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Simple dock icons

By evaldasmix
Click here to see how these icons looks on a desktop

Simple dock icons. I made some icons for my new dock and I thought that it would be cool to share them.
For now there are 16 icons, but there will be more!
Icons are based on iPhone PNGs template by borncold
Dock is not included Acier ObjectDock by MannMitDerTarnjacke

Icon list
:bulletgreen: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
:bulletgreen: Cities XL
:bulletgreen: Team Fortress 2
:bulletgreen: Alien Swarm
:bulletgreen: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
:bulletgreen: Fallout 3
:bulletgreen: Empty Recycle bin
:bulletgreen: Full Recycle bin
:bulletgreen: Foobar 2k
:bulletgreen: Steam
:bulletgreen: Skype
:bulletgreen: Photoshop
:bulletgreen: Downloads
:bulletgreen: µTorrent
:bulletgreen: Music
:bulletgreen: Youtube

Please download/comment/:+fav:
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Can't edit comments, but:


You see the icons at the top?I know its too much to ask, but if you can make an icon for every single of them, i would be very thankful.

Misc: SM50B

TV: KMPlayer

Gams: Tetris.
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Actually it's pretty easy to make these icons. You just need to use this template [link] change background color and add a white logo with shadow. You can make every icon in less than a minute :)
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the link is dead..can u provide new one ?
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There is a typo. I put , at the end :) Correct link [link]
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Awesome.Just need an Opera and an Chrome icon, but overall this is great.
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Good work, like them! :)
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Sure wish there was an Opera icon, but awesome set!
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Thanks. And hey, who knows maybe there will be an Opera icon :)
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