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/!\ Xidjin is a closed specie which belongs to Evaly-Chan (me). Don't make your own without permission! /!\

Stars Purple Plot:

Xidjins are little creatures hidden in the depths of the desert. 
Rare are the lucky people who are able to find one of them!
Those person anyway gain a reward: the Xidjin they met is linked to
them and serve them! ...well... in his way....

Indeed, Xidjins are wag and most of the time do what they want.
They like to mess around with their masters with the help of their powers.
However, they still are really loyals besides their peculiar nature and deeply love their masters.

But don't broke your link with them because your Xidjin would become a kind of poltergeist 
who want to break you until your flew away or die...
Broken Xidjins are pretty dangerous so be careful of their possessive side.

Stars Purple Name Origin: 

It's a mix of Xiao (small in Chinese) and Djinn... so they're basically tiny djinn! 

Stars Purple Appearance:

-Xidjins are really small kemonomimi (90cm max.) with a ghostly lower body.

-They generally wear Arabian Nights or Egyptian themed clothes but can change their clothes compared to their
master's tastes. 

-They have specific "orbs" in their ears with some smoke. It's called "essence" and varies compared to the Xidjin element.

-They have marks on their body. Generally small ones on their cheeks and long ones on their arms but they can have them anywhere
in their body (on their back for exemple).

-Xidjins are mostly males. You can found a female but they're pretty uncommon.

-They can live until 2000 years when they aren't linked to a human. Linked, they have the same longevity than their master to live with them until they die.
On the other hand, they don't physically age and keep a childish face.

-Their element can have an impact on their personality (for exemple: a fire Xidjin can be angrier or have a tsundere personality while a water Xidjin would me shyer or emotive). Whatever their element, they still have a possessive, playful and loyal side of their personality.

-A Broken Xidjin has a dark aura around them, black eyes with thin pupils and their fangs became longer.

Broken Xidjin face exemple: 

Broken Xidjin face exemple by Evaly-Chan


Stars Purple The differents elements: 

Fire :fire: - Water Water Droplet - Earth Earth Orb - Wind Wind Orb - Electricity Electric- Poison Pixel Rose Bullet 3 - Poisonous Purple - Life light cherry blossom - Grass Clover - Medium - Ice Wyngro Ice Pixel Element - Void the v o i d 

(I'll put essence visual exemples of every elements later)

:fire: Fire Xidjins are impulsive, hot tempered maybe with a kind of tsundere nature. :fire: 
Their essence looks like a flame.

Water Droplet Water Xidjins are shyer and extreme case they're crybabies. Water Droplet 
Their essence looks like a water drop.

Earth Orb Earth Xidjins are more composed and mature. They have a sort of leader spirit. Earth Orb 
Their essence looks like a diamond shaped rock.

Wind Orb Wind Xidjins have an extreme version of their playful side. They are really childish. It matches Xidjins child apparence. Wind Orb 
Their essence looks like a feather.

Electric Electricity Xidjins are really vigorous, dynamic and also very friendly. Electric 
Their essence looks like a ball of thunder.

Pixel Rose Bullet 3 - Poisonous Purple Poison Xidjins are mostly malicious and sadistic. They seem to love dark and horrific things. Pixel Rose Bullet 3 - Poisonous Purple 
Their essence looks like a skull.

light cherry blossom Life Xidjins are super duper sweet and caring....and also very innocent and naive. light cherry blossom 
Their essence looks lifk a heart or a white (or pink) flower.

Clover - Medium Grass Xidjins are spineless and lazy. They want to live simple life without any stress. Clover - Medium 
Their essence looks like a leaf or a plant.

Wyngro Ice Pixel Element Ice Xidjins are really cold, silent and don't seem to have any emotions but are pretty clever too. Wyngro Ice Pixel Element 
Their essence looks like a snow flake.

the v o i d Void Xidjins are the most mysterious because of their constant lies and their enigmatic way of talking. But one thing is sure: they are really prideful because of the difficulty of their element (they think they're gifted or something like that). the v o i d 
Their essence looks like a dark Octahedron.

(Note: those descriptions are just generality! You can edit or change your Xidjin's personality the way you want!)

Stars Purple Rarity: 

(rarity level: Bullet; Green = uncommon ; Bullet; Red = rare ; Bullet; Yellow  = very rare ; Bullet; Purple  = legendary )

Bullet; Green As I explain below, females are more rare Bullet; Green 

Bullet; Red Void Xidjins are rarer too because of the complexity of this element Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Yellow Some Xidjins can use two elements but they will be victim of split personality Bullet; Yellow 

Bullet; Red They can also have essence on their tail Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Purple Legendary Xidjins can have animal paws Bullet; Purple 

Bullet; Yellow Some rare Xidjins can be a mystical creature kemonomimi (like dragons, unicorns, etc.) Bullet; Yellow 

Bullet; Purple It's possible to meet an already Broken Xidjin who lost his old master's trace (because of his master's death most of the time) 
Then, you can be linked to this Xidjin but he still keep his Broken appearance Bullet; Purple 

Stars Purple Visual Exemples: 

Here is Imothep, a void and poison Xidjin! He's going to be your exemple for the moment~

Im, Xidjin exemple by Evaly-Chan

More exemple will be added in the future...

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