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Okay, the Coast is Clear - Total Drama Gwen

Gwen as a spy! I don't usually draw Gwen, but I figured to draw her to try something different!
She's wearing long, leather black boots and a tight costume on her body.
Sorry if some of the spy equipment doesn't look all that good, I don't usually draw these things.
But I hope you guys like it!! :D
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sexy beautiful amazing  Horny! 
animationfan1992's avatar
Badass and beautiful!
Historyman14's avatar
We need a Spy!Gwen Story!
KawaiiWonder's avatar
That is so cool! :D
Ponicdude200081's avatar
(Adele's Skyfall playing)
Please draw one of Heather? Or Bridgette?
Fight4tru-love's avatar
can draw one of Zoey or Sammy?
carmillad's avatar
Nice reference to the spy girls, although I think she would go for a cover all catsuit to camouflage her skin in the dark. Cool job, though ^_^
Historyman14's avatar
We need a story base off this!  She could be like Cody Banks.
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she looks perfect ;)
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Ooh! She's a sexy spy!
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NICE touch with the lighting effects and all =D
EvaHeartsYou's avatar
Thank you so much! :D x
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
Keep it up, your work is great =D
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Making espionage look GOOD Drool Love!
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Perhaps some covering of the legs would've made a slightly more realistic/feminine spy suit, but how it is now is fine too! But I am male, so my opinion on that might be a little...biased.

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Thank you for the comment, at least now I know what to do next time I should draw a female character as a sexy spy :D And, thank you! x
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