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MFL: Big Zenigata vs Big Fau
[Insert Spirit]
An artificial sun shines over the skyscrapers of the central Paradigm dome. Its inhabitants continue through with their daily lives, innocent and unaware. Rarely there is a disturbance; a giant destructive robot, robbery, murder; all are uncommon inside the domes, but... They also fear the memories that fuel these incidents... the foolish Paradigm dogs that will never know the truth of their lost memories... The truth behind these false skies called domes! It can't continue... Everyone must know the truth! And I will MAKE them aware of it... with Big FAU!!
Alex Rosewater jumps from the top of Paradigm HQ, yelling into the skies "BIG FAAAAUUUU!!!" The White Megadeus crashes through the top of the dome as it races towards Alex, its engines giving off a loud whir. Roger Smith runs out of the Speakeasy and looks into the sky, shouting "Schwarzwald?!" in disbelief. Large bold letters appear across the screen: "Act 12.141592654: Enemy is Another Big Again!"
...And t
:iconevanasf27:evanASF27 4 0
MFL: Big Duo vs Big Zenigata
The fog swirls around outside the domes as the sun comes up...the Military Police wait at the fencing looking out across JFK Mark. Two shapes can be made out through the mist and fog both of them are huge however one is large than the other.
Dastun: *to a private* Have they moved yet?
Private: No sir...
Out in the middle of JFK Mark the fog and mist slowly become lighter...suddenly a maniacal laugh is heard, and then the sunlight beems through the fog blinding the poor Military Police.
Schwarzwald: I'm glad you could make it....PARADIGM DOG!!
Zenigata: That's INTERPOL to you, bub. Now then what is it that you want here.
Schwarzwald: My mission is to find the truth of this accursed world, and to let everyone know what really happened Forty Years ago!!
Zenigata: OH YAH? Well according to your records you have done much more than that. YOU'RE GOING DOWN!
The taller Big, Big Zenigata, charges at Big Duo closing the gap quickly. The arm piston
:iconevanasf27:evanASF27 2 0
Big Band .WIP. by evanASF27 Big Band .WIP. :iconevanasf27:evanASF27 5 1 Mr. Cupples, I presume? by evanASF27 Mr. Cupples, I presume? :iconevanasf27:evanASF27 2 1 Hang On Sloopy, Sloopy Hang On by evanASF27 Hang On Sloopy, Sloopy Hang On :iconevanasf27:evanASF27 1 1

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United States
Favourite genre of music: Big Band, Jazz, 50's-80's, nothing modern or popular (very few exception), marches
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Favourite cartoon character: INSPECTOR ZENIGATA!
Personal Quote: "It is better to give than to receive...but you need to receive in order to give! O_O"
  • Listening to: "Ignition" - Deep Space Bass
  • Watching: Toonami - Mad Rhetoric
Toonami has returned.…

For 11 years Toonami was the defining block of television for a generation. It almost single-handedly brought Anime into the mainstream, and gave millions of viewers a higher sense of philosophy and purpose with shows that had more depth than other contemporary animation had to offer (DCAU, Samurai Jack, and other outliers aside).

I witnessed first hand Toonami's final broadcast in 2008 from my apartment. I grieved with the rest of my generation that grew up with it and saw it in its better days... the days before Cartoon Network's decline.

Do not expect this to be a time capsule. Do not celebrate the return of exactly what had been. Toonami was never  stagnant, never "the same" for too long. Look forward to the new and the exciting. Hope and pray for the return of Anime programs which can hold a candle to the boundary breaking line-ups that made Toonami great years ago.

Once again, the revolution will be televised.

For more information:… ,…

And with 20% more awesome:…


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It's been a long time, chief...

I missed you. :hug:
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OMG you're back! =D How goes your art? Have you been keeping up with Lupin since I last heard from you? Green VS Red, Lupin vs Detective Conan, supposedly a new TV series coming/announcement this fall... it's awesome!
MSFeather Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheh. Yeah, I'm just as much a Lupin maniac as I was a few years ago. The rumored new series is what's got me most excited. It's got my mind racing...will it be an adaptation of one of the newer manga series like Y or will it be an entirely new generation of Lupin with a new jacket and everything? So exciting!

So how have you been, good sir?
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