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Steven Universe Collab

By Evanatt
A Steven Universe collab between me and :iconagentdrago:.
She did the lineart, I did the coloring :aww:.

Here are her lineart version:…

I hope you like it fluffy :heart:
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Oh my God!!! I totally love this, the style, the colors, everything its just perfect, instant fave!!! Keep up the great work XD!!!
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Wow! This looks amazingly stylish!!! I love it!
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wow they such a bada**
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Hi! I just thought you'd like to know that this week the site Unicorn Booty is doing a "Steven Universe Week", and to kick it off, there's a fanart roundup -- and this piece is in it!…

Thanks so much, and I hope you like the piece!
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ah cool.
Though I would had liked to they give credit to too. Since she did the lineart part of it.
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You're right -- that's not on. I'm fixing that right now — thanks for the heads up on that, and sorry for the error in the first place!
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No problem :) and thanks
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Simply: great job, my friend. Nice!
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Brilliant. I'm loving the detail :)
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OH MY GOSH. I am in love with your colouring style :love:
Just... how...? Do you have any speedpaint videos or tutorials? I super admire your colouring, even just the way you recolour the lineart and make the whole piece so.. wholesome?
Anyways, lovely work :love:

teach me senpai
Evanatt's avatar
I have some speedpaint videos at my youtube:…
But I also stream time to time when I'm drawing (I normally notice people about streaming on my tumblr blog though).
Also have some very few tutorial at my blog here;…

Thanks for the comment (and sorry for really late answer).
WaterLily-Gems-Art's avatar
Ah thank you so much for the resources :D
You're very welcome!
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:iconomgextremeplz: this is so epic!! :D
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I really really love how this turned out but I didnt expect anything else from you <3 I really enjoy how our styles fit together ;u; The colors are so amazingly strong and I like how you added some more details with colors only~
I love this so much..!! ;w; <3 <3 <3 Especially  because I was always like "aaah is this good enough even?!" xDD and Jasper goddamnit she killed me xD
Evanatt's avatar
Of course it's good enough :heart:. I specially love the garnet lips you drawn! XD.
It was fun doing collab with you. We have kinda known each other long by now, and when I think about it I don't think we've ever done a collab before, just us two. So was about time I guess *w*!

I'll get started on my other half when I stop being lazy XD.
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Hurr Jasperrrrrrrrr
You both go great together in a collab!=D Can´t wait to see the other part!<3
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Thanks 'w'.
Yeah I still have to sketch the invader zim collab ^^;.
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Hoooly CRAP, this is amazing! I gotta go watch this show!
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Thanks. And yeah do that :)
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