCampbell's avatar
That is great to read....thanks for writing and I hope they will be helpful. :)
aquaTICKworld's avatar
Wow, thank you for making the tutorial! I don't know if I ever attempt this but it was very informative, I've always wondered how on Earth these things are done. Thank you!
Nightlyre's avatar
Once again, thank you for the detailed and useful tutorial. The notations on painting are especially useful. Heard a lot about PAX paints but I didn't realize how simple they are! Out of curiosity, and if you have a chance to answer, what type of acrylics do you use? The thicker painting type that comes in tubes, or the thinner craft type that comes in bottles?
Bucketosudz's avatar
Thank You for all the efforts it has taken you to provide these FANTASTIC tutorials! What a treasure trove of information and tips that take many years to develop. Thanks again!
oviyen's avatar
cool work :) realistic
Marshika's avatar
Y U NO MAKE PRETTY GIRLS? D: xD Awesome job~ :'D
damocles-shop's avatar
for airbrushing would mixing dipping latex ( thinner) with the acrylic paint work ? Or would it plug the gun up ? I use latex and acrylic flexible varnish mixed with acrylic colours when I paint my masks for larping. I need a very strong finish. And I,ve been wondering about using a thinned down version of my mixture...
fydbac's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm in the process of making my first mask for a client (I repeatedly warned them it'll be my first, but they insisted). I had figured some steps in my head, thanks to the experience Ive had with similar projects, but this tutorial definitely showed me an easier way for some things, and solidified the steps I had in mind.
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Jeez.. now that is face only a mother could love, and i mean that in the best way, of course!
fatih35's avatar
awesome style..
Peace-n-Love-4ever's avatar
I can not even imagine how much patience you have to make these. I have trouble waiting for food to heat up in the microwave. ^^lll
Thaizi-Overlord's avatar
Last picture makes me think of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers series, lol
Crucifer01's avatar
Does the Liquitex come as an airbrush paint or do you have to dilute it with another product?
Oberon666's avatar
very cool. thanks for tutorials
Psicokiller's avatar
ALERIALS36's avatar
hi there evan! can you make a painting tutorial! i mean that would be just awesome!is grate and...really reallistic o.o!
propsculptor's avatar
Amazing work as always Evan!!
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