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The picture is a mix of digital and matte painting. I was working on it almost through two weeks(every day).

The inspiration came from my childhood, I always had big fantasy but I couldn't show it because I didn't learn art until high school. But now almost ten years after I had this vision, as I remember a dream, I was able to paint it. The flying rocks looks like in James Cameron's Avatar but I was always dreaming about flying things(trees, houses...and mountains). When I was younger we often went to play into the forest near our house with my friends and when I just jumped off a stone I often imagined that I'm jumping to an other stone in the sky far away.
I took the references from several websites as, and from here devart, I was also taking photos on my own.
The trees in the foreground are hand painted except the leaves and I painted the desk too.
I was using almost 100 photos to make this painting.

I loved working on it and I hope you will like it!:)
Thank you so much for all faves!!
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WOW... I just love the clouds, the floating islands in the back, and especially how realistic the texture everywhere is. Much better than I could do. I love it!
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So much love for this beautiful picture who makes you think. Reminds me some of my most beautiful dreams!
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When I see this, I think of the movie avatar
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:dance: tis awesome!
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I had a similar vision/dream when I was a kid!
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thank you very much!!!
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Such an impressive and beautiful art! Really awesome!
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