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[Satsuriku no Tenshi] Elize 'Ellie' Six by Evaly-Chan [Satsuriku no Tenshi] Elize 'Ellie' Six by Evaly-Chan
Oh gosh! Another OC? Evaly you're so productive! /bang/
*cough* Well... I'm bored so I work on some character sheets... even if I have more important things to do .w. (don't kill me... I'm on a kind of art-block ... I'm surprised I could make Vafah, Elely and Elize's designs ! )

So... Here is Elize! She's my OC from the "horror" RPG game called "Satsuriku no Tenshi" (also known as "Angel of Death") ...I really love that kind of game but I didn't want to make an OC .... (my Ib OC sketchs are still dying on my old computer ;w; ) But when I played Angel of Death... I couldn't resist. It's a good game and a nice manga! I really love all the characters from this game.. they're interesting (especially Zack... everyone's husband lawl). Well... if an idea didn't appear magically in my head... maybe I wouldn't do an OC XD

I just made a "Semi Chibi" of Elize for the moment.... I'm too tired after Elely's halfbodies XD

Want some informations about her? ... Well... okay! Here we go!

(beware of the spoilers!)


[Real Name] Elize Six
[Nickname] Ellie (only used by Zack and herself)
[Birthday] 22 July
[Age] Appears to be 15
[Height] 160cm
[Specie] Human
[Occupation] "Gardian" of a 'secret' floor between the floor B6 and B5 // Murder (cannibal)
[Love interest] None~
[Statut] Deceased

-She had bandages on her hands. Actually, she doesn't have fingers. She was mutilated because people didn't want to let her unzip her mask by herself
-She didn't learn how to talk properly and she only try to talk when her mask is unzipped
-She calls Ray and Zack "Lil' sis Ray and Big Bro Zack"
-Her favorite animal is frog
-Her surname, Six, is a reference to 'Six' from the game "Little Nightmare"
-People are usually afraid of her and treat her has a monster ('cause she eats humans) but she's actually a sweet little girl
-She was killed by Doctor Danny by accident while she was protecting Zack and Ray
-Her first dream was to feel human one more time... but before she dies, she revealed she only wanted Ray and Zack to be happy
-She wears a hoodie to look like Zack... because she kind of admire him


~Will you become a victim of Gluttony?~

When she was ten, someone kidnapped her for a so called "social experience" called "eat or be eaten". In this experience, some mad scientists locked children in a basement without food. They wanted to see if the children were going to eat each other after some weeks without food....
It's a kind of experience made to see what people can do to see people sanity... (but it's pretty dangerous and of course illegal..that's why they kidnaped children! /bang/)

After two weeks... some children already ate each other. Elize was the only one who didn't took a bite of another children... she just... ate one of her finger...
Some weeks later, Elize was the only child still alive... but she started to be really hungry and her sanity was going lower and lower...

~Stomach is turning and churching with greed~
~Has someone cursed me I'm yearning to eat~
~Need something fresher than bread or dead meat~
~I want it to squirm in my teeth~

One night, the scientists saw Elize stopped moving and didn't seem to breath. They though she was dead from starving and went to the basement to remove her body.
When they approached the little girl, she jumped on one of them and started eat him alive...
She finally ate all of them after a moment of struggling...

Her sanity lower than ever, the smell of flesh and the blood around her mouth made her want more more body to eat...
She totally lose her control and continued her killing spree and her human feast all around the city, making her the younger (and probably the only) cannibal murder of the city...

Some years later, she became the gardian of a secret floor of the mysterious building (from the game Angel of Death, duh /bang)...
They put her there because it's difficult to enter and exit this floor... Even if she calm herself, they are afraid she'll become crazy again and kill the other "angels"...

We don't really know who mutilated her and who gave her this mask... but it's clearly possible it's Doctor Danny who seems to being afraid of dealing with a young cannibal maniac without control... (and he don't want to see her at all... he doesn't like her eyes .w. )

All the lyrics in italic are the lyrics of "Hungry for another one"... a Little Nightmare Rap Song made by JT Machinima (the song:…)

Sorry for my bad English by the way ^^' I hope it's still readable XD
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