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Freddy Krueger

By EvanCampbell
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This was a Freddy Krueger Demon that I sculpted and
painted for the film "Wes Craven's New Nightmare."

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aight imma sleep with my lights on and my danganronpa v3 plushies TvT
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That should fix it ;)

latteTheKxkichiKin's avatar
yeah i hope i wont get murdered in my banana dreams...aw banana split
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Nah freddy is 95 and in a wheelchair now. He sleeps most of the day and has soup at night. Pleasant dreams await you.

latteTheKxkichiKin's avatar
hooray nobody will ruin my dreams...except fot my dad waking me up in the morning for school
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Wow... so well done! So much details and perfect coloring, damn.

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The scariest Freddy makeup never seen on film.
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It was in Wes Cravens new nightmare at the end....for about two seconds. :)
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That should of been his main look. He looks evil as Hell over the one used in the film.
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Damn.Also I love Freddy,and this was incredible.
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My nigga freddy lookin like a ceasers pizza without the cheese
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You need to see a dentist, Freddy.
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That's terrifying! 😱
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loved the movie even though I was 12 when I saw it
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You worked on New Nightmare? Lucky!
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i actually came up with my own idea for a "nightmare on elm street" remake : in this version , freddy was actually FRAMED for the murders of the elm street children , which is what drove him to his killing spree in the dream world
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