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A very simple commission of a canon male or female character from Total Drama!
- PER character
- NO OCs
Make-a-Mermaid 1 OC (SIMPLE)
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A detailed artwork of a canon Total Drama character or your OC. Please provide references of your OC!
- PER character

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I Made a Patreon - The Reasons Why

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2018, 12:13 PM

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Hey all! :heart:
Well, I finally did it - I made a Patreon account. I have been extremely hesitant to do so, but I honestly can't think of any other way to get money. as I believe my commission prices are high enough.
I really don't expect anyone to support me on Patreon, and that's okay - I'm really not one to beg, and I already feel awful making one - but it's really my last option right now.

As most of you know, I'm living in South Africa. Cape Town, to be exact. My first main problem is we have a serious water issue over here where we are extremely limited to our water. Things like having a nice bath every day just doesn't exist anymore, unless you want to be fined a couple thousand rand. This has been going on for months now - and the saddest part of it all is that there's a rumor that we're not even running out of water anymore, but we continue to be charged heavily and are extremely limited regardless, just so the government can make extra money from us. (Thanks, South Africa, you really do treat your citizens well!)
Secondly, I'm unemployed. This country is facing genocide right now,  progressively getting worse by the day, and it's very scary. I have no where to go, as I don't have any foreign passports or money.
Finding work is so difficult, and my previous job that I had, has scarred me as I had to endure harassment from my boss.
My family are very disappointed in me, and I can't blame them. I am ashamed to not be going out there and physically working on a daily basis, but I am still proud of myself for trying my best to earn a few bucks by doing something I genuinely enjoy - drawing. 
I have the cliche "But art isn't a job" attitude from my family - and well, it's debatable, but I really have been trying so hard these days to earn as much as possible for myself this way. And guys, to all of you who have commissioned me, I can't thank you enough. Every cent counts, thank you so so much.

What triggered me to finally make a Patreon is the fact that my shared-medical aid has mysteriously "drained" for this year. Of course, I am the one who is being blamed, when in reality, I haven't done anything at all this year that would cost such an insane amount. I am in desperate need to have my wisdom teeth removed, as they are causing gum and ear infections, and I've already lost some of my hearing, (it's probably temporary, but I'd rather get these things fixed now before something worse happens!)
I had plans to go on a 3 month get-away to Latvia to be with my boyfriend in June this year, (he has been saving up for ages to buy the tickets!) but getting a Visa is so incredibly difficult, especially when you are unemployed. And because of so many problems, we had to cancel that as well. This has really brought me down so much - I feel so depressed with everything happening in my life right now. I've especially been very down this last week - so I'm sorry about not responding to messages, or not being myself lately. Things have been awful lately, and I'm grabbing on to the last bit of hope now.
I need money right now for these reasons, and hopefully I can save up as well to leave this place before a war happens here. I will continue doing commissions for you all, but please, if you can, and want to, please support me on Patreon? <3

I was thinking of ways to make Patreon fun and fair for everyone, so if you are interested in supporting me, this is what you can expect:
- Exclusive fan art pieces! (Total Drama, DDLC, Samurai Jack, etc.) That will only be shared there and nowhere else.
- A variety of sexy and adorable drawings! (Males and females!)
- Contests! (Win free commissions!)
- Scraps
- Will be more open to possible requests.
- Discounts on specific future commissions. (For those who donate $8 or more)
- I'll be open to any other new ideas to make it worth the donations! Please feel free to let me know about them. <333

Also, I'm still very new to Patreon, and don't completely understand it just yet. So sorry in advance if I don't understand something there in the beginning! 
I really hope you guys understand the situation I'm currently in, and I hope that I am able to get something - even if very little - because like I said, every cent counts! So... Thank you to anyone who does support me and those who continue to commission me, I promise to not disappoint. 
:heart: :huggle: :heart:

If you would rather donate something smaller as a one-time thing, then please consider "buying me a coffee"? A small donation of $3 would be greatly appreciated! Donate here~ :heart:

Buy Me a Coffee at

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I had surgery a couple days ago, and I am finally beginning to recover. I am so so sorry for the delay in commissions. Within the next few days, I should be back on track and complete the remaining Summer Commissions. Thank you everyone, and sorry for the wait. <3
All commissions will be on hold from today until the beginning of June due to personal reasons. 
Ordered commissions that have not been completed yet, will 100% be finished within the next few days.
Thanks for understanding! :heart:
Instead of paying back what she stole, and what she owes (Which is no doubt over $150), and showing some kind of humanity, she and her husband decide to rather buy a Nintendo Switch worth about $250 while she was "deactivated" from DA. She deactivated because I demanded she pays back what she owes.
So, basically, this is her way of saying, "Hey, I refuse to pay back what I stole from innocent people, my hubby and I will go, and pretty much take all the money that is owed, and waste it on myself, because I am that deliberate and selfish!"
Absolutely disgusting. Again, I want to apologize on HER behalf to all the people she scammed. I am so sorry that happened to you. I will continue to fight for you. This kind of behavior should NOT be allowed on DeviantArt, or anywhere! She is a criminal! And the fact that they purchased the $250 product, is a CLEAR SIGN that she was capable of paying you back. There is NO EXCUSE, Aubrielle!
Also, I am sorry that my posts have been so negative these days, I am just so shocked that there are people like her out there. How the hell does she sleep at night knowing what she's done?
This is the kind of person your parents tell you to be careful of!
I just paid $20 that was owed to a good friend of mine here on DA straight out of my pocket. I just felt so bad for what Aubri did to her. I at least feel a little bit better knowing I managed to help just a bit. </3
The bad luck keeps striking. My wisdom teeth have caused some kind of ear infection and now I have a ruptured eardrum, the other eardrum might rupture too as it is extremely painful, but the canal is so swollen that my doctor couldn't even tell. I've been given heavy medication and was told to take 10 days off from whatever work I do - which I think is too much. I promise to work on the commissions and respond to all DA notes as soon as this pain settles down, and the drousiness from my medication stops. Huge apologies in advance, and I sure hope my luck gets a little better soon! Keep well everyone and thanks for understanding. :huggle:
Our beloved scammer and art-thief has returned to DeviantArt!


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