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Hair Punching tutorial

By EvanCampbell
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A close-up look into the process of hair punching.
I hope that even non-sculptors will find this informative.

Mask making, Skin Texture, Vampire Teeth

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So out of curiosity (brilliant tutorial btw), if one were to try and create a furred look to a mask like that of a werewolf, the same principals apply I suppose right? Also, where would you recommend purchasing hair / fur for punching?
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Thanks! you know that  is a much different process...one that I have zero experience in :( sorry
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Your work is amazing, and this information is really inspiring!  Thank you so much for sharing!  :D
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Thanks for such a nice compliment...I appreciate it!
pearldragon145's avatar
You're welcome!  Your work and tutorials are truly inspiring and helpful! :)
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How do you remove the project from the styrofoam with minimal hair loss?
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What is the highest shore hardness you can cast the silicone in without breaking the rooting needles?
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where do you buy your hair for this?
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This is incredible! I've been looking for a tutorial on hair punching and yours is PERFECT!! Thank you so much!! Makes me want to get started on my project even more! :nuu:
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Great to read....I hope it will be helpful. Thanks for writing :D (Big Grin) 
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You're very welcome!
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Thank you for making this wonderful tutorial ...Even though I know it isn't real I keep thinking it is ...it looks so real...did I say..... he looks SO REAL..incredible!
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Hi there

thank you so much for this tutorial. i recently completed my first silicone castings of anatomical hearts around hip flasks, and for my next project i will be making hairless rats from ecoflex silicone. 

i was just wondering, would this method be suitable for embedding the whiskers and small hairs that are found on hairless rats into the silicone? the silicone would be a solid piece, rather than a mask, and i was concerned about how well the hair would stay embedded. 

thank you so much again

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Yes, this would be the same process for a solid silicone prop.
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Very fascinating technique
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you are the most talented artist on the planet. No doubt!
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Oh god. this look so real.
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Exellent work.
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Genius work, it cannot look any more real. Thank you very much for explaining how this is done!
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must take forever to do the hair.. wow =)
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damn..i thought he was real..:D
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awesome artwork man.

EvanCampbell can u please help me. I had done few sculptures using grey clay in college. Now, the dean of our animation college told me to do a girl character so as to put in his cabin. This is a great offer for me to get recognised and make my parents feel proud.

The main thing is I worked on greyclay, but could not preserve them as they got cracks on. I was planning to do this girl character with Plaster of paris with minute details. "Can you suggest which would be better and lasts long. Need some tips on the making process." I only have 15 days left for this, 'coz some fest is going to be condected within a month where my work can get recognised more.

Could you please help me in it..
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